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46 U.S. states Allow Testing, Two Major Milestones for Animals & Testing Without Animal for COVID-19

46 U.S. states still allow animal testing for cosmetics. Sign the petition to support a nationwide ban.

In the midst of a global pandemic, many of us are understandably feeling scared, uneasy about the future, and uncertain about what we can do to keep helping others, including vulnerable animals.

Activists across the U.S. are still fighting for those that are abused, neglected, and in danger. Will you join them?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of animals are forced to endure cruel testing procedures by cosmetics companies.

Yes, it's hard to believe, but even in this day and age, many cosmetics companies still test on animals prior to releasing products to the market. Alternative testing methods do exist, and both activists and scientists alike have tirelessly encouraged companies to switch to using these instead. With 50 approved types of non-animal testing methods, there really is no reason not to do so.

Animals are rubbed with painful chemicals to check if they will irritate the skin. They are also forced to ingest large quantities of toxins to determine what constitutes a "lethal dose." And when these sad, sick, exploited animals are no longer needed, they are killed.

Thankfully, four U.S. states — California, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia — have banned animal testing for cosmetics, sending a strong message to cosmetic manufacturers that animal testing is not okay.

Unfortunately, though, animals can still be used for testing in the rest of the country. Sign the petition to demand that every state pass anti-animal testing legislation!

Encourage Testing Without Animal Torture for COVID-19

Human diseases are usually a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of monkeys, mice, dogs, rats and other animals in laboratories. But in an unprecedented move, the National Institutes of Health is not waiting for the results of cruel and inaccurate animal tests and scientists are moving right ahead to human-relevant research! This could be the beginning of the end for an industry of cruelty that dooms millions of animals to short, brutal lives of suffering. This World Week for Animals in Laboratories beginning on April 20, please join with animal organizations around the world in our urgent call to support COVID-19 researchers who are breaking the mold by using modern, animal-free research! ACT NOW

Two Major Milestones for Animals

April 22, 1970 catalyzed the modern environmental movement when Earth Day was first observed. For 50 years, concerned activists worldwide have been working to protect the planet, and benefit all life upon it.

This year, AAVS is also celebrating 30 years since we launched our humane science education program, Animalearn. For the past three decades, Animalearn has been enlightening the public about the unnecessary use of animals in science class curricula, and promoting hundreds of amazing alternatives that can be used instead. These efforts also have a positive environmental impact.

In this time of crisis, educators and students are adapting to overcome the unprecedented challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote learning has become the new normal, and with traditional animal dissection not being an option, alternative methods are being more widely adopted in virtual classrooms all over the country. Dissection alternatives result in learning outcomes that equal or surpass traditional dissection, and also allow students to learn without exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Animalearn has compiled a comprehensive list of online science resources to enable students to learn at home without the use of animal specimens, and also assist teachers who traditionally conduct dissection labs at this time.

Animalearn’s 2019 Humane Student of the Year, Indigo Prasad, recently checked in to let us know that she is working with her science teacher to offer a virtual dissection experience for her class using frog models from our partner companies, SynDaver and Rescue Critters.

If you are interested in accessing Animalearn's online resources, or if you want to share them with a teacher or student in your community, please visit the links below.

By promoting humane education, you are supporting compassionate learning experiences for students, and also saving animals like frogs, pigs and cats, who are sacrificed for archaic dissection exercises.

Stop Animal Testing - Animal Testing Weekly Updates

Dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, mice, rats, and many other animals are being cut open, burned, poisoned, and killed in cruel and archaic experiments.

Animal testing is a major problem. About 1,438,553 animals [Not including rats, mice and other small animals] are killed in testing each year!  

These tests are cruel and in-humane.  

Animals are often taken form streets or bought from shelters to become test subjects! 

Just think, you could loose your pet one day and find out the animal shelter sold him/her to testers! 

The tests preformed are extremely cruel. And we fund them.

Many tax dollars go to these cruel companies to make animal tests happen. we need to reduce the amount of animal tests going on, if not get rid of tests for good.

But today, you can do twice as much to help end their suffering.

Please help the PETA "Stop Animal Testing" challenge today and sign the Petition to Stop Animal Testing at once!

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