• Don Lichterman

9,865 in store plays this 1/4 with a month to go (already beating highest quarterly total of 7,649)

Sunset Music Supervision in part provides background environmental music for business locations, retail stores.

The catalog of recorded music and publishing repertoire has already tracked almost 10,000 in store plays with a full month left in the entire Quarter in 2019!

A quarter of retail businesses agree that they would lose business if they turned the music off. Create the ideal atmosphere and decrease pace of in-store traffic with the right tempo and volume of music.

Retailers Music System: The only edge an offline retailer has over online shopping is the ability to enhance a shopper’s experience and leverage on psychological benefits through sensory marketing. A professionally curated sound ambience adds a desired touch to put customers in the mood of buying.

Restaurant Music System: We provide music to the restaurant music systems & audio branding solutions (inclusive of background music, jingle and voiceover insertion).

Background Music for Hotels: We provide background music for hotels and resorts. Create the ideal ambiance for your guests with professionally curated music playlists.

Relaxing Spa Music: Express Melody provides soothing music for spas (beauty and wellness). Inspire and rejuvenate your guests by creating a tranquil environment with music.

Hospitality Industry: In a quiet and calm environment without interferences, the effect of music on the human mind is amplified. How do you choose the right ambient music that can make guests realize their inner peace?

Relaxing Spa Music - Beauty and Wellness: Relax your guests during massage, spa treatments, yoga, therapy etc. with our curated, refreshing music playlists. Our natural, meditation-like music induces the delta brainwave and provides stress relief.

Background Music for Shopping Malls: We provide background music for shopping malls. Tailor your ambient music effortlessly to seasonal needs such as Christmas, CNY, or Halloween.

Retail Industry: Music that does not suit product image can lead to a reduced maximum price that a consumer is willing to pay. Our music professionals can optimize the perfect blend of genre, tempo and volume of music to attract customers and put them in the mood for spending, hence increasing sales.

Shopping Malls Music System: Music playlists can be handpicked to play at different times of the day, through a centralised audio management system. With our subscription, you can gain access to our music content library of over 100,000 songs and have the ability to insert marketing messages at stipulated timeslots.

You can enjoy access to an extensive library of professionally catalogued music, all stored in our dedicated cloud server. Avoid paying expensive public performance licenses with our original music.

Food & Beverage Clients include Popeyes, Delifrance, Watami and many more! Some retail clients include Charles & Keith, Pedro, Crocs. Some wellness clients include Adonis Hotel, Mandarin Orchard and Parc Sovereign. Some shopping mall clients include Liang Court, JEM, Parkway Parade.

World-Renowned Music Licensing Placements and Global Distribution for Creative and Commercial Uses. 

Available Tracks by Award-Winning Artists, Composers, Bands, and Orchestras. High-Quality Music for Major Films, TV Shows, Commercials, and Branding -- Fun, Creative, User-Friendly.

Featured Client Videos & Recent Placements

"Blind" Willie, "Blind" Texas Marlin, The Blind Pilgrim

Aaron Walker

Adolph Adam

Al Jacobs

Alec Wilder

Aleksander Cvetkovic

Anton Serov, Andrew Triphonov, Sergey Rokhmanyuk

Antonio Jobim

Arthur Sullivan, Edmund Sears

Bardo Pond

Big Jay

Bobby Brewer


Calesha Murra

Claudine Movsessian, Ema Dei and Dan Handrabur

Dave Lewis

David Nassim, Mony Arroyo

Denny "Live"

Deon Cole

Dexter Nelams

DJ Zevzek

Don Haze

Don Meryl

Don Raye, Al Jacobs

Earl Hagen

Emanoil Handrabur

Emeka Paschal Edeh

Ennio Morricone

Errol Kong

Felix Mendelssohn, Charles Wesley

Flux Future

Francis Scott Key & John Stafford Smith

Freddie Hubbard

Gabriel Nadler

George Frederick Root

George Gershwin

Gina Thompson

Guy Thompson

Haji Al-Uqdah

Harry Dean (DJ QBall (Bloodhound Gang))

Harry Macarthy

Henry Mancini

Henry Smart, James Montgomery

Henry Work

Herbert Mann

Hiroaki Serizawa, L. Russell Brown, Joel Diamond

Hoagy Carmichael

Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz

James Montgomery

Jason Scott, Jonathan Finley, Brian Doggins

Jess Hutchinson, Jr.


Joe Guastalli

John H. Hopkins

John M. Neale

Johnny Green, Edward Heyman

Johnny Mercer

Jon Magnusson

Jonathan Michael Fields

Julia Ward Howe

KeithRoy Roger Mason

Kevin Booth

Kevin Hart

Kimberly Lott

Kimberly Lott

Kimberly Lott, D'rell Hall

Kimberly Lott, Stephen Muldrow, D'Rell

Kimberly Lott, Sultan Orion, D'rell Hall

Kimberly Lott, Sultan Orion, D'rell Hall, Just Raw, Roz Kumari, Patricia Poetic

Kris Gamble

Lester Anderson

Luis Bonfa

Mark Roma

Mark Simmons

Marvin Fisher, Jack Segal

Melvin Glover

Naimon Lyons

Neil Carr

Neville Folkes Jr.

Nick Knoc, Arthur John

Norman Welch

O' Carolan, Kirk Reese


Pete Girvan

Public Domain

Rafael Ochoa, Brett Bogue

Ree Santana

Rex Koury

Rob Greenway

Robert L. Dorough

Roland Kirk

Ronnell Sessions

Sam M. Lewis, John Klenner

Sam Smith

Samual Francis Smith

Scott Joplin

Shanel Cuthbert

Sigmund Romberg, Oscar Greeley Clendenning Hammerstein II

Simon Dabbicco

Stefan Fankhauser

Steve Tilelli

Steven Knox

Sultan Orion, Just Raw

Sunday Anthony Diayi, Daniel Monday Ntuen

Susan Lavendar

Susan Schwartz

Tom Reese

Tom Reese & Laurie Haines Reese

Tom Reese, Laurie Haines Reese, Kirk Reese, Dave Young


Travis Warren

Turae Gordon

Vince Guaraldi, Lee Mendelson

Wallis Willis

Wayne Shorter

William Dix