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A Spooky Rescue, Over 400 pitbulls rescued, Cats Kidnapped, Dutchess, 9 Lambs today at Rescue TV!

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Spooky rescue

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JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick rescued this family from and what happened at the hospital is something you have never seen before with special effects and music for Halloween

Over 400 pitbulls rescued in largest dog fighting farm bust

“Dogs are literally tortured every day in order to force them to fight for their lives simply for the entertainment and greed of their owners and it happens over and over and over,” said an emotional Debbie.

Dog-fighting is banned throughout the United States and is a felony in 50 states. There are tough penalties for those people caught breeding dogs for fighting.

Yet, it still happens and is often hard to infiltrate as these dog fighting operations often take place in remote areas and involve a huge network of offenders.

Responding to several tip-offs, animal welfare officers in Missouri spent 12 months investigating until finally they were able to rescue these poor, tortured animals.

It’s reportedly the biggest dog fighting bust in U.S. history.

Officers expected to rescue more than 200 dogs, but eventually they had taken in 400 fighting dogs who were all in terrible condition.

In the upsetting video we were advised not to upload, animal welfare officers were close to tears recounting the state of these animals. Read on to find out what happened after they rescued them from these inhumane conditions.

The breakup of this horrific dog fighting breeding and fighting operation took 12 months to investigate but animal welfare officers were aware of the problem a decade ago.

“Because dog fighting is such a secretive underground criminal activity it’s extremely hard to infiltrate these groups and gather the firsthand evidence needed to bring them to justice.”

When they discovered the animals, they had missing limbs, eyes and ears and were chained with heavy collars in remote parts of a forest, covered in injuries and scars, some infected.

“Dogs are literally tortured every day in order to force them to fight for their lives simply for the entertainment and greed of their owners and it happens over and over and over,” said an emotional Debbie.

Because of the nature of this operation they had to secure a place for these dogs in secret.

More than half the dogs can find new homes

“We had the daunting task of creating a shelter for at least 250 fighting pit bulls, ultimately we brought in 407 of those dogs, and we literally were having to do everything on the fly,” Debbie explained.

They were told that maybe 5 to 10 percent of these animals could be rehabilitated and found loving homes but officers were able to determine nearly 60 percent that could be properly restored to health.

Debbie reached out to rescue centers across the nation and now more than half of these animals have a chance to find the loving homes they deserve!

Cats Kidnapped for Slaughter Desperately Need Help

A truck carrying 300 cats crushed together in filthy, metal cages was stopped at an agricultural inspection station in Xixia, China. These cats were stolen from their families or abducted from the streets, and on their way to be beaten, tortured and slaughtered for meat.

The truck of horrors was operating illegally, so officials called local rescuers to remove the cats. These animals now desperately need food, water and medical care -- some of these innocent cats are already dying.

Lady Freethinker is helping provide these cats with what they need to survive. Will you make an emergency donation today to help us keep saving lives and working to stop animal cruelty?

Rescuers at Ping An A Fu shelter in Nanjing are caring for the cats, and say that after being trapped in cages with no food or water for far too long, the animals are in dire condition.

With the help of compassionate people like you, Lady Freethinker is supporting the effort to save these sick, wounded and traumatized cats.

Please help out so we can keep helping cat and dog victims of the meat trade? Please, help today so that LFT can continue to fight the cat and dog meat industry and work to end animal cruelty around the world.

SWAN VS. PATROL OFFICER! Catching a swan on the M25!

The 'Hot Fuzz' team may have only had to deal with 'just the one swan', but we were recently called out to THREE cases of swans landing on the M25! As this is the busiest road in the UK, the chances or survival if left alone were very slim. Luckily, Highways England were able to halt traffic just long enough for Simon and Lawrie to come to the rescue!

A toy fox terrier named Dutchess who disappeared from her Orlando home on February 28, 2007 has finally been reunited with her worried carer after a Pittsburgh man discovered the lost dog under his shed — nearly 1,000 miles away!

Dutchess’s rescuer took the cold and hungry dog to Humane Animal Rescue where she arrived dirty, shivering, nervous and with her nails badly needing cutting, but in general good health, according to admissions counselor Torin Fisher.

The dog’s carer, Katheryn Strang, had been searching for Dutchess for over 12 years, posting lost dog notices and visiting her local animal rescue shelter in a bid to find her. Strang even paid to keep Dutchess’ microchip up to date, never giving up hope of finding her. So, when the terrier was found, she was immediately linked to her carer even though Strang had moved to Boca Raton.

A disbelieving-but-happy Strang was notified of Dutchess’s reappearance and drove 18 hours to see her precious pup once again. The tearful reunion between the now 14-year-old dog and her ecstatic owner on Friday, October 11 was captured by shelter employees and posted on Facebook.

“I missed you,” an emotional Strang told Dutchess during their first meeting in over 12 years, asking, “Baby, where have you been?”

This remarkable reunion shows just how important it is for all dogs to be microchipped to keep them safe.

Nobody will ever know what happened to Dutchess during those years or how she came to travel nearly 1,000 miles from her home in Orlando to Pittsburgh, but thankfully this is one story with a wonderful, happy ending.

Our TV Commercial Aims to Save 9 Lambs from Slaughter

We’re broadcasting a television commercial on ABC and Fox throughout October, urging Antioch College in Dayton, Ohio to release nine lambs to sanctuary instead of slaughtering them.

The TV-plea to spare the lambs was produced in honor of Jason Seth Houten, an Antioch College alum who cared deeply for animals who was killed in a car crash at the age of 23. Currently, the school is using the lambs to crop grass in a solar panel field and plans to serve their bodies to students at its cafeteria this summer.

Despite multiple sanctuaries offering to take in and care for the lambs free of charge, the College has so far refused, mockingly responding by demanding a $1 million ransom for the lambs, which it said would be used to fund more animal killing.

The television commercial is running for two weeks from October 14 to October 27.

Watch the commercial here:

And, a family reunion - you won't believe how these puppies grew!

To really appreciate this video, please watch their rescue first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjwDy...

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One of the most common mistakes prospective volunteers make is waiting until a natural or man-made disaster strikes to begin the application process and to begin proper training and preparation for becoming an Animal Rescue Team volunteer. Unfortunately, by then, it’s too late. If you want to volunteer, it’s important to apply before a disaster. If you get everything done early, you, like our many other volunteers, will be ready to deploy when animals need our help.

I can’t speak enough to the impact people feel from saving animals in need. If you want to make a difference, this is a way to do it. I encourage you to start your application today. With hurricane season on the horizon, our team will be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice - The Humane Society of the United States