• Don Lichterman

A Whale of A Week, World Orca Day, TUI, Stop Promoting SeaWorld & How to Report Whale Disturbances!

This World Orca Day, please spare a thought for the dozens of magnificent, intelligent orcas trapped in cramped tanks at marine abusement parks. Will you help them by urging TUI – one of Europe's largest travel providers – to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld and other facilities that hold them captive?

By promoting SeaWorld and other orca prisons, TUI is giving a financial lifeline to facilities that force orcas to spend their entire lives in concrete tanks that are, to them, equivalent to the size of a bathtub.

In captivity, orcas' sonar bounces back at them off of the concrete tank walls, driving them insane. Out of frustration, they gnaw at the cage bars and walls that confine them, breaking their teeth. At SeaWorld, orcas are given anti-anxiety drugs to relieve the stress of captivity and the endless monotony of swimming in small circles.

No travel provider should line its pockets at the expense of the animals held in these watery prisons.

Call On TUI to Stop Promoting SeaWorld

We've received catastrophic news for recovering right whales: the Maine congressional delegation has asked President Trump to block desperately needed whale protections!

On behalf of special interests, they're asking President Trump to prevent the development of new regulations to protect right whales from deadly entanglements in fishing gear.

We don't have time to play politics with right whale protections. Every death brings this species closer to extinction!

A brutal string of right whale deaths has wildlife lovers heartbroken and the crisis isn’t over yet.

A 40-year-old grandmother was killed when a ship struck her. Her death was followed by that of a nine-year-old male, a 34-year-old grandfather...and by the time June was over, six adult right whales had been killed by human activities.

Urgent! Support right whales today. Your donation will protect right whales and other imperiled animals.

Now there’s an emerging new deadly threat to whales: oil companies seeking to conduct deafening seismic testing for offshore drilling exploration in right whale habitat.

And, once these species go extinct, we’ll lose them forever.

Whales and dolphins use sound to communicate with their mates and their young and to find food. The explosive sonic bursts involved in seismic testing would add round-the-clock deafening blasts. Imagine a mother and her newborn calf being separated because they cannot hear one another – for vulnerable calves, separation means death.

That’s why we’ve gone to court to prevent risky seismic blasting.

Besides fighting deadly seismic testing, your support will help us advocate for the SAVE Right Whales Act – a measure to protect the whales from ship collisions and entanglement.

Last year, not a single right whale calf was born. This year brought a remarkable seven new calves, but with whale deaths outpacing births, the population is in freefall.

Help with our urgent efforts to save right whales and other imperiled wildlife.

Every death pushes these majestic animals closer and closer to the point of no return.

How to recognize and report disturbance of whales and dolphins

Did you know that it is illegal to disturb whales and dolphins in the UK? Raise awareness for these wonderful creatures and spread the word that it's #RudeToIntrude.

If you ever see disturbance, report it to the Police on 101 and ask for an incident number. We are incredibly lucky in the British Isles to have more than 20 different species of whales, dolphins and porpoises visiting our shores, and Scotland is one of the best places to see them.

We regularly witness disturbance first-hand and receive many reports from concerned marine wildlife enthusiasts. Of particular concern is the lack of awareness of the existing laws around disturbance by members of the public using boats, jet skis, or even kayaks and paddleboards.

This has prompted Whale and Dolphin Conservation, partnering with the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit, to collate some more tips to help you make sure your time on the water is enjoyable and doesn’t harm the amazing creatures who live there: bit.ly/DNdisturb