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AFM-Téléthon, New Polls, the EPA Works w/ Physicians Committee to Replace Animal Testing!

EPA Works with the Physicians Committee to Replace Animal Testing

The Environmental Protection Agency released a video in May discussing its work with the Physicians Committee to identify, develop, and integrate methods to help replace animal tests. Watch

Global Research Institute Closes Animal Lab

As a consequence research moving toward nonanimal technologies, the Wellcome Sanger Institute in the U.K., a worldwide leader in genomics research, is closing a laboratory dedicated to animal experiments. Nature Article

5 Quick Ways You Can Help Animals Used in Experiments

All animals feel pain and fear, just as humans do, and their overwhelming natural instincts are to be free and to protect their own lives. Yet millions of rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, and other animals are locked inside laboratories, facing horrifying procedures that can leave them in severe pain and cause them psychological distress.

When they’re no longer needed for an experiment or are too weak to continue, they’re usually killed and disposed of like expendable laboratory equipment.

Read on to learn about PETA’s current campaigns to help animals used for experiments, or to the bottom of this page to fire off e-mails and add your name to petitions and open letters:

It only takes 30 seconds, and every signature helps animals.


Urge AFM-Téléthon to Stop Funding Cruel Experiments on Dogs

In a French laboratory, dogs are deliberately bred to develop painful, crippling muscle diseases. Please sign our petition urging charity AFM-Téléthon to stop funding these cruel experiments and to support only modern, non-animal studies. Take Action

Urge the Government to Commit to Ending All Experiments on Animals. The UK has yet to commit to ultimately ending all experiments on animals in national legislation. Sign the petition now to help end the suffering of millions of animals. Take Action

Don't Let Cosmetics Tests on Animals Sneak in Through the Back Door. The use of animals for cosmetics testing is banned across Europe. Yet animals are still being poisoned and killed in tests for cosmetics ingredients. You can help stop this by asking the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency never to allow cosmetics ingredients to be tested on animals. Take Action

Support an EU Moratorium on Animal Experimentation

As legislators review the law designed to protect animals used in experiments, we must call time on all such archaic procedures and reconsider our costly reliance on them. Please call for a Europe-wide suspension of all experiments on animals. Take Action

Urge the Dutch Government to End the Use of Monkeys in Experiments. At the Biomedical Primate Research Centre in the Netherlands, around 1,500 monkeys are held at any one time. They’re used for breeding, and many undergo terrifying experiments. Sign our open letter urging the Dutch government to end the use of primates in experiments and make the transition to animal-free science. Take Action

Support for Ban on Experiments on Animals Is at 16-Year High. A new poll by Ipsos MORI reveals the British public agrees that more work on non-animal research methods is needed.

Sign our petition urging the government to take notice and end all experiments on animals.

A new poll by Ipsos MORI reveals that the British public wants more non-animal research methods.

Here are some of the key findings of the survey:

  • A staggering 75 per cent of respondents call for more work on non-animal approaches.

  • Sixty-six per cent are concerned about the use of animals in experiments.

  • Thirty-two per cent don’t trust the regulatory system that governs animal experimentation.

  • Support for an outright ban on animal experimentation is at a 16-year high, at 27 per cent.

Millions of experiments on animals are conducted in Britain every year, despite growing concern among the general public. The government continues to fall short when it comes to investment in innovative, non-animal alternatives, and this must change.

Research shows that results from experiments on animals have many limitations, including the following:

  • They poorly predict human responses to medicines.

  • They’re difficult to extrapolate to human conditions.

  • They have low reproducibility – i.e. if an experiment on animals is repeated, the results won’t necessarily be the same.

In contrast, a growing section of the scientific community is advocating for non-animal methods because they have multiple benefits, including the following:

  • They’re usually human-relevant and therefore more predictive of human responses.

  • They can be cheaper than tests involving animals.

  • They tend to be reproducible and more efficient.

And most importantly, animal-free approaches are exactly that: free of animals, sparing them immense suffering. We support any scientifically sound method that doesn’t involve subjecting animals to cruel tests, and it’s no surprise that the British public wants more non-animal research, too.

You Can Help Sign our petition urging the government to commit to ending all experiments on animals: VIEW THE SURVEY RESULTS.

University of Washington’s Lethal Animal Use Violates Federal Law

The Physicians Committee filed a federal complaint against the University of Washington in Seattle for reintroducing the use of live animals in its general surgery residency, following a five-year span in which human-relevant methods were used. Take Action

Ending Hazardous Waste Tests on Fish

The California Assembly unanimously passed a bill in May, co-sponsored by the Physicians Committee, which could save tens of thousands of fish a year. Details

"Corporations Are People Too My Friends."
Our companies are known for creating products that enhance people's lives.  Through Sunset Corporation of America and its companies, we’re equally dedicated to improving lives.  Our commitment extends to helping local communities, fostering better educational systems, supporting the arts and culture, helping disadvantaged youth, protecting and improving the environment, animal welfare, wildlife issues and encouraging employee volunteerism.

Our commitment extends to helping local communities, fostering better educational systems, supporting the arts and culture, helping disadvantaged youth, protecting and improving the environment, animal welfare, wildlife issues and encouraging employee volunteerism. Activism and Sustainability:

  • Gun Safety & Gun Laws

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