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Animal Testing Report, EPA to phase out Animal Tests, Tuskegee University College & Freedom Fest 19!

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) delivered a stunning victory to animals, announcing it will phase out all chemical testing on mammals like dogs, mice, and rabbits by 2035.

The decision reflects the culmination of a hard-fought, years-long battle by animal advocates nationwide, including The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), White Coat Waste Project, and others.

During research studies, animals are often exposed to dangerous drugs, endure prolonged periods of restraint, are burned, cut, electrically shocked, have toxic chemicals rubbed into their eyes, and more. After they undergo horrific physical and psychological suffering for the purpose of ‘science’, they are euthanized.

This decision means that hundreds of thousands of animals will be saved from agonizing torment and death. The policy will extend to both the EPA’s in-house testing and the testing that it requires companies to carry out. The agency will also no longer use tests from mammal studies when making decisions on chemical sanctions.

The EPA will invest in the research and promotion of new approach methodologies that do not exploit animals. These new methods will be faster, more economical and more reliable.

Now, innocent animals will be spared from the horrors of chemical testing, and scientific research will advance in a safer, more humane manner.

The Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine is operating a dog laboratory–cutting up healthy dogs and then killing them to train students. We need thousands of signatures–quickly–in order to help stop this cruelty.

Save dogs: Add your name to our petition NOW.

PCRM recently received documents that suggest Tuskegee University may be killing between 40-50 dogs each year in its veterinary training program. They are being used in “terminal surgery laboratories”–meaning that every dog dies after the training session.

If ever there was a time to raise your voice it is now! Please unite with PCRM members around the country to stop the deadly abuse of innocent dogs at Tuskegee.

Here’s what’s happening (it’s horrible but please read):

Students are instructed to perform unnecessary amputations…surgically remove the dogs’ eyes…and stick foreign objects into the animals’ throats and then remove them.

Dogs don’t deserve this! They deserve to be in loving homes–not traumatized and killed!

This sick practice needs to stop–and with your help it will. Please speak out on behalf of the dogs whose lives have already been lost by adding your name.

It’s a celebration of Freedom! Meet your favorite BFP animal testing survivors!

Eat the best vegan food this side of the Mississippi!

Enjoy live music and barnyard games.

Tour the ROC and bid in our silent auction.

Meet our newest animal testing survivors!

BFP has never rescued this species before, so these two will be our mystery guests of honor!

For more information please visit our event page.

For travel and accommodation inquiries - email events@bfp.org

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