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4 Week Old Kittens - The Marvel Litter (WATCH LIVE) Update: ​The Marvel Kittens get new digs! See all the room they have to play.

These 4 newborn kittens, 2 boys and 2 girls, were found without their mom in Los Angeles. Fighting starvation, parasites and disease, these 4 made it through. Making their survival something of a marvel. So, we are naming them after Marvel superheroes.

Their names:

Jean Gray - Phoenix (the Siamese) - girl

Carl Danvers - Captain Marvel (the large tabby) - boy

Heather Douglas - Moondragon (the small tabby) - girl

Logan - Wolverine (the dark, small tabby) - boy

These kittens are always in need of formula and feed. If you'd like to help this litter specifically and donate supplies, here is their wishlist ➔ http://bit.ly/PAWsitivelivecamwishlist

There are always sponsorship opportunities too! Contact us directly and be a part our livecam ➔ pawsitivestories@gmail.com

Important Dates:

First weigh in 10/3/19:

Jean Gray - 11 5/8 ozs.

Carl Danvers - 14 1/8 ozs.

Heather Douglas - 10 1/8 ozs

Logan - 10 3/8 ozs

First time using the litter box: October 9, 2019

Opened eyes: September 22-24, 2019

Birthdate: September 12-14, 2019 (definitive date unknown)

This is a Live broadcast 24/7 until the kittens are adopted from Los Angeles, California.

It's not often we get to close the M25, the busiest motorway in the UK, but we were recently left with no choice! A swan had crash-landed on the hard shoulder and Highways England asked for our help to save is from a grisly fate. After closing down an entire carriageway, Simon and Lawrie set to work, hoping to relocate the young swan to a much more suitable location!

Abandoned Pug needs your help with finding a loving forever home

With your help, we can find Po'Boy a home this weekend! Please share his rescue video and if you can't adopt him, please make a small donation and help us save more lives: https://www.HopeForPaws.org

Po'Boy is now in a foster home with our friends at Foxy and the Hounds and if you would like to adopt him, please contact them directly: https://www.FoxyAndTheHounds.org

Thank you JoAnn Wiltz for responding to the call and thank you Justin Ruiz for fostering and putting this cool video together

Please share the video with your family and friends.

Young magpie gives rescuer the runaround!

We get dozens of calls a day from concerned members of the public but, sometimes, the condition of the animal in need of rescue can be a little exaggerated!

Simon was recently called out to help a young magpie that was seemingly struggling to fly. After watching it for some time, a concerned person decided to call us for help.

Upon arrival, it became clear that the bird was not only able to fly, but was very good at avoiding capture!

Luckily, Simon soon had the bird contained and was able to take it back to the centre for a check-up, just to be safe.

Evelyn arrived terrified and needs your gift to get spayed, vaccinated, and treated for a painful skin condition! She is one of 250 pigs saved from a hoarding situation in Oregon. 

Evelyn’s mom is a survivor, which makes Evelyn one too. Crammed into a dirt lot with little access to food and clean water, Evelyn’s pregnant mom fought so that she and her piglets would make it.

After their rescue, the pigs went to an Oregon sanctuary for placement. 

Evelyn was born at the sanctuary. She and five other piglets will remain forever at Animal Place.

And thanks to you, Evelyn will never have to fight for food, water, or a safe, warm space to sleep at night.

Your help covers Evelyn’s treatment for mange, a condition caused by mites. These mites cause itching and ear infections. All six suffer from it.

It is hard to see Evelyn suffer. Sometimes she scratches so hard, she starts to bleed. That’s why treatment is so important.  Evelyn and her siblings need medication to stop the mites.

Your support makes Evelyn’s skin and ears healthy.

Evelyn and the other piglets will be spayed and neutered, which prevents cancer and reduces aggression. The surgeries are necessary for good health and to make sure there is no breeding at the sanctuary.

All six piglets will be spayed and neutered. Your gift goes toward the surgery itself as well as antibiotics and pain medications after. Your support is vital in keeping Evelyn healthy now and in the future!

Good fortune is on Evelyn’s side. She has you and your fellow animal lovers to help heal her and get her ready for meeting the adult pigs! 

Until then, Evelyn is on quarantine. Mange is contagious and care is needed to prevent its spread. For the next month, anyone who goes into Evelyn’s pasture or barn wears a disposable isolation suit. 

It allows for caregivers to clean Evelyn’s barn and enclosure daily, without risk of spreading disease.

And, it gives Evelyn a chance to get comfortable with people. You can tell she wants to interact with us. She slowly approaches and will even flip over for a belly rub. But her eyes are still scared. Behind the protection of an isolation suit, someone can touch and interact with. She gets braver every day.

You can see how much your gift means for Evelyn. You provide her with life-saving treatment for mange. Your support ensures she is spayed, which gives her a longer, healthier life. And you can keep her safe with a gift of an isolation suit for her caregivers. 

I look forward to keeping you updated on how Evelyn is doing.

Volunteer with the Animal Rescue Team

One of the most commonly asked questions for our Animal Rescue Team is, “How can I volunteer?” Our team has—and relies on—a strong network of volunteers to help us make a real difference for animals in rescue and disaster relief work. We truly depend on them to help us get this important, lifesaving work done.

One of the most common mistakes prospective volunteers make is waiting until a natural or man-made disaster strikes to begin the application process and to begin proper training and preparation for becoming an Animal Rescue Team volunteer. Unfortunately, by then, it’s too late. If you want to volunteer, it’s important to apply before a disaster. If you get everything done early, you, like our many other volunteers, will be ready to deploy when animals need our help.

I can’t speak enough to the impact people feel from saving animals in need. If you want to make a difference, this is a way to do it. I encourage you to start your application today. With hurricane season on the horizon, our team will be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice - The Humane Society of the United States

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