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COVID-19, Humane Cosmetics Act, Cleveland Clinic, SynFrog & Ventilator Tested w/out Animal Testing!

Why COVID-19 Could Be a Turning Point for Animals Used in Experiments

They’ve been infected, poisoned, mutilated, and traumatized — all for experiments that were never necessary in the first place 😞 If scientists can acknowledge that experimenting on animals is NOT effective during a pandemic, they should focus on human-relevant research all the time. Urge Congress to invest in research that could actually lead to a treatment for COVID-19: https://headlines.peta.org/research-m...

Humane Cosmetics Act

Testing cosmetics products on animals may be outdated, ineffective, and cruel, but that hasn't slowed down the industry at all in the United States.

On a daily basis, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other sweet, tiny creatures are shaved so that their skin can easily be subjected to burning chemicals They are fed cosmetics ingredients until they are sick or dead. Sometimes they even force the animals to become sick, breed, and then give birth to even sicker, mutated, or dead babies. If an animal survives all this, they have served their cruel purpose and they are killed — a snapped neck or suffocation are popular choices among cruel handlers. Is our lipstick worth all this pain and suffering?

Maybe the saddest part of all is that animal testing for cosmetics is not always necessary or scientifically valid — there are cheaper, more humane, and more effective ways to make our products safe for us to use.

That's partly why the Humane Cosmetics Act was introduced late in 2019, aiming to make testing on animals for cosmetic products illegal in the entire supply chain for any product sold in the U.S. It would be a huge win for animals and the humans who love them, too. But it didn't go anywhere! That's why public pressure is needed to show Congress that people all over the world care about this important issue.

Will you sign on to support the U.S. in banning animal testing for cosmetics completely?

SynFrog Dissection Lesson for Students

This video guides students through the anatomy of a Leopard frog and can be used for distance learning with your existing worksheet materials. PETA's mission statement is that animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way: https://www.peta.org/about-peta/

PETA Undercover at the Cleveland Clinic: Skulls Cut Open, Prolapsed Organs

A six-month PETA undercover investigation at the Cleveland Clinic documented the use of animals in cruel and archaic experiments. Cleveland Clinic experimenters cut into mice’s skulls to expose their brains; deliberately bred mice so their uterus, bladder, vagina, or rectum would protrude from their bodies; injected mice with chemicals to paralyze them; and genetically manipulated mice so they developed large, irritating growths and sores on their skin. They also failed to provide adequate veterinary care, safe housing, relief from pain and distress, and even humane euthanasia to animals. Read more: https://investigations.peta.org/cleve...

From Lab Rats to Lap Rats: See These Three Sisters' Journey

Peggy, Siri, and Sarah were born in a laboratory at the Cleveland Clinic, where grisly brain experiments are conducted on rats and mice. Luckily for these lovely ladies, a PETA investigator came to their rescue. Now watch them play and explore in their loving new home.

Ventilator Successfully Tested Using Non-Animal Methods

Engineers at the Catholic University of Bolivia in La Paz, Bolivia, working with medical doctors have successfully developed a new type of automated ventilator to treat COVID-19 patients. The machine was tested on a human simulator containing an artificial lung that PETA researchers had recommended to the engineers. This spared pigs, the usual test subjects for these machines, the distress and harm of artificial ventilation. The team began clinical trials and successfully tested the ventilator in human patients, showing that it's functional and safe. For more information, please click here. https://www.peta.org/blog/covid-19-ve...

Non-animal Methods Now

A group of researchers in Canada are working together to create a model made of human cells that they hope will eventually lead to a treatment for COVID-19, without the use of animals. The key to understanding how the virus can spread throughout the body so quickly is to examine its effects soon after infection, but before symptoms are experienced. Researchers say this would not be possible in humans since a patient might be infected for two weeks before symptoms appear. However, by creating mini models that mimic the movement of human cells in the nose, mouth, eyes, and lungs, and then exposing them to COVID-19, researchers will be able to see how the virus works, in real time, as it invades the body. READ MORE

The Leaping Bunny Program, managed by AAVS, has recently posted its most up-to-date listing of cruelty-free companies, including those that have successfully completed its annual recommitment process.

By requiring companies to recommit to being cruelty-free in order to keep their certification, Leaping Bunny provides the most reliable and trustworthy list of companies that don’t test on animals. READ MORE

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Stop Animal Testing - Animal Testing Weekly Updates

Dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, mice, rats, and many other animals are being cut open, burned, poisoned, and killed in cruel and archaic experiments.

Animal testing is a major problem. About 1,438,553 animals [Not including rats, mice and other small animals] are killed in testing each year!  

These tests are cruel and in-humane.  

Animals are often taken form streets or bought from shelters to become test subjects! 

Just think, you could loose your pet one day and find out the animal shelter sold him/her to testers! 

The tests preformed are extremely cruel. And we fund them.

Many tax dollars go to these cruel companies to make animal tests happen. we need to reduce the amount of animal tests going on, if not get rid of tests for good.

But today, you can do twice as much to help end their suffering.

Please help the PETA "Stop Animal Testing" challenge today and sign the Petition to Stop Animal Testing at once!

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