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Dancehall Party CD featuring top artists at SSM in August!

Sunset Special Markets (SSM) releases product for animal & wildlife welfare, the Dolphin Project and for wounded warriors at the Ranger Road Organization!

Sunset Special Markets artists provide background environmental music for business locations, retail stores. A quarter of retail businesses agree that they would lose business if they turned the music off. Create the ideal atmosphere and decrease pace of in-store traffic with the right tempo and volume of music.

Retailers Music System: The only edge an offline retailer has over online shopping is the ability to enhance a shopper’s experience and leverage on psychological benefits through sensory marketing. A professionally curated sound ambience adds a desired touch to put customers in the mood of buying.

Restaurant Music System: We provide music to the restaurant music systems & audio branding solutions (inclusive of background music, jingle and voiceover insertion).

Background Music for Hotels: We provide background music for hotels and resorts. Create the ideal ambiance for your guests with professionally curated music playlists.

Relaxing Spa Music: Express Melody provides soothing music for spas (beauty and wellness). Inspire and rejuvenate your guests by creating a tranquil environment with music.

Hospitality Industry: In a quiet and calm environment without interferences, the effect of music on the human mind is amplified. How do you choose the right ambient music that can make guests realize their inner peace?

Relaxing Spa Music - Beauty and Wellness: Relax your guests during massage, spa treatments, yoga, therapy etc. with our curated, refreshing music playlists. Our natural, meditation-like music induces the delta brainwave and provides stress relief.

Background Music for Shopping Malls: We provide background music for shopping malls. Tailor your ambient music effortlessly to seasonal needs such as Christmas, CNY, or Halloween.

Retail Industry: Music that does not suit product image can lead to a reduced maximum price that a consumer is willing to pay. Our music professionals can optimize the perfect blend of genre, tempo and volume of music to attract customers and put them in the mood for spending, hence increasing sales.

Shopping Malls Music System: Music playlists can be handpicked to play at different times of the day, through a centralized audio management system. With our subscription, you can gain access to our music content library of over 100,000 songs and have the ability to insert marketing messages at stipulated time slots.

You can enjoy access to an extensive library of professionally catalogued music, all stored in our dedicated cloud server. Avoid paying expensive public performance licenses with our original music.

Food & Beverage Clients include Popeyes, Delifrance, Watami and many more! Some retail clients include Charles & Keith, Pedro, Crocs. Some wellness clients include Adonis Hotel, Mandarin Orchard and Parc Sovereign. Some shopping mall clients include Liang Court, JEM, Parkway Parade.

Sunset Special Markets (SSM)

SSM opened its doors 2008/2009 when Don Lichterman started to put together a new label with licensed product.

SSM produces, develops and releases special market products, boxed sets, greatest hits titles, stand up comedy LP's, live recordings, collectible releases and exclusive special markets products in the world entertainment. 

SSM Titles and popular artists releases are:

Songs That Won The War: A Salute To The Stagedoor Canteen

Songs That Won The War: A Wing And A Prayer

Songs That Won The War: G.I. Jive

Songs that Won the War: I'll Be Seeing You

Songs That Won The War: Rosie The Riveter

Songs That Won The War: Something To Remember You By

Songs that Won the War: Swing

Songs That Won The War: Swing Again, Yes Indeed

Songs that Won the War: Hollywood Canteen

Songs That Won The War: The Home Front

Pepper Live At The Fox Theatre

Closet Classics

Do Not Adjust Your Set

Kevin Hart I'm A Grown Little Man

Laff House Live Comedy Album

Dreamgirls Remixed

Deon Cole You Should Have Put Me First

Gina Thompson Missing You

How Weed Won The West Soundtrack

American Drug War: The Last White Hope (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Rockin' Party

World Party

Lounge Party

HipHop Party

Dance Party

Classic Collection Presents The Rat Pack

Sunset Party

Pop Party

Studio Group World Music: Germany

Tropical Party

Remix Party

Classical Masterpieces: The Best Of Beethoven

Alice Cooper Live

INXS Need You Tonight (And Other Hits!)

Michael C. & Friends Classics For The Soul

The Wedding Collection: Celebration & Remembrance

My Fellow Americans Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

DMA Dance, Best of Freestyle File, Volume 1

DJ X Club Experience, Volume 4

Tribute To The Hits of America

Barry Manilow, I Write The Songs

The Starlite Pop Orchestra 25 All Time Christmas Favorites

Non Stop Christmas Dance Party Christmas

Songs For Freedom (an album for Animal & Wildlife Welfare)

Cover Bond (Great Music Artists Performing The Songs From Every James Bond Movie!)

Light it Up!

The Reese Project Blue Etude

The Reese Project Eastern Standard Time

The Reese Project This Just In

The Reese Project Apocalyptic Hayride

The Reese Project Vicodin Dreams

Tom Reese & Kirk Reese Connected

The Music From…This is My Country

Susquehanna Ensemble Conversations

Hiroaki Serizawa Energy Of L:ove

Hiroaki Serizawa Light it Up!

Energy Of Love

Ranger Road

Train Christmas In Tahoe (Amazon Original Deluxe Edition)

Garth Brooks The Chase (25th Anniversary Edition)

Mark-Anthony Turnage w/ the London Philharmonic Orchestra Turnage Orchestral Works

Evgeny Svetlanov w/ the USSR State Symphony Orchestra Historical Russian Archives - Evgeny Svetlanov Edition