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Deals, BeatFever & 30k in store plays in 2019 at the Sunset Music Supervision & Publishing Company!

Our music now streaming internationally in various retail and business locations and environments such as supermarkets, shops, gyms, hotels and planes.
SEVEN (7) Songs now being used at BeatFever!

Welcome to the biggest virtual music festival, where you’ll discover what’s next in music. Catch a live performance of your favorite artist or tap to the beat of your favorite songs. From Pop to Latin, EDM to Classical, there’s something for every music fan.

SEVEN (7) songs so far have been picked up to use in these apps.

Sunset works with many app developers who require music as part of their user experience and journey. Each app is generally unique in how it utilizes music. These uses range from music being placed in user-generated content to creating videos for sharing on social platforms, to short-form marketing videos with music that can be shared, to in-game experiences that feature music.
11 Songs Licensed & Sunset Music Supervision copyrights have 26,994 in-store plays this year

We provide background environmental music for business location.

You can enjoy access to an extensive library of professionally catalogued music, all stored in our dedicated cloud server.

Food & Beverage, retailers, malls, Relaxing Spa Music and hospitality (hotels and spas) industry players had achieved:

Food & Beverage (F&B)

With an array of food choices, how do consumers choose to return to your outlet and not another competitor’s?

Besides excellent taste, the background music offers a dining experience comfortable to sit in for an extra drink or two.

Ensure consistent volume of music throughout different zones such as the main seating area, washroom, kitchen and entrance.

F&B Clients include Popeyes, Delifrance, Watami.


The only edge an offline retailer has over online shopping is the ability to enhance a shopper’s experience and leverage on psychological benefits through sensory marketing. A professionally curated sound ambience adds a desired touch to put customers in the mood of buying.

Some retail clients include Charles & Keith, Pedro, Crocs.


Music playlists can be preset to play at different times of the day, through a centralised audio management system. It also allows control of tempo or mood of music from anywhere, with an internet connection.

Enjoy low maintenance costs and avoid repetition of music (e.g. through a traditional CD player).

Beauty and Wellness

Relax your guests during massage, spa treatments, yoga, therapy etc. with our curated, refreshing music playlists. Our natural, meditation-like music induces the delta brainwave and provides stress relief.

Some wellness clients include Adonis Hotel, Mandarin Orchard and Parc Sovereign.

Shopping Mall

Music playlists can be handpicked to play at different times of the day, through a centralised audio management system. With our subscription, you can gain access to our music content library of over 100,000 songs and have the ability to insert marketing messages at stipulated timeslots.

You can edit your playlists on our platform, which is also accessible on smartphone/tablet with Internet connection. We offer offline solutions for locations without Internet connection too.

No more worries about copyright issues as our tracks are fully licensed for commercial use. A certificate will be issued that shows your establishment having the appropriate performance rights.

Some shopping mall clients include Liang Court, JEM, Parkway Parade.

Our tracks are fully licensed for commercial use. Pick the right songs to play at different times of the day, through a centralised audio management system.

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