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Stop Zimbabwe's Elephant Export!

Call-To-Action!! Zimbabwe is still holding 35 baby elephants captive for export to Chinese zoos! This is in clear violation of CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). CITES are the only ones who can stop this transport, but so far they have done nothing! Chinese zoos are a nightmare for animals! Horrific cruelty! Several animal welfare groups have called on CITES to stop the transport, but CITES continues to look the other way. Unacceptable!

Everyone please take a moment to contact CITES and express your outrage over Zimbabwe's continued export of baby elephants. CITES is an international agreement between governments to ensure that international trade in wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. Baby elephants belong in the wild with their moms, not suffering misery in Chinese zoos! 

You can contact CITES directly and ask them to stop the elephant export by emailing info@cites.org

Click here to sign the petition and take action now.

Save the Elephants' Ears! Pledge Not to Go to Oregon Zoo Concerts.

The Oregon Zoo holds loud music concerts every weekend during the summer, and the concert stage is right adjacent to the elephant enclosure. This loud noise is not music to the elephants' sensitive hearing. Elephants can hear for miles and they also hear with infrasonic sound through their feet. They are bombarded with noise they can't escape.

But you can play an important part by refusing to go to these concerts that are highly promoted to the public, and are highly profitable to the zoo. The Oregon Zoo appears to be oblivious to the pain this causes the elephants.

We are asking you to not tune out to the suffering of the zoo's five elephants, and to pledge not to attend zoo concerts until the elephants are retired to sanctuary, starting with the lone Borneo elephant Chendra.

We also encourage you to let the musicians know that you do not support them performing at the zoo. See a list of all the concerts here and share your concern on the musicians' Facebook pages or on their Instagram or other social media platforms. Sign the petition to the Indigo Girls here.

Please spread the word about the harm these concerts do to the captive elephants at the zoo. Share this pledge far and wide and sign now to send the message to the Oregon Zoo to put a halt to these loud concerts. When enough people refuse to pay for this kind of animal cruelty, the concerts will no longer be profitable, creating a strong motivation for the zoo to end them.

Yesterday I encountered the most shocking image of a baby elephant named Gluay Horn who is being systematically abused and tortured at a facility called the Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo at this address 10280, 555 Thanon Thai Ban, Pak Nam, Amphoe Mueang Samut Prakan, Chang Wat Samut Prakan 10270, Thailand.

The Thai government needs to create and enforce laws to protect these suffering animals.

Until then, people of good heart and sense need to boycott any facility that so blatantly and cruelly mistreats animals --and any country that turns a blind eye to it, day after day. With great respect we ask that the Thai Royal family and government intervene to save this one animal -- and pass legislation to offer rights and protections to all others.

It is within your power to make the world we all live in a more compassionate and hospitable place for all God's creatures.

We urgently need you to join the fight to help Happy the elephant, who is "living" at the Bronx Zoo.

Happy isn't happy, and it shows.

She's distressed and deprived of companionship. She paces and sways in her enclosure.

Even that word—enclosure—makes you think of a prison more than a home.

Will you give today to help bring a true happy ending to Happy's story?

You see, there's a big opportunity here. There's a chance for you to be the hero…to write history…to make a difference. It's so close, and yet somehow seems so far away.

Happy the elephant has been in forced isolation for over a decade. Happy, Maxine, and Patty were the three last remaining elephants when the Zoo said they would close their exhibit if another elephant died.

That was in 2006!

Over a decade ago, those in charge saw the problems. They agreed that Happy, Maxine, and Patty would benefit from a proper herd. They knew that if one elephant died, the remaining two might not get along. They recognized that a solitary elephant exhibit would be "inhumane."

But still, the Bronx Zoo didn't act. Instead, they took the easy way out. They agreed to close the exhibit only after one of the three died. As if waiting for death is a reasonable solution.

And yet—13 years later—

Happy is still a prisoner. Patty is still a prisoner.

Maxine...is not. Maxine died in tragic captivity in late 2018. Her death should have been Happy and Patty's bittersweet ticket to a sanctuary.

But it's not happening. Happy & Patty are still prisoners. They're still separated from one another. They're still alone...

Will you give a gift today to join the fight for Happy's freedom?

And for lonely Patty too?

The Bronx Zoo leaders have themselves said that solitary elephant exhibits are inhumane.

Happy shouldn't be where she is. She's been a zoo prisoner far too long.

Happy and Patty deserve to live the remaining years of their lives in a sanctuary where they can enjoy life as it was intended for them.

With the devoted support of our members, we submitted Freedom of Information requests for the records of how Happy, Patty, and Maxine have been treated.

What the Zoo sent back was, well, rather disturbing...

It wasn't medical records. It wasn't documentation of their decision process. It wasn't even a note saying, "You're right, we're sorry, we're addressing that problem right away."

All we got was a pile of financial records. As if these wonderful animals are nothing more than dollars and cents in a ledger; not the complex, beautiful, intelligent, emotional beings they truly are.

The Zoo and City think we are going to give up, go away. But we're not. We have filed an appeal. If that is denied, we will take the Zoo to court to get the records.

Happy deserves better. You can give her that with a generous gift today.

The more that the Bronx Zoo has to answer for their actions, and inactions, the more likely they are to change their ways. That's why we publish the list of Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants every year.

And guess who's at the top? The Bronx Zoo.

We're not giving up. Ever. The Bronx Zoo may feel like they've won, because they didn't reveal the tragic secrets of Happy's crushing daily life. They might think they've done enough, and now we'll go away and leave them alone. They would be wrong...

It's clear that the battleground to decide Happy's fate will be in the courts. Legal brawls like this are costly and long, but...

With your support we can remain committed to fight for Happy's freedom.

Your donation will fund Happy's legal bill. It will help defray the costs of the long and protracted legal battle ahead.

When the judge's gavel finally bangs this case closed, when Happy's fate is finally decided; you will be right there in the courtroom with us!

Please give today to keep pressure on the Bronx Zoo to release Happy.

Maxine didn't get that chance.

500,000 Voices and Counting for Elephants in Botswana

The African country of Botswana has taken the outrageous step of legalizing elephant hunting, at a time when elephants are dying, at the rate of 100 a day, from poaching.

And it’s getting worse in Botswana. A recent aerial wildlife survey, conducted by Elephants Without Borders (EWB), showed an increased number of fresh elephant carcasses in the north of the country, undoubtedly the victims of poaching.

Even worse, Botswana now wants to sell ivory from the dead elephants on the world markets!

Make no mistake, the present government of Botswana cares nothing for elephants, viewing them as little more than a nuisance. Such is their contempt for world opinion and the safety of elephants, that it recently presented stools, made from elephant feet, to three African leaders during a meeting on the future of elephants.

If the Botswana government continues, the country’s elephants will be wiped out – all 130,000 of them.

The scale of this disaster is utterly catastrophic for elephants. During the 20th century, it is estimated that there were between three to five million African elephants. Now, there are only 400,000 left, and that number drops every single day, by 100 or more.

Yet, Botswana is asking the upcoming meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), to allow it to export elephant tusks to the world, in spite of an international ban on the trade.

This outrageous behavior by Botswana makes Network for Animals’ work to save elephants in neighboring South Africa, even more important. We are relocating elephant families to wilderness areas, thousands of miles from poaching routes, and we are helping protect them by financing anti-poaching patrols.

In the light of these latest developments, we urgently need to do more – and do it faster, and we need your help to do so.

Please help the Network for Animals today so that, no matter what happens in Botswana, we can save as many wild elephants as possible.

The area we work in is called the Addo National Park, and it is really the best hope for the world’s elephants. It is nearly 800 miles from Botswana, and 1,000 miles from the poaching hotspot of Mozambique. At Addo, if nowhere else, elephants will, hopefully, be safe.

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