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And, The 'DumbAss of the Week' goes to this family below in this picture of them standing over a Murdered mountain Lion! With the kids no less.

Mountain Lions were the subject of my first book report I ever that I had to do as a kid in elementary school. I think it was 4th grade or maybe it was 6th grade but yeah, I did a paper on Mountain Lions because I loved then how they looked. And, I still do. They look so sweet and they walk so perfectly. Plus, they are lean and fast.

Although I guess not fast enough to be hunted down in these canned hunts which does not give them a fighting chance to survive. They may as well be dead beforehand.

Moist of all, what kind of weird power do these people feel when they kill something?

Killing anything just because it happens to be at this spot at that precise time whomever wants to kill it just freaks me out. All forms of born to die mentality and born to be killed or born to be tested on and things being killed just because they happen to be in your space just freaks me out.

It's also very weak to kill anything let alone from a afar like a pussy that has to use a gun and a bullet.

Canned hunting is a grotesque industry in which hunters pay to kill endangered creatures confined to fenced-in enclosures with no way of escape. Facilities force-breed animals, steal young from their mothers, raise them in appalling conditions and profit from hunters who kill the animals for fun.

This abhorrent practice exploits animals and abuses them from the day they are born to the day they are slaughtered by paying killers.

Raised in factory farms, these animals spend most of their lives in tiny, crowded cages, often without water or adequate nutrition. Malnourished and deprived of natural behaviors, their short lives end when they are put into a fenced area to be shot with a crossbow or shotgun. Animals may be baited or drugged to make them an easy target.

Lions are big business in this industry, particularly in South Africa. Cubs as young as three days old are stolen from their mothers, bottle-fed and used in fake “sanctuaries,” where naïve volunteers pay to care for them under the pretense of conservation. Lion walks and lion petting are further avenues to profit from their suffering.

In reality, these beautiful creatures are forced to live in filthy conditions and often fall ill due to poor nutrition and stress. Once older, they are violated through forced impregnation and eventually killed for paid ‘hunts’ —  if they survive that long. Many also suffer severe illnesses from inbreeding.

South Africa has around 200 lion breeding facilities containing an estimated 6000 big cats. There are three times more lions in captivity in South Africa than in the wild. Tigers and other exotic animals also fall victim to this ruthless trade.

Canned hunting does not benefit conservation. It is purely a money-making endeavor that supports abusing and murdering majestic animals for a quick thrill.

Sign this petition urging South Africa’s Minister of Environment, Forestry, and Fisheries Barbara Creecy to call for a ban on all canned and captive hunting in South Africa, saving thousands of animals from needless torture and cowardly slaughter.

Fur-Ever Wild in Minnesota has a gruesome business model: a combination roadside zoo and fur farm.

Fur-Ever Wild customers can pay for “pet n’ play” sessions where they handle threatened gray wolf puppies. But when the wolves get too old to handle, the owner has admitted to killing them for their pelts and other body parts.

We’ve filed a lawsuit against Fur-Ever Wild to stop the killing and move the wolves and pups to a bona fide sanctuary, and next month we will go to trial to make our case.

Will you stand with these wolves and renew your support for the Animal Legal Defense Fund today?

From 2011 to 2018, state game farm reports submitted by Fur-Ever Wild indicate that at least 71 wolves died at the facility and were “butchered for consumption.” At times, the rate of killing rose to as many as two wolves a month. These animals deserve better than to be bred and raised in captivity and then slaughtered for their pelts.

Animal Legal Defense Fund’s case argues that Fur-Ever Wild is violating Section 9 of the Endangered Species Act by harming and pelting protected gray wolves. That’s why we’re suing them — and why we need your support.

South Korea's annual dog-meat slaughter-fest known as Boknal is upon us! This very day, in a macabre and bloody celebration of torture, dogs by the thousands... by the TENS OF THOUSANDS are being cruelly and brutally slaughtered in filthy back-alley butcher shops for a magical stew believed to enhance virility.

I implore you! If you have not sent a life-saving donation today to help In Defense of Animals halt this custom of senseless slaughter; please do so now!

Just days ago, our Korean rescue partners with Jindo Love alerted my rescue team to a truck bound for the Boknal festival, piled high with rusty wire metal cages crammed full of helpless dogs packed together; some squeezed together so tightly that they could not move or even turn their heads.

Live video and images began streaming to our screens. Our cell phones began buzzing with incoming alerts and video......and there it was.

Chinese workers in Jordan torturing dogs and eating them!

We are distressed to have to bring you shocking and disturbing news from Jordan, in the Middle East. But we must!

Factory workers in Jordan are selling dogs to Chinese workers who slowly torture them, skin them ALIVE… and then eat them!

These evil monsters lure homeless street dogs with tasty food, kidnap them and then sell them to Chinese factory workers who torture the dogs before eating them.

They believe torturing dogs makes the meat taste sweeter.

More and more Chinese are working in Jordanian factories as ties between the two countries strengthen. Workers are usually young, unskilled and poor. They show no concern or

compassion for dogs, treating them with casual cruelty.

This means that heartless Jordanians conspire with callous Chinese to create hell on earth for dogs.

Last year, thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, NFA helped persuade the Jordanian government to clamp down on a religious-inspired ‘fatwa’ to shoot all street dogs.

Now, this new horror has emerged, and street dogs are under a greater threat than ever, we can’t let them be eaten, so today, we need your support more than ever!

Buddy is a prime example of the horrors that are taking place. But he was lucky. We found Buddy outside a Chinese factory, in the baking Jordanian summer heat. He had been left in fierce sun, waiting to be tortured and served for dinner.

We rescued him, rushed him to a vet and are happy to report that Buddy is recovering and being cared for at the Al Rahmeh animal sanctuary, which NFA supporters like you help finance.

We need your help to rescue every dog at risk of being tortured and eaten. We saved Buddy, and with your help, he will be cared for, for the rest of his life.

We will lobby government to stop this barbarity, and in the meantime rescue as many dogs as humanly possible and provide them food, veterinary careand love until forever homes can be found.

If you possibly can, please help today so we can save other dogs like Buddy from being tortured and eaten.

Like an ugly monstrous troll that had lumbered to its unnatural resting spot beneath a bridge, bulging with morbid cargo.

Tiny, grainy video shot on a phone, in the dead of night, and transmitted by a brave activist thousands of miles away showed us the heartbreaking scene...

A rusty truck, carelessly parked, fully laden with its cargo of innocent lives bound and waiting for slaughter on the first day of Boknal. My heart ached to hear them whine pitifully into the night, begging for release.

I knew immediately that we had to SAVE THEM ALL!

Some dogs even had collars around their necks, a clear indication that these poor suffering animals were not farmed or raised for meat—they were stolen family companions!

In many parts of Asia, dog-meat vendors, corrupt to their core roam the late-night streets in shadowy fleets of ramshackle pickup trucks. They shamelessly steal unattended dogs, no matter their size or breed, to make an easy profit from the sale of their flesh.

Across Asia, beloved family dogs and dogs bred into filthy miserable conditions are being slaughtered. Your help is urgently needed!

That fateful night I found myself staring into the eyes of 28 desperate dogs.

It's because of such strong and generous support from donors like YOU that we were able to spring to action immediately and attempt to rescue everyone!

I am not going to sugar coat it... all of them were hurt, starved, dehydrated. Who knows how long they had been shoved into cages and stacked on top of one another. Many of the dogs had fresh injuries from fights caused by other dogs clawing their way beneath the pile, desperate to escape the crushing weight.

Not all will not make it. But we have to try.

With tears in her eyes, our frightened but brave rescue partner pleaded our case before the authorities when they arrived on the scene, begging for the release of these animals. It was our passionate pleas; YOUR passionate voice that made this rescue possible.

All in all that night, we saved 28 dogs from the butcher's block.

Tragically, two dogs, Annabelle and Bear, have passed away as a result of advanced heartworm and extreme neglect.

All 26 of the survivors require urgent medical attention. Without it, more deaths are sure to follow.

This is why we need your help more than ever. Rescue is just the first step; all the dogs need healing, foster care, training and rehabilitation to make a complete recovery. Medical costs are mounting up quickly—almost all the dogs are heartworm positive and suffering from injuries due to their cruel mistreatment.

Basic medical care will cost over $1,000 per dog!

But in the words of our Korean rescuer, "After seeing their eyes... how can we not save them?"

Your support today, for this lifesaving campaign, will enable us to keep those promises made to 26 victims.

I cannot wait to update you on everyone's progress as we turn 26 victims into 26 survivors who will be able to share their stories… and their love and affection with the world.

We can give them ALL a second chance at life.

It is imperative that we continue to fund this critical rescue project. Each life saved today will save many more lives tomorrow as our canine ambassadors awaken the world to the plight of dogs and cats suffering for the illicit and illegal meat trade.

Boknal is here, and for many thousands of dogs and cats, it is too late.

For one very lucky group of dogs—their journey is just beginning... thank you for showing your love for these 26 dog meat survivors through your kind and generous support.

Punish "Angel of Death" Cat Serial Killer!

"Your animals will be safe at a sanctuary..." Paul Zhang of Palm Beach County, Florida acquired dozens, if not hundreds, of cats and other animals from rescuers and caregivers. Instead of providing sanctuary, he killed the animals. Act now to ensure this sick serial killer pays for his crimes!

Two cats were found shot in this UK community. Authorities must find the perpetrator before he strikes again.

There is a serial cat killer terrorizing felines and their families in the United Kingdom. We need local authorities to take these acts of animal cruelty seriously and find the sick person behind these attacks.

So far, two cats in the same area of Northumbria have been attacked. Two were shot. One, a black and white beauty named Amber, is recovering after managing to crawl to safety. Her owners took her to the vet, who confirmed she was shot in the neck, the bullet just narrowly missing her jugular artery.

The other cat was less fortunate. His body was found hanging from a tree, leaving his family, including two young boys, devastated.

These acts of violence against two neighborhood cats are a warning. Violence against animals is often a precursor to violence against people. These depraved acts, not just torturing and killing cats, but displaying their dead bodies for the whole neighborhood to see, merit a real investigation.

Urge local officials to do everything they can to bring this cat killer to justice.

Stop Australia's Killing of Cats with Poison Sausages & Robots!

Australia is moving full speed ahead with its misguided, cruel, and unscientific plan to kill millions of the nation's free-roaming cats in the name of "conservation." Poison-laced sausages are being indiscriminately dropped by aircraft, while robotic poison death machines are set out to spray cats with deadly poison which they later lick off while grooming, which slowly kills them. Please urge the Australian government to stop this madness and ask that it work on humane sterilization programs and legislation for all cat companions!

Measure of Justice Served for Brutal Neglect of Four Horses

A Winona, Mississippi man has been sentenced for the extreme deprivation he forced his four horses to endure for months. Astonishingly, the "guardian" of the neglected horses claimed the seizure of the animals was unjust, but we ensured that justice and logic prevailed.

Graffiti against cage farming

Camel PUNCHED in the neck at UniverSoul Circus


Christopher von Uckermann Se Coloca No Lugar De Uma Orca Em Uma Campanha Anti-SeaWorld

Victory: Eight Years for Louisiana Woman Who Torched Dog

Notorious Facebook killer, Madison M. Gautreaux, has been sentenced for burning and torturing a defenseless terrier named Bobo to death. She recently received a lengthy prison sentence for three felonies committed against Bobo and his guardian.

And last, starting 8/8, the Impossible™ Whopper® is now available nationwide at all US Burger King® locations. 

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