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Happy 7th Anniversary of Marriage Equality, New Jersey!

Pictured above is the first same sex wedding in New Jersey between Marsha Shapiro and Louise Walpin on October 21, 2013 at Senator Lesniak's home in Elizabeth NJ.

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Plans to Sue The State in Order to Protect NJ Wildlife

Raymond Lesniak, the former Democratic state senator from Union County, used a Zoom press conference to announce that a coalition of animal rights activists plans to sue the state over the statutory makeup of the state fish and game council. The council currently consists of 11 members: Six sportsmen, recommended by the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, three farmers recommended by the state agriculture convention, the chair of the state’s Endangered and Nongame Species Advisory Committee and one person with expertise in land management and soil conservation. Brian Hackett, the state director of the Humane Society of the United States’s New Jersey branch, argued its unfair that a council with such a make-up gets to decide how wildlife is managed in the Garden State. “Nobody is allowed on this fish and game council except for pro-hunting hunters, and pro-hunting farmers and some mysterious person who needs to know about soil,” Hackett said. Lesniak echoed that sentiment, and said the council should include scientists, hikers, bird watchers and other people who use New Jersey’s outdoors for activities beyond hunting. He also argued the state’s bear population belongs to all residents, and should be protected by the public trust doctrine in the same way that access to waterways and beaches is protected.

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California, Illinois, and Nevada recently became the first states to ban the sale of most cosmetic products and ingredients that have been tested on animals. New Jersey could be next!

Urge your state legislators to support the New Jersey Humane Cosmetics Act (A.795/ S.1726) today. Take Action Now...

Countless animals, including rabbits and mice, are suffering needlessly in experiments to test cosmetics like shampoo and eye shadow. Not only can safe cosmetics already be made from existing ingredients, but there are new technologies that are more effective and more reliable for testing product safety. These methods are often less expensive and faster than tests that use animals.

New Jersey has always been a leader on this issue, previously enacting a law to limit product-testing on animals where alternative non-animal tests are available. The state now has an opportunity to remain at the forefront by passing a bill which would prohibit the sale of cosmetics that were developed using animal tests on or after January 1, 2020.

Please contact your state representatives and urge them to support and co-sponsor the New Jersey Humane Cosmetics Act (A.795/ S.1726), championed by Assembly Members Verrelli, Swain, Zwicker, Tully, Rooney, Mejia, Reynolds-Jackson, Benson, Jasey, Murphy, Stanfield, Conaway, Catalano and Senators Lagana, Pou, and Turner.

Your outreach could make New Jersey the next state to ban the sale of cosmetics that were tested on animals!

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