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Have a Heart for Dogs Campaign

For almost 30 years, dogs have been used and killed in painful, scientifically ineffective heart failure experiments and PCRM needs your help to STOP it once and for all.

We are launching our Have a Heart for Dogs campaign. This will ensure we have the resources to implement new strategies and dedicate sufficient staff time and energy into saving dogs at Wayne State–while keeping all of our other work to help animals and people on track.

Anything you can afford to contribute today will make a tremendous difference in our ability to stop these deadly heart failure experiments.

By donating today, you’ll be part of PCRM’s efforts to:

  • Raise awareness of Wayne State’s horrifying abuse of dogs with hard-hitting media and public awareness campaigns

  • Promote research methods that don’t use animals and provide better outcomes for people

  • Ban dog experiments via new Michigan legislation

  • Continue all of PCRM’s lifesaving work to help people and animals

Right now, healthy dogs are suffering in a Wayne State lab. We need your help to save them…before it’s too late! Please feel free to help out now.

Looking for the perfect excuse to stretch those legs and have some fun while helping animals? We have just the thing. In one week's time, wonderful PETA supporters across the country (and beyond) will take to their local trails, parks, and streets or even their own gardens, staircases, and living rooms to step up to end animal testing – and we're inviting you to get involved.

I'm Stepping Up for Animals. Through the Step Up to End Animal Testing challenge, we're striving to cover vital funds to protect animals from unimaginable suffering in laboratories.

Taking part is simple: sign up, set your steps target, start your fundraiser, and get walking.

If you're anything like us here at PETA, you'll need any motivation you can get to stay active during the pandemic. So go on: lace up those trainers, step out into the crisp autumn air, and explore your local area. You could even get your friends involved, either by signing up as a virtual team or inviting them to be your challengers and seeing who can clock up the most steps and raise the most for animals.

Frightened dogs are cowering in barren metal cages.

Some suffer from swollen tongues and weakened jaw muscles that make it difficult for them to swallow even the thinnest gruel. Nearby, other miserable, lonely dogs whimper and cry out—desperate for the comfort and affection that every dog deserves.

This nightmare is going on right now in muscular dystrophy (MD) experiments at Texas A&M University (TAMU) in the United States and at France's Alfort National Veterinary School—while similar studies are being undertaken on a campus of the British Royal Veterinary College. Many dogs in these experiments—some of whom were purposely bred to develop a canine form of MD—will struggle to walk, eat, and even breathe.

In other laboratories, experimenters are poisoning or mutilating dogs—and when they are done with them, they will kill them and discard them like medical waste.

Please help dogs and other animals by supporting PETA's "Stop Animal Testing" challenge right now.

Decades of such torturous experiments on dogs have yet to lead to a cure—or even a treatment—for the devastating symptoms of MD in humans.

Even though scientists know there are better research and treatment methods to pursue—such as using cells to create disease-specific cures, transplanting healthy muscle cells into human MD patients, and establishing human-relevant drug-screening platforms—the cruel and pointless experiments on dogs haven't stopped … yet!

PETA and our affiliates are determined to prevent dogs and other animals from languishing in laboratory cages. Inspired by the powerful footage from exposés of the dog laboratories at TAMU and Alfort, compassionate people have flooded these institutions with e-mails and phone calls demanding that the torture stop. MD patients around the globe and hundreds of doctors who treat people with MD are taking action, too, amplifying our call for charities and government agencies to fund only human-relevant, animal-free research methods and for experimenters to stop tormenting dogs.

Your gift to PETA today will strengthen the vital campaigns that are helping to stop cruel experiments on dogs, cats, and other animals.

Who needs their fur more… the animal born with it or a shopper who wants it for status? We think the answer is clear.

Not only is fur production one of the cruelest industries facing animals, but it’s directly linked to both serious environmental damage and the spread of COVID-19.

Recent reports showed that mink on fur farms in the Netherlands, Demark, Spain and even right here in the U.S. have become infected with the coronavirus and, according to the Dutch government, it’s "very likely" mink have transmitted the virus to humans. We must take immediate action to end this trade once and for all.

Please add your voice in support of banning fur sales in cities and states across the U.S.

We are in the middle of a pandemic and industries that keep wild animals close together in filthy conditions are exacerbating the risks.

Whether for the animals, the environment or public safety (or all of the above), we hope you’ll take action today.

Sepsis Survivor Speaks Out Against Experiments on Animals

Karin Bennett almost died of sepsis, a painful and serious reaction to severe infection. Now she's speaking out against sepsis experiments on mice, which have been scientifically proved to be worthless for understanding the condition in humans. Despite that, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) squanders tens of millions of our tax dollars every year on these experiments, which are particularly cruel. Watch Karin's powerful video, and then urge NIH to stop funding sepsis experiments on mice and instead rely on effective, animal-free research methods.

'Monkey Fright' Experiments at the National Institutes of Health: A PETA Investigation

Shocking video footage obtained by PETA shows ongoing psychological tests on dozens of monkeys conducted by National Institutes of Health experimenter Elisabeth Murray and her colleagues. Murray has received tens of millions of taxpayer dollars—more than $36 million in the past 13 years alone—to inflict traumatic and permanent brain damage on monkeys. She places their heads in a stereotaxic device, cuts them open, and carves out a section of the skull. Then she injects toxins into their brain, and sometimes she suctions out or burns part of it.

Meet the Young Activists Determined to End Testing on Animals

Imagine being terrorized for your whole life just because you were born a different species Injustice like this is why the PETA-backed youth led movement, @PETAxSOS, is working to shut down @National Institute of Health’s cruel experiments on monkeys.

'Godfather of Punk' Iggy Pop Wants to End Cruel Experiments on Monkeys

You can see the terror in their eyes. You can feel their desperation as they try to break free from restraints. These monkeys just want to be "free," like everyone else.

Workers Electroshock Monkey Penises in Depraved Lab

PETA went undercover for 6 months at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC) and found monkeys with chronic diarrhea, severely injured, covered with tattoo ink, and more

Non-animal Methods Now

A group of researchers in Canada are working together to create a model made of human cells that they hope will eventually lead to a treatment for COVID-19, without the use of animals. The key to understanding how the virus can spread throughout the body so quickly is to examine its effects soon after infection, but before symptoms are experienced. Researchers say this would not be possible in humans since a patient might be infected for two weeks before symptoms appear. However, by creating mini models that mimic the movement of human cells in the nose, mouth, eyes, and lungs, and then exposing them to COVID-19, researchers will be able to see how the virus works, in real time, as it invades the body. READ MORE

The Leaping Bunny Program, managed by AAVS, has recently posted its most up-to-date listing of cruelty-free companies, including those that have successfully completed its annual recommitment process.

By requiring companies to recommit to being cruelty-free in order to keep their certification, Leaping Bunny provides the most reliable and trustworthy list of companies that don’t test on animals. READ MORE

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Stop Animal Testing - Animal Testing Weekly Updates

Dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, mice, rats, and many other animals are being cut open, burned, poisoned, and killed in cruel and archaic experiments.

Animal testing is a major problem. About 1,438,553 animals [Not including rats, mice and other small animals] are killed in testing each year!  

These tests are cruel and in-humane.  

Animals are often taken form streets or bought from shelters to become test subjects! 

Just think, you could loose your pet one day and find out the animal shelter sold him/her to testers! 

The tests preformed are extremely cruel. And we fund them.

Many tax dollars go to these cruel companies to make animal tests happen. we need to reduce the amount of animal tests going on, if not get rid of tests for good.

But today, you can do twice as much to help end their suffering.

Please help the PETA "Stop Animal Testing" challenge today and sign the Petition to Stop Animal Testing at once!

"Corporations are people, my friend."

Our companies are known for creating products that enhance people's lives. Through Sunset Corporation of America and its companies, we’re equally dedicated to improving lives.  Our commitment extends to helping local communities, fostering better educational systems, supporting the arts and culture, helping disadvantaged youth, protecting and improving the environment, animal welfare, wildlife issues and encouraging employee volunteerism.

The Sustainable Action Network (SAN) is a leading global non-profit organization (a Don Lichterman non-profit organization) dedicated to building a global community....