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Join Simon and Lawrie as we answer your wildlife and rehabilitation questions LIVE on YouTube!

Living in isolation, pumped with drugs, thrown in a pit and forced to fight for their very lives.

That is the cruel reality for countless dogfighting victims across the country.

And just days ago, the ASPCA assisted the NYPD in a raid of three different properties to rescue dogs from a suspected dogfighting operation in New York.

We have now taken 28 canine victims into our care at our shelter. As we work to medically treat these dogs, we’re asking our members for help with all our ongoing efforts for the protection of vulnerable animals everywhere.

From the day of a raid and processing the crime scene, to removing animals and providing for their needs, to helping hold heinous dogfighters and other animal abusers accountable, all we do depends on you!

It's impossible to describe the physical and emotional pain that dogfighting victims endure.

And we can't believe anyone would force innocent dogs to suffer in this brutal blood sport—a sick enterprise undertaken often solely for profit.

This dogfighting case is yet another reminder that this horrific form of abuse must be stopped in every corner of the nation—and people who abuse animals must be held accountable. Please help us stop dogfighting, end cruelty and save lives now!

A new chapter is about to start and preparations are in full swing!

The team at Tierart is preparing for Bela and Sharuk’s journey to our big cat sanctuary LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary & Lodge in South Africa.

Planning and executing a transfer is a massive logistical challenge, but important for the tigers wellbeing.

Only with your support we can send Bela and Sharuk on their final journey to a comfortable and relaxed tiger life.

Help us to give them the life they deserve and donate for their transfer http://bit.ly/BelaSharukZA

See the amazing moment that more than a dozen pelicans take flight together after being rescued and rehabilitated during Hurricane Dorian.

PETA staff rescued five of the pelicans, who were stranded—and unable to fly—on a busy bridge during the storm. The group took the birds, who had become exhausted and disoriented, to Tidewater Rehabilitation & Environmental Education (TREE) where one was treated for exposed tendons in her wing and the rest for cuts and scrapes. After recovering for a month at TREE, the pelicans—along with 12 others rescued during the storm—were released to take flight together and soar over the bay—including one pelican who circled back to make sure that all of his companions successfully took off.

Volunteer with the Animal Rescue Team

One of the most commonly asked questions for our Animal Rescue Team is, “How can I volunteer?” Our team has—and relies on—a strong network of volunteers to help us make a real difference for animals in rescue and disaster relief work. We truly depend on them to help us get this important, lifesaving work done.

One of the most common mistakes prospective volunteers make is waiting until a natural or man-made disaster strikes to begin the application process and to begin proper training and preparation for becoming an Animal Rescue Team volunteer. Unfortunately, by then, it’s too late. If you want to volunteer, it’s important to apply before a disaster. If you get everything done early, you, like our many other volunteers, will be ready to deploy when animals need our help.

I can’t speak enough to the impact people feel from saving animals in need. If you want to make a difference, this is a way to do it. I encourage you to start your application today. With hurricane season on the horizon, our team will be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice - The Humane Society of the United States