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Lionsrock, Bear Cub's first steps outside, 200 Dogs & Cats found, Crystal & Hedgehog at Rescue TV!


See The Moment This Neglected Dog Stands in the Doorway of Her New Home

Watch the joyful moment Crystal the dog begins a very different, new life. She arrives at her new home, kisses her new canine "sisters," excitedly explores the first yard she's ever had, and proudly goes on her first walk as a member of a real family who loves her. It's a huge change from how she was just weeks before, when PETA fieldworkers found her neglected in a trailer park, suffering from a massive, infected wound caused by a collar that had become embedded in her neck as she had grown.

Its that time of year, here at WAF, where we have young animals arriving left right and centre! These four young hoglets arrived after being found alone, with no sign of mum or dad. After a short time spent in one of our incubators to warm up, Maru, gave them a thorough examination along with a good dose of fluids.

Dropsaw was found locked inside the home of her owner who unexpectedly died 6 weeks prior. She was standing vigil beside him when she was discovered.

Rescued bear cub takes its first steps outside

This young cub was found on the side of the road and then kept in the filthy basement of a restaurant. After weeks of negotiations with the Kosovar Ministry of Environment, the cub is finally in our care and ready to start its new life. Please, donate and make sure the cub can forget about his stressful past and enjoy a species-appropriate environment at our BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina. Go To Rescue TV here!

Imagine the constant presence of ammonia in the air, burning your eyes, nose and lungs—and having no means of escape. That was the reality for the nearly 200 cats and dogs we rescued from an alleged neglect situation in Texas. In this approximately 1,800 square-foot residence, these animals, many of whom are tiny kittens and nursing mothers, languished in overcrowded, filthy spaces.

Now is a critical time for these animals. Many are sick and our work is far from over. Can these fragile kittens, cats and dogs, and other animals in need during this and other emergencies, count on you to help them?

Finding shelter and veterinary care for so many animals is no easy task. The animals in our temporary shelter are receiving veterinary care for upper respiratory issues and other medical conditions. Whether for the kittens packed into aquarium tanks, the cats with eyes crusted shut, the mother cats nursing in litter boxes, the injured dog struggling to walk, or other animals in need in the future, we hope you’ll consider giving a lifesaving gift today. Your help can mean the difference between life and death for vulnerable animals.

How big cats from war-zones have recovered at LIONSROCK

In recent years, FOUR PAWS had several successful emergency missions in rescuing big cats from war-torn countries such as Iraq, Gaza and Syria. In this short film, we highlight the big cats rescued from areas of conflict that now live at our LIONSROCK big cat sanctuary, to show you the remarkable improvements in their lives.