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Weekly Report about Crimes, Abuses and an overall Welfare Report! Wildlife & Animal Report!
The animals of the Gulf Coast need our help NOW!  

Emergency to evacuate vulnerable Gulf Coast animals to safety AND help stage emergency rescue efforts for immediate mobilization!

We are right this minute contacting local rescue organizations on the ground and making sure that we are here with the full generosity of Network for Animals, just as we have been counted on in the past. We all still remember the images after Hurricane Harvey - the 2017 mega-storm that was eerily like Laura.

Dogs desperately trying to hold up their heads in flood water or clinging to trees. Helpless kittens huddled together on nearly submerged, wind-ravaged rooftops.

NOW this new KILLER STORM is upon the Gulf Coast. We must act IMMEDIATELY!

Please, help animals in the path of Hurricane Laura.

This life-saving aid and assistance can ONLY happen with your support and unconditional love for ALL the animals.

We are FOREVER grateful that you’re part of the NFA family! Please help in any way. Every minute means more precious lives saved!

Animals Asia has signed an exclusive agreement with the government of Vietnam to end bear bile farming

Animals Asia has signed an exclusive agreement with the government of Vietnam to end bear bile farming in Vietnam forever and bring the remaining 500 captive bears to sanctuary. Having you on board could make all the difference for these bears. If we want to make real, lasting, positive change, the only cure is kindness.

Make a difference on #InternationalTigerDay

Caragh, FOUR PAWS South Africa Youth Ambassador, is passionate about big cats - and has a soft spot for tigers. Together with Caragh, you can play a very important role in creating change in the lives of animals such a tigers. Lobbying the government is one of the best ways to change the lives of these animals which is why FOUR PAWS, and Caragh, are urging you to add your signature https://bit.ly/PetitionsZA

Vietnam’s Cruel Cat Meat Trade

Every year in Vietnam, over one million cats, many of them stolen pets, suffer in an illicit trade fraught with incredible cruelty for their meat. FOUR PAWS and Change For Animals Foundation (CFAF) commissioned the first ever nationwide investigations into Vietnam’s cat meat trade to uncover the inner workings of the trade, the findings of which were shocking. Once a relatively small-scale and opportunistic trade localised in the North of the country, today’s cat meat trade consists of complex international and trans-provincial trading networks spanning distances of over 1,000 km, connecting holding areas to restaurants and slaughterhouses, and generating significant profits for those involved. Cat meat, referred to in Vietnamese as ‘thịt mèo’ or ‘little tiger ’, is now available throughout Vietnam, and the inherent cruelty and suffering endured by the over one million cats involved in the trade each year is immeasurable.

Dogfighter Craig Boyd

Who abused, starved, and killed dogs in gruesome dogfighting operations — and walked free after less than a year in jail, while his accomplices who procured dogs for him to abuse and kill in fights were never held accountable. As a fellow animal lover, I share your outrage at the injustice of seeing known members of dogfighting rings not being held responsible for their cruel conduct, and not being prevented from harming animals in the future.

Animal victims will not get justice until we change the law. And that means we need you.

Thanks to your record-breaking support, we have surpassed our goal of 1,000 donors to strengthen animal cruelty laws, crack down on dogfighting, and hold abusers accountable for their crimes!

Let’s see how far we can take this. Animal victims still need your support — will you give today and help us reach 1,500 donors by August 31? TAKE ACTION TO SAVE LIVES Every year, animals are abused and killed because laws are poorly written and enforced — and the violent criminals responsible often get a free pass. Existing animal protection laws must be vigorously enforced, and new, stronger protections must be established.

When you help today, you’ll make certain that everyone involved in dogfighting is held responsible for their crimes — and you’ll also help protect animals from further abuse and deter other potential abusers from harming animals.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has drafted a recommended amendment to state laws that would enable prosecutors to charge those who organize, conduct, and profit from animal fights under the respective state’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) statute.

If this measure succeeds, prosecutors would have greater power to pursue justice for dogfighting victims who are abused and killed as part of this organized criminal enterprise.

Your help will help the Animal Legal Defense Fund fight to establish comprehensive animal protection laws that will protect animals’ lives and hold abusers accountable for their crimes.

You’ll help ensure that animal abusers like dog fighters are held responsible for their crimes through prevention, intervention, prosecution, and ultimately, potent sentencing packages combining restitution to animal victims, bans on animal possession, supervised probation, and incarceration. Please stand with us in this fight – and help us push prosecutors to help end these heinous crimes today.

Moon Bear Day News

As a galaxy of global superstars, lead by German actor Louis Hofmann, comedian Ricky Gervais, pop star Mýa, actors Dame Judi Dench,, Olivia Newton John and Tzi Ma, and renowned conservationist Dame Jane Goodall, have come together to record an impassioned video calling for a reset of humanity’s relationship with nature in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis and its zoonotic origins, two baby bears have attempted to steal the limelight.

#InternationalTigerDay: This year we celebrate by welcoming Sahib and Jill to the FOUR PAWS family!

Today, we celebrate tiger conservation all over the world. Since it was first created in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, it aims to raise awareness about the need to protect this endangered species and their habitats. Now needed more than ever.

Tigers in the wild are facing extinction because of poaching, the ongoing human-wildlife conflict and habitat loss. Tigers in captivity are being intensively bred to be used for selfies, in circus shows or kept as pets, a result of a mostly unregulated global wildlife trade.

This week, we celebrate with a positive story of the two Siberian tigers being brought to the big cat centre TIERART, after a lifetime of circus performances and travels in a caravan.

The life of the two tigers from Germany 🇩🇪, where circuses and private keeping is still legal, is only one example of how tigers are raised in captivity for profit.

Sadly, the commercial trade is still legal in Europe 🇪🇺 and creates a lucrative business for people profiting off breeding them in captivity.

With about 1 600 tigers being kept in cages in Europe, and about 7 000 in the US, until we stop the demand, we won’t be able to truly protect them. We are asking the European Commission to ban the commercial and #RuthlessTrade with captive tigers.

Join us and sign here bit.ly/tiger-trade

Breaking the cycle of abandonment in Pernik
Defenders has filed a lawsuit against the National Park Service to save vulnerable bears and wolves in Alaska!

The agency's new rule would expose these animals to barbaric hunting methods, such as baiting brown bears with donuts and killing defenseless bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens. We're suing to protect Alaska's irreplaceable wildlife and to hold the National Park Service accountable for protecting wildlife – but we need your help!

Wildlife need your support now more than ever. If you can – please help in defense of bears, wolves and other imperiled species before August 31st, while your gift will be matched 2-for-1!

Our wild heritage is being pillaged before our very eyes. 

The animals we love are dying, and the laws that protect them are under attack by a hostile administration bowing to corporate special interests.

Tough times call for tough measures. That’s where our in-house legal team comes in – but we need your help! 

That’s why our Board of Directors and President’s Circle are announcing an emergency 3x match:

Give wildlife their day in court. Help protect vulnerable species by making your emergency donation to Defenders of Wildlife – and now through August 31st, your gift will be matched 2-for-1!

From gray wolves to right whales, from Arctic tundra to the desert Southwest, the nonstop destruction of wildlife and the habitat they need to survive has risen to unspeakable levels. And the very laws enacted to protect these animals are themselves under attack.

When you support Defenders, you’re empowering a passionate team of legal experts who have won in court again and again on behalf of wildlife.

But with literally dozens of lawsuits pending, our resources are spread thin.

Here are just some of the current and upcoming actions you are helping to make possible:

  • Protecting the Arctic: We’re suing to stop massive oil and gas development in the Arctic that threatens to cost polar bears, nesting migratory birds and other wildlife their lives.

  • Fighting the delisting of gray wolves: This administration is ignoring science to justify throwing all gray wolves off the Endangered Species list – but we won’t let them throw away decades of work to restore the country’s wolves.

  • Saving right whales from extinction: These critically endangered mammals are being killed by ship strikes and fishing gear entanglement. The courts are on our side, and we’re fighting to see these whales get the protections they need to survive.

Here’s the good news. When we fight, we win. Just last week we won a critical victory over the administration’s efforts to gut the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

We’ve already won multiple lawsuits to compel the Fish and Wildlife Service to do their job protecting endangered red and Mexican gray wolves.

Threatened and endangered species deserve their day in court. Help give it to them by helping in defense of wildlife!

Stop Cruel Captive Tiger Performances at Las Vegas Magic Show
Singapore Destroys Over $13 Million Worth of Ivory to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade

Members of Congress have left Washington, D.C. without addressing the root cause of global pandemics — unchecked trade of wildlife. It’s up to us to keep the pressure on to ensure legislation is introduced to tackle this critical issue.

Your senators are back home in New Jersey, so give their local office a call.

Call your senators today and ask them to take action to protect public health and wildlife.

Unchecked wildlife trade is a cause for both global pandemics and the extinction crisis. The United States must lead the fight to protect public health and the environment.

Call today to get your senators to take action to end the wildlife trade.

Emergency Legal Petition Filed with USDA to End Support for Cruel 'Depopulation' Methods

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, in coalition, filed an emergency legal petition with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to prevent COVID-19 funds and resources from facilitating or compensating for the costs of ventilation shutdown or water-based foam “depopulation” — the mass killing of animals on factory farms — and to withhold COVID-19 relief funds, resources, and any other forms of support from integrators, processors, and meatpackers that allow these “depopulation” methods.

Preliminary Injunction Granted in Favor of Plant-Based Dairy Producer Miyoko’s Creamery

After the California Department of Food and Agriculture sent Miyoko’s Creamery an enforcement letter instructing the company to stop using terms like “dairy” and “butter” on its products — even with qualifiers like “vegan” and “made with plants” — the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit. Earlier this week, a court granted a preliminary injunction allowing Miyoko’s Creamery to maintain its labeling as-is while the case proceeds.

$10,000 Reward Offered in Case of Dog Stabbing in Washington, D.C.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and Humane Rescue Alliance are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for the abandonment and stabbing of a senior-aged dog named Ladybell.

Combat Dogfighting and Save Innocent Victims Now 

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is fighting back against dogfighting by working to ensure that no one involved in exploiting and profiting from this abuse is beyond the reach of justice.

It’s an incredibly difficult crime to prosecute, and we need your help to combat it.

SIGN: Ban Cruel Fur Farms as Minks Test Positive for Coronavirus
'Tiger King' Zoo Shuts Down After USDA License Suspension
47 Dogs and Cats Adopted by US Military Service Members in Iraq Rescued and Reunited with Families
Ricky Gervais and BrewDog Are Helping Strays with New 'Street Dog' Beer

"Corporations Are People, My Friend."

Our companies are known for creating products that enhance people's lives. Through Sunset Corporation of America and its companies, we’re equally dedicated to improving lives.  Our commitment extends to helping local communities, fostering better educational systems, supporting the arts and culture, helping disadvantaged youth, protecting and improving the environment, animal welfare, wildlife issues and encouraging employee volunteerism.

The Sustainable Action Network (SAN), A Don Lichterman non-profit organization dedicated to building a global community raising awareness of corruption, injustice and the need for action across a full range of issues impacting people and animal/wildlife welfare around the world, such as conservation, climate change, campaign law, lobbying, government action and rescue work. SAN’s vision is to create safer world, free from political, environmental, and social oppression, where all the inhabitants of Earth can live in harmony within their own natural environments. Our commitment extends to helping local communities, fostering better educational systems, supporting the arts and culture, helping disadvantaged youth, protecting and improving the environment, animal welfare, wildlife issues and encouraging employee volunteerism.