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New Kaavan Footage, Raju, Kalpana, Bijli & Maya's 10th Year of Freedom is the Elephant in the Room!

This is what a happy elephant looks like!

It was certainly a complicated task, but our team has managed to build a training crate for the giant at the Islamabad Zoo. Together with his team, our vet and mission leader, Dr Amir Khalil, is now spending all his time with the world’s loneliest elephant in order to prepare him for the upcoming relocation to Cambodia.

It is already dark and difficult to see, but we still want to make sure you are a part of this milestone – Kaavan stepping foot into the sanctuary in Cambodia for the first time. After a long journey from Pakistan, he was now able to leave his transport crate and enjoyed a warm welcome with a juicy fruitcake and a banana tree leaves trail made especially for him. Tomorrow, in the daylight, we will try to capture Kaavan getting to know his new friends. We really hope he will like his new home and adapt to the new environment.

We can’t stop watching this cute video of Kaavan exploring his new spacious home in Cambodia and enjoying the enrichment made especially for him. Now he is no longer bored, and it even seems like he is smiling. Don’t you agree?

Our rescue team spent months in Islamabad to prepare for Kaavan’s transfer to Cambodia. This week we made the impossible, possible, and our hard work together with the Pakistani community, US-superstar Cher and her NGO, Free The Wild, finally paid off... what an emotional roller-coaster ride for us all! Our hopes for Kaavan are that he will be able to enjoy many years at his new home and have an elephantastic life!

After eight long years, Kaavan is finally able to interact with other elephants once again. In his new and forever home in Cambodia, he is slowly getting to know the other giants in the neighbouring enclosure. Of course, he still needs time to fully adapt to his new environment, and we can only imagine how overwhelming this time must be for him. But we are hopeful and are already seeing the positive changes in him. But our work is not over yet – we are returning to Pakistan to relocate the last animals from the Marghazar Zoo. Please keep donating for our mission...http://bit.ly/pakistan-zoo

Maya Enjoys a Jumbo Feast on her 10th Rescueversary

Our beloved Maya celebrates ten years of freedom today! Maya had spent decades being abused and forced to perform at a circus. In 2010, #WildlifeSOS rescued Maya from this cruel life so she could live a healthy and kinder one at the #ElephantConservationandCareCentre in Mathura. To celebrate her special day, organised a jumbo feast by the riverside for Maya and best best friend Phoolkali! If you would like to donate, go to : https://bit.ly/3hHfTZl Catch India's Jungle Heroes on Disney+ Hotstar! http://www.hotstar.com/1260026803

Bijli Celebrates 10 Years of Freedom with Wildlife SOS!

Bijli was a #begging elephant in Uttar Pradesh who was rescued by #WildlifeSOS in 2010. She survived a brutal road accident that left with an injured hind leg and a diffused joint, permanently affecting her gait.

With dedicated treatment, her injuries healed with time and her psychological healing was aided by the companionship of her best friends Chanchal and Laxmi.

To commemorate Bijli's 10th #rescue anniversary, our veterinarians and elephant care staff put together a ‘jumbo feast’ for Bijli and her friends!

If you would like to donate, go to : https://bit.ly/3hHfTZl

Catch India's Jungle Heroes on Disney+ Hotstar! http://www.hotstar.com/1260026803

Kalpana's Life-Changing Rescue

Kalpana spent 40 years of her life as a begging #elephant. With the dedication and support of compassionate people like you, last year Kalpana came to the #WildlifeSOS Elephant Hospital Campus for geriatric care and treatment of her chronic physical and mental injuries. Kalpana is now living a safe, peaceful, and pampered life with her new friends Holly, Karma and Zara. With your ongoing support, we can save more elephants like Kalpana who desperately need our help. If you would like to donate, go to: https://give.wildlifesos.org/page/302... Catch India's Jungle Heroes on Disney+ Hotstar! http://www.hotstar.com/1260026803

Once hopeless, Raju’s spirit has soared

After 50 years in brutal captivity, Raju the elephant had lost all hope. He had suffered decades of abuse at the end of a spiked chain around his leg. Raju’s rescue and freedom in 2014 brought him to tears, and the world cried with him. He became known as the “crying elephant.” Today Raju is living at a Wildlife SOS sanctuary, where he is undergoing treatment for his significant chronic physical and psychological injuries. Under the watchful eye of his caregivers, Raju has shown considerable improvement. But it’s Raju’s spirit that has truly soared, thanks to compassionate supporters like you.

Priyanka is safe and living in peace

Priyanka is safe and living in peace - For more than 40 years Priyanka spent her days on the busy streets begging for scraps at the hands of her cruel owner. She was forced to give rides for money, even as her feet were burned on hot pavement and her back was deformed by a heavy saddle. Losing all hope, Priyanka faced constant fear of beatings, traffic, hunger, and chains. Once she arrived at Wildlife SOS, Priyanka’s many physical injuries were treated, but the emotional damage she suffered still haunts her. Priyanka is now well cared for, is loved, and lives in peace and safety at a Wildlife SOS sanctuary, thanks to compassionate people like you. This Giving Tuesday, please support Wildlife SOS and our mission to rescue and help elephants in need. With your help we can save more elephants like Priyanka! Don’t wait, please give today! #givingtuesday

Removing Arya's Last Symbol of Slavery

Arya joined the #Wildlife SOS elephant family this past summer. The blind and traumatized #elephant has made steady progress as she becomes more comfortable with her new surroundings. The removal of her bell signifies the symbolic act of removing the remainder of Arya’s painful and brutal past, shedding the remnants of her former life as she transitions into a kinder one with us.Join us as we help Arya say goodbye to the last symbol of her harsh past. If you would like to donate towards Arya's on-going care, please visit: https://bit.ly/3hHfTZl

Elephant in the Room
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