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Non-animal Methods Now

A group of researchers in Canada are working together to create a model made of human cells that they hope will eventually lead to a treatment for COVID-19, without the use of animals. The key to understanding how the virus can spread throughout the body so quickly is to examine its effects soon after infection, but before symptoms are experienced. Researchers say this would not be possible in humans since a patient might be infected for two weeks before symptoms appear. However, by creating mini models that mimic the movement of human cells in the nose, mouth, eyes, and lungs, and then exposing them to COVID-19, researchers will be able to see how the virus works, in real time, as it invades the body. READ MORE

Join "Project Nim" Scientist to Support Humane Cure for COVID-19

Today is World Day for Animals in Laboratories! Please watch this important message from In Defense of Animals board member and "Project Nim" hero, Robert Ingersoll, who explains the urgent need for fast-moving and effective research as the COVID-19 health crisis continues. Then join with animal organizations around the world to sign our letter to support the scientists using animal-free research to find treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19! WATCH VIDEO

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, China banned the transport and sale of wild animals.

Reportedly, this move has stalled China’s own primate research, as well as blocked access for U.S. laboratories to obtain monkeys. According to a pro-animal research industry group, 80 percent of primates imported into the U.S. for use in research are from China. However, it is difficult to assess how this will affect primate research in the U.S. because the government operates several primate breeding centers. READ MORE

Pregnant Rabbits Force-Fed Chemicals and Killed

Experimenters find rabbits easy to handle and confine because of their mild temperament, so they subject them to lives filled with pain and fear in laboratories. Find out what pregnant rabbits go through in experiments, and add your name to PETA's action alerts to help them. Help Rabbits

The wonderful people who care for animals in sanctuaries can’t stay safe at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The animals need them, and they need us.

Help honor the people who care for animals in sanctuaries.

Over the past four decades, AAVS has supported sanctuaries that care for animals formerly used in research. It’s always rewarding when we hear that the chimps, monkeys, and other animals enjoy their new homes, make new friends, and grow more healthy and confident.

However, all of that positive progress would not be possible without the special people whom the animals see every day, who get to know their individual needs and preferences, and who help make the animals’ lives better.

Both staff and volunteers endure long shifts, tiring labor, extreme weather conditions, and sometimes dangerous situations, and they do so with patience, dedication, and a lot of love. Caregivers deal with everything, and truly are the unsung heroes of sanctuaries!

Please express appreciation for sanctuary animal caregivers with a special gift today.

Because of the ongoing crisis, animal sanctuaries are not able to conduct normally scheduled events such as open houses and visitor days, which are lost opportunities to engage and educate the public, and attract sponsors. This is why it is so important to help them now.

AAVS promises to donate 100% of all funds raised today to honor the staff of sanctuaries that need help covering gaps in their budget, now.

Through your generous support, AAVS has been able to award over $2.5 million in grants to worthy sanctuaries over the years. But they have never needed our support more.

Beagle Freedom Project

These beagles were born into slavery - ripped from their mothers at just mere weeks of age and then sold to animal testing. They have never had a puppyhood, toys, a warm cuddle or a loving touch….

But you can help us get them to the United States and into homes that will give them a new life: A life of love, abundant toys and treats, warmth and best of all, the chance to be a real dog!

Monkey Strangled to Death in California Lab

A federal complaint has alleged that a research monkey in California was found strangled to death in 2018. The USDA complaint details a monkey’s death in a Sorrento Valley laboratory. The company alleges the monkey was strangled by his cage mate.

Details were released by animal rights group Stop Animal Exploitation Now. The company behind the testing, BTS Research, wrote an internal report that the monkey was found dead in his cage and was found by staff on a Sunday morning in August 2018.


The internal report said, “The squeeze forward was activated to full range and the animal was trapped between the squeeze bar and door. Necropsy showed bruising on the legs and lower abdomen from trying to free himself, otherwise no significant findings that would have caused death.”

Stop Animal Exploitation Now sent the report to the USDA for their review. The USDA urged BTS Research to “construct and maintain” facilities to prevent further issues. BTS denies the claims, saying in a statement, “Even when unfortunate incidents happen such as the one with the monkey that was found dead due to his mate actuating the pull mechanism of the cage, BTS Research followed the regulations set forth by the USDA and self-reported the incident.”

Stop Animal Exploitation Now filed a federal complaint against the company, urging the USDA with a statement, “What are you waiting for? Must more primates be killed or abused before the USDA takes action?”

Animal testing is unethical scientific research. Much of the testing is found to be ineffective, as 95% of drugs that pass animal tests fail on humans. The world is moving in the right direction as Companies stand up for animals. The USDA made a decision to eliminate some mammalian testing by 2025.

Sign this petition to end animal testing and learn more about How to Cut Animal Testing Out of Your Life.

Animal Testing-animal testing is a major problem. 

About 1,438,553 animals [Notincluding rats, mice and other small animals] are killed in testing each year!  These tests are cruel and in-humane.  Animals are often taken form streets or bought from shelters to become test subjects!  Just think, you could looseyour petone day and find out the animal shelter sold him/her to testers!  The tests preformed are extremely cruel. And we fund them.

Many tax dollars go to these cruel companies to make animal tests happen. we need to reduce the amount of animal tests going on, if not get rid of tests for good.

The Leaping Bunny Program, managed by AAVS, has recently posted its most up-to-date listing of cruelty-free companies, including those that have successfully completed its annual recommitment process.

By requiring companies to recommit to being cruelty-free in order to keep their certification, Leaping Bunny provides the most reliable and trustworthy list of companies that don’t test on animals. READ MORE

Download PDF • 4.60MB
Stop Animal Testing - Animal Testing Weekly Updates

Dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, mice, rats, and many other animals are being cut open, burned, poisoned, and killed in cruel and archaic experiments.

Animal testing is a major problem. About 1,438,553 animals [Not including rats, mice and other small animals] are killed in testing each year!  

These tests are cruel and in-humane.  

Animals are often taken form streets or bought from shelters to become test subjects! 

Just think, you could loose your pet one day and find out the animal shelter sold him/her to testers! 

The tests preformed are extremely cruel. And we fund them.

Many tax dollars go to these cruel companies to make animal tests happen. we need to reduce the amount of animal tests going on, if not get rid of tests for good.

But today, you can do twice as much to help end their suffering.

Please help the PETA "Stop Animal Testing" challenge today and sign the Petition to Stop Animal Testing at once!

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