• Don Lichterman

On The Rampage w/ Don Lichterman, Blocking Vote-At-Home, Whale Jail, Wine Cave & 1st New Years show!

On The Rampage w/ Don Lichterman talks about the so called word, 'irregardless', the Vote-At-Home/Absentee Ballot & Voter Suppression Tactic being used by people in the GOP, along with announcing the the 2019 Grants issued by the AAVS, Angry Trump, Flipping 4 Seats in Senate, Susan Collins, andthe first I ever agreed with Donald J. Trump when he says at his latest rally that 'there is no nothing' about the impeachment...How Trump News/Fox News reports on Trump's best lines at his rally....

How an American counsel of some sort reports that activism could harm businesses and in essence the economy and then talks about his first new years show ever back in 82/83, how non human primate & animal testing cannot replicate human disease, Phish Riviera Maya 2020 is officially sold out.

Also, Animal Testing Weekly is today along with A Whale of a Week, Dolphin Outlook 10 Facts about Rodney Reed's Case You Should Know today's Death Penalty Focus while 10 Orcas and 87 Beluga's are released from that Russia 'Whale Jail'.

And, Evangelicals defend trump after Christianity Today calls for job, Liz Warren and Pete Buttigieg's unecessary excahnge atthe democratic debate last week, something about $900 bottles of wine Parties and a Wine Cave full of Crystals whatever that means...

Last, AmazonSmile yearly totals with the Animal legal defense Fund, behind the cameras at Morning Joe and the newly released letters about the Ukraine withholding military aid...

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