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On The Rampage w/ Don Lichterman, Facebook, Rams Lose again, Elephants, Redistricting, Plastic, Guns

On The Rampage w/ Don Lichterman talks about the (Los Angeles) Rams losing again, Trump's $5,000,000 spent using Facebook Ads to spread lies and Facebook allows it, Liz Warren's Facebook ad with a False Claim to make that point, Phish Big Announcement this Week, Fighting Plastic from Melbourne to Margate, Steel Panther at the TLA & the JGB at the Ardmore this week, Emily V at Care2, 'Fox & Friends' & Gov. Scott Walker pushing Gerrymandering & Redistricting on National level now and Wisconsin style, Between the Lines, the Trey Anastasio Documentary Film, Gun Safety, 55 Elephants Die Daily, Bronx Zoo, Jasmine, CITES & 28,801 Signatures in the Elephant in the Room!

And, the Toast For Tusks, a Brunch to Save Elephants is this week on October 20th while 55 wild elephants are dying every day in Africa!




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