• Don Lichterman

On The Rampage w/ Don Lichterman, Paul McCartney, World Series, What's App, Sunset, European Union!

On The Rampage w/ Don Lichterman asks whether all visiting teams can win in this year's World Series, today's impeachment hearing is with White House aid that listened to July 25th conversation, What's App helps Trump's family and people skate by FBI and its Russian probe, Quid Pro Quo, Getting autographs growing up or lack thereof, meeting Jerry (Garcia), detainment, T.R.A.P.P.

Sunset Artist of the Week is Mista Latex, including special guests Mr. Z, Bre-Z (from the hit TV show, 'Empire'), YK, Kim V, BadNewz, T-Woodz, Chivas Kimber, Meo, Wayne-C, Tnaj, Kim V, Teja Moore, YK, Money and more...

Paul McCartney Is 'Looking for Changes', BUILD IT! & animal testing laws in the European Union...Paul McCartney Is 'Looking for Changes' to Come for Animals Suffering in Labs

Sunset TV & the Sunset Daily News, “Unprecedented” Protests Rage Across Lebanon as People Demand PM’s Resignation and End to Austerity, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with a "rigorous, aggressive" plan to end housing segregation, Zucked: Early Facebook Investor Roger McNamee on How the Company Became a Threat to Democracy, GOP Lawmakers Disrupt Impeachment Hearing As More Damaging Details Emerge About Trump’s Misconduct, Democracy Now!



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