• Don Lichterman

On The Rampage w/ Don Lichterman, Show Dilemma, Trump's Syria/Turkey Circular Logic, Hunter Biden!

On The Rampage w/ Don Lichterman asks why cops are walking into people's houses and killing the people that live there, and his dilemma with regard to seeing what music the week of and after Halloween...

Nat Cressman is playing with James casey the same weekend as Dead & Co at Hampton in Virginia and/or do we go to the Dead & Co on Halloween in NYC at the Garden or do we see Tiesto at the Premier Club in Atlantic City with Umphrey's McGee playing at the Fillmore in Philly, the Dead & Co playing Nassau on Long Island the same night (day one of Nassau) as when The Last Waltz opens its tour at the Capitol Theatre in Portchester, New York...(FYI, another antidote is that I have never been to the Cap Theatre yet)...

Kurdish, Rojava and how Trump unilaterally pulls out of Northern Syria making that decision urduran only to now wanting to impose sanctions while trying to mediate in between the Turk's and the Kurds...which is maddening circular logic at its worst....

Hunter Biden speaks out in an interview just posted on ABC News.

The debate tonight for the Democratic Party Primary debate features 20 Candidates, the most in Debate History!

My niece and nephew and I were singing The Final Harrah by Kasvot Vaxt and Phish at dinner and the big Phish announcement looks like its about an Oysterhead reunion (Trey Anastasio (Phish), Stewart Copeland (The Police) & Les Claypool (Primus))...The Top 10 sellers in the Vending Lot over the last week include popular brands like Hot Wheels, Pokemon, The Office and more...The Island Dancehall Party CD is featured at SSM while Han Drabur isd named the Sunset artist of the week and a new track listened to by Josiah 'Teddy' Kinlock who is at the International Cultural Festival in the Bahamas this week!

Animal Testing Weekly, Michigan's HB 5090, Echo, Double Trouble, "Stop Animal Testing', Freedom Fest

Live Jam 107, the world's first and only 'all live' radio formatted station is the best ever and a ton of Sunset Daily News at Sunset TV!