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On The Rampage w/ Don Lichterman, Terps, Joe Biden, MDMA, Studio 54, Madonna, Pee Wee Herman, MTV

On The Rampage w/ Don Lichterman & the new University of Maryland Practice facility, Martha Graham Cracker, Petitions to NJ Representative Andy Kim, Particle & Sound Tribe Sector Nine (STS9)...

Joe Biden finally speaks out against Trump and for the Impeachment Inquiry (and how he should have been out sooner), and then the Unilateral move made by Donald J. Trump in Syria and with the Kurds is heartbreaking as Turkey unleashes air strikes and the Ukraine Situation stinks of Russian money...

Recipe of the Week is a Fall Time Recipe of the Week with Marco Borges, Pasta Puttanesca & Pumpkin Puree...Sunset Music Supervision in store play count along with this week's License Requests and the animal and welfare report includes Maggie Q, Trophy Hunting and the Asshole of the Week!

Studio 54 seeing Madonna lip sync and also going to Limelight, Danceteria and the Underground back in 1983!

Tray Anastasio Band announces January tour, Natalie...I mean Nat Cressman, Jenn Hartswick and new man crush on guy on sax in Trey band, the three (3) for two (2) (and 2 times the two (2) for (1))...

First time doing MDMA, Bobby (Bob) Lowe, Judd Nelson, & finding Ally Sheedy along with the Pee Wee Herman: Pee Wee's Adventures Movie Premier, the second MTV 2nd Anniversary Party with David Lee Roth, Apollonia, Anthony Michael Hall, St. Elmo's Fire at the University of Maryland back in 1985/1986!




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