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PA Game Commission, International Wildlife Slaughter Council & NOW: We're Taking A New Step Forward!

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Did you know the Department of the Interior created an advisory panel called the International Wildlife Slaughter Council?

That’s not really its name—although it might as well be. You see, the group’s actual name—the International Wildlife Conservation Council—is incredibly deceptive. The council consists of celebrity and professional trophy hunters, a director of the National Rifle Association, and the president of the world’s largest trophy hunting group.

And it’s precisely because of assaults on wildlife like these that we need you to renew your membership to the Humane Society Legislative Fund right away.

At a recent meeting, council members—like the head of an organization that has filed applications to import body parts of at-risk animals such as elephants, black rhinos, and lions—ranted and railed against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for not issuing enough permits to import endangered and threatened species killed outside of the U.S.

They actually argued—with straight faces—that trophy hunting protects wildlife.

If we are going to continue to fight threats like the “Conservation” Council and Get Political for Animals, we need you by our side. Please renew your 2020 HSLF membership today!

Whether it’s trophy hunting, puppy mills, or cosmetic testing on animals, we—you and I—can end these barbaric practices and create a more humane society.

Following a nearly month-and-a-half long investigation, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has charged two Brookville teenagers who recorded themselves brutally torturing and killing a deer and posted the videos on social media.

Suspects Alexander Brock Smith, 18, and a 17-year-old minor each face two felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty, two felony counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated animal cruelty, and numerous misdemeanor and summary counts, according to an official Pennsylvania Game Commission press release.

Footage of the barbaric attack, which surfaced online last month, depicts two teenagers repeatedly kicking and striking the terrified buck as he tries desperately to flee. The culprits are also seen stepping on the deer’s neck, stomping on his head, and ripping off one of his antlers, all while laughing throughout their disturbing acts.

The videos went viral, sparking outrage among activists and prompting demands for authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.

A Lady Freethinker petition urging Jefferson County District Attorney Jeff Burkett to call for a major intervention to prevent the suspects from harming any more animals garnered over 29,500 signatures. Thank you to everyone who signed and supported this ongoing case.

To those who haven’t, signatures are still necessary. It is imperative that these men’s sentences include intensive intervention and psychological therapy to ensure they don’t grow up to be serial animal abusers. Please, sign to push for a strong prosecution.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission launched an investigation immediately after learning about the videos. Both defendants allegedly confirmed that they were hunting together on a Jefferson County property owned by Smith’s family on the day of the incident in question, the agency’s press release stated.

Smith was released on a $50,000 unsecured bail. If convicted, he faces possible incarceration and up to $15,000 in fines.

The other teen’s case will be handled in juvenile court.

PETA has been alerted to a shocking video, which was apparently posted to Snapchat, depicting a male abuser repeatedly and forcefully kicking a young downed deer in the head as the animal flails in distress.

This is how this chinchilla and millions more are killed for their fur. They sliced him open & peeled off his fur, leaving just a lifeless tiny body. The noise he makes as he gets electrocuted is absolutely heartbreaking. WHY does @Nordstrom STILL sell fur?! https://investigations.peta.org/russi...

These dogs were shivering from being tied outside in freezing temperatures. Make sure this doesn’t happen in your community by helping to get a law passed to ban tethering. Help These Dogs Who Spend Their Entire Lives Trapped on Short Chains

Ever wondered why PETA holds naked demos? Or why we bought SeaWorld shares? Find out with Lisa Lange, Senior Vice President of Communications and Ashley Fronhert, Senior Social Media Manager.

Stop Mass Animal Trapping at Terranea Resort! According to a recently filed lawsuit, California's Terranea Resort and Spa in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, has engaged in a monstrous wild animal trapping and killing campaign. Terranea Resort claims to be an "eco-resort" with "the utmost reverence for its native environment," yet the suit alleges that the resort mercilessly killed and/or illegally relocated raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and skunks. Take action now to stop Terranea's death sentence for its local animals! ACT NOW

Tell Bull Riding Sponsors: Don't Support Animal Cruelty! Help us stop the Professional Bull Rider's Iron Cowboy bull riding competition on February 8 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Please join us and fellow activist efforts to cancel this violent, dangerous, and deadly competition before anyone else gets hurt! ACT NOW

A PETA eyewitness exposé of a former Canada Goose down supplier reveals that workers rounded up panicked geese, grabbing and carrying them by the neck, as they struggled with their entire weight hanging from their necks, and crammed them into densely packed cages for transport to slaughter. After a trip from the farm to the slaughterhouse lasting over five hours, the geese watched, terrified, as others right in front of them were shackled and killed—until it was their turn. While Canada Goose insists that it no longer used this farm to source its feathers at the time of the investigation, the treatment of animals uncovered should cause great concern and reveals that there’s absolutely no such thing as ethical down—despite what Canada Goose claims. The best way to help geese suffering right now is not to buy anything containing down. Canada Goose could easily ditch down today—urge the company to do just that!

Remember when Aunt Hilda made the Dark Lord a vegetable pie? That’s the lovely, veg Lucy Davis at work! WATCH to learn more about the actor and animal advocate!

New Billboard Sends the Message: Horseracing Kills. Lady Freethinker (LFT), in collaboration with Horseracing Wrongs, is spreading awareness through a new billboard in the heart of Los Angeles about the cruelty and senseless deaths involved in the profit-driven racing industry

The billboard, made possible by the generous support of Mark Matyazic, is sending a clear message to thousands of people each day: horseracing kills.

At the nearby Santa Anita Racetrack, horses are dying at an alarming rate, as trainers and jockeys work them to death. Just last weekend, three horses died in three days at this track of horrors.

Forcing horses to sacrifice their lives for "sport" is barbaric and inhumane. LFT will continue to fight for these innocent animals until Santa Anita, and all racetracks across the country, are shut down for good. You can help by signing our petition.

Ban Wild Animal Ownership to Prevent More Suffering!

Tigers in birdcages. This may seem like the beginning of a riddle; for six tigers in Ukraine, unfortunately, it was their life until they were discovered and rescued.

Sign the petition and demand that Ukraine change its laws so that no more wild animals can be kept in captivity and possibly meet the same cruel fate!

When rescuers were alerted to the presence of six tigers trapped in ramshackle aviaries on an abandoned club's property, they were not prepared for the sad scene they found.

Crammed into tiny spaces without an inch of clean, dry area, these big cats were starving. They were also dying of thirst, which led them to drink from puddles on the ground — puddles consisting mostly of mud and their own excrement.

These tigers were only found because they were screaming day and night, keeping neighbors awake. The Tiger Club, located Vodnikov Island in Kiev, had fallen into disuse, and its owner apparently fled abroad, although no one is quite sure where.

What this club owner did was abhorrent, but it begs the larger question: why were these poor, wild animals allowed to be kept in captivity at all? Under current Ukrainian law, it is completely legal to cage and keep a wild animal under the "right" conditions.

No condition is the "right" one for a wild animal in captivity! These poor tigers just barely escaped a slow, painful death. Ukraine must not allow these circumstances ever to repeat.

Please add your voice in the fight for Ukraine's wild animals. Sign the petition and ask the Parliament of Ukraine to make it illegal to own a captive, wild animal!

URGENT: We’ve filed a lawsuit against Southern California puppy sellers, the Kenneys, for an illegal puppy trafficking scheme. We need your help to stop the suffering endured by victims like Winnie:

Winnie never weighed more than a pound. The pup was sold to a newlywed couple who replied to an online ad for an 8-week-old mini-labradoodle. The couple paid $1,200 for Winnie, whom they were thrilled to add to their new family.

The Kenneys said Winnie was 8 weeks old and fully vaccinated — but the couple soon learned that Winnie was only 4 weeks old, had been dyed brown with hair dye, and had not been vaccinated. Winnie died just weeks after the couple brought her home, from a disease she contracted because the Kenneys had not provided her the vaccines they said she had received. She never had a chance.

Our lawsuit alleges that the Kenneys defrauded consumers in Southern California by misrepresenting the health, age, sex, and breed of puppies they sold via Craigslist and other internet sites. They’ve faked the puppies’ immunization records and tried to hide the truth. Many of the puppies have died mere days after purchase.

These puppy traffickers have reaped enormous profits, while the puppies suffer terribly. Families tricked into buying the sick, underage puppies are devastated by their dogs’ sickness and deaths and saddled with huge veterinary bills.

The Kenneys have been perpetrating this scheme for years — and we intend to put an end to their cruel and illegal practices. Like all that we do, these efforts depend on you! Please make a lifesaving gift today to protect innocent animals and ensure justice is served for dogs like Winnie.

And remember, the vast majority of puppies sold online and in pet stores come from puppy mills — so please don’t buy them and don’t support this cruel industry.

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