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After the last four years, it’s never been clearer that the lives of millions of animals in the United States and beyond depend on the kind of leaders we elect.

We need to elect people who will put the needs of wildlife ahead of the cruel desires of trophy hunters, who will put the safety of innocent dogs above the bank accounts of puppy mill profiteers, and who will restore the bipartisan spirit of public servants advancing the cause of animal welfare.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be those leaders. HSLF urgently needs your support to power all of our efforts to elect pro-animal leaders and advocate for critical animal protection policies—can you make a gift today?

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have established themselves as good faith actors in sponsoring and supporting animal protection legislation through the years, and it’s easy to endorse them straight up on the basis of their individual records.

But that’s not the only reason we endorsed them. We made that decision because over the past four years, the general policies of our federal government have been truly challenging for animals.

Throughout that time, we pushed the Trump administration to embrace the long-standing bipartisan consensus on animal welfare and protection, but they failed to do so in many pivotal areas. And if such a compromised approach were to continue, untold numbers of animals will surely pay the price. We refuse to let that happen, and we know that Biden and Harris will do the same.

Let’s work together to make sure they win in November. Give an animal-protecting gift to HSLF today so we can elect the pro-animal leaders in the White House and Congress that our nation so desperately needs and continue our critical work protecting animals year-round.

Vote for Pro-Animal Candidates! Visit Our Endorsement Site

Animals only win when humane candidates do. And humane candidates only win when YOU take a stand for animals at the polls.

We know you’re a reliable voter—that’s why we wanted to share our endorsement site with you. This easy tool lets you see who we’ve endorsed, based on their animal-welfare record, so you know who to vote for this election. And while we’ve been rolling out our endorsements all year, we wanted you to have them all in one place.

See our full list of endorsements!

At HSLF, we’re getting political for animals by ensuring that animals have a voice in the White House, the halls of Congress, and in state legislatures by turning out the vote for pro-animal candidates.

Our endorsement site is the most effective tool you need to find and vote for candidates who share your values when it comes to animal protection.

So, please check out our endorsement site, share with your friends and family, and vote for pro-animal candidates in this election.

Remember—animals only win when humane candidates do, so vote humane this Election Day!

New Law Tightens Loophole That Let California Pet Stores Keep Selling Puppy Mill Dogs

We celebrated a huge victory for animals when California became the first state in the nation to ban pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits unless they came from rescues and shelters. Unfortunately, pet stores quickly found a loophole in the law and have been importing mill dogs from out of state. Now, however, thanks to lawmakers and everyone who took action on our alert, that loophole has finally been closed with the passage of Bella’s Act!  

Thousands of animal companions are killed in California shelters every year — costing taxpayers a quarter of a billion dollars annually — while commercial breeders, otherwise known as puppy and kitten mills, continue to mass produce more and more to meet the demand for puppies and kittens.

State lawmakers acted to end this vicious cycle by passing the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act, which banned pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits who didn’t come from rescues or shelters as of January 1, 2019.

It was a huge win for animal companions, but retailers almost immediately found a loophole and started importing dogs from puppy mills in other states to sell — sometimes for thousands of dollars.

In an effort to protect these animals and close this loophole, Assemblyman Todd Gloria introduced Bella’s Act (AB 2152).

This legislation upholds the ban on retail sales of dogs, cats and rabbits, while still allowing stores to partner with rescues and shelters for adoption events. However, it caps adoption fees at $500, and removes profit incentives for stores to skirt the law by preventing them from taking any compensation from adoption transactions, or for the use of their stores for holding adoption events.

Supporters hoped that this bill would finally close California’s door to the puppy mill pipeline, and now we’re celebrating another huge success — Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Bella’s Act into law in September.

Now, not only will this new law save the lives of countless animals in need of homes and reduce the demand for more from breeders, it will help protect consumers, and relieve taxpayers.

Maryland has since become the second state to pass a ban like this, while both small and large stores across the U.S. that have adopted this type of humane business model have proven it can be successful. We hope more states continue to follow California’s progressive lead and act to protect animal companions with similar legislation.

To learn more about how you can help, check out our Puppy Mills campaign.

Wildlife Refuge or Bombing Range

As the largest wildlife refuge in the lower 48 states, the Desert National Wildlife Refuge (DNWR) protects 320 bird species, 35 reptile species (including the federally threatened Desert Tortoise), 4 amphibian species and 52 mammal species, including the Desert Bighorn Sheep. And we need your help, right now, to protect it from senseless destruction.

And the DNWR also protects rich cultural history—from petroglyphs and pictographs to rock shelters and agave roasting pits. The Refuge boasts historic 1800s wagon roads, hiking and backpacking trails, dunes and springs.

But, despite the DNWR's contributions to biological diversity, indigenous and emigrant history, and recreational tourism, Donald Trump and allies like Rep. Rob Bishop want to turn 1.2 million acres of the Refuge into an Air Force bombing range. 

Their plans would compromise critical wildlife habitat, remove public recreational access and disrespect centuries of indigenous coexistence with this wholly inappropriate expansion. It's sickening.

We have one last chance to save the Refuge—and it's in the National Defense Authorization Act, scheduled to go into conference in Congress any day now. The House-passed version of the bill contains protections for the Refuge; the Senate's does not, and time is frankly running out.

Please, rush your monthly membership gift right now to help us in all of our vital work to protect wild spaces—and ensure the final Defense package conserves this vital wildlife sanctuary for future generations and get a FREE gift.

There's absolutely no reason to turn this huge swath of land—which is largely untouched by humans—over to the military. The Air Force already has a Testing and Training Range adjacent to the Refuge, and similar lands exist nearby. Destroying the last untrammeled public lands within the DNWR is short-sighted, reckless, and dangerous to the sheep and numerous other wildlife that depend on the Refuge for habitat, reproduction and general species health.

Please, help us save the Desert National Wildlife Refuge from road construction, warfare simulation and massive losses to Nevada's economy with your monthly membership gift now and get a FREE Trail Cooler Tote.

Thank you in advance for helping us to protect the best remaining undisturbed example of a diverse Mojave desert/mountain ecosystem. These last, irreplaceable wild places can't save themselves—we need your help to win these all-important fights.

Janis Dardaris, an actress who’s appeared in “The Sopranos” says a man fatally beat one of her dogs and nearly killed the other one, according to the New York Post.

Dardardis left her two Maltese dogs, Frankie and Alex, with a dog sitter in Manhattan while she filmed a play in South Carolina, she told the Post. She alleges that her dog sitter’s boyfriend, Vincent Tang, “savagely beat Alex to death … then took Frankie to the roof of [Dardaris’] building, where he sadistically tortured Frankie for several minutes by punching, throwing, chasing, and kicking the defenseless dog multiple times,” according to a lawsuit recently filed.

Tang then brought Frankie, 12, back to her apartment, “where he left him to die,” the court papers say.

See Dardaris’ dogs, below:

“Why did you go into my apartment and do that? I want answers. It’s unimaginable to me that something like that could happen and that someone could do that and create such pain and grief in someone’s life,” Dardaris said.

“I couldn’t possibly imagine somebody doing that to a completely innocent creature,” Dardaris’ lawyer Robert Cannata told the outlet. “These are 4- or 5-pound little white fluff balls — as innocent as innocent gets. We want answers and we want him to have to justly compensate her for all the pain and anguish he has done to her,” Cannata said.

Read more recent animal news in One Green Planet about including the animal shelter that threw an epic birthday party for one of its dogs, Dennis Quaid the cat’s new owner, another dog’s bucket listthis rescue kitten’s jaw was fixed with buttons, and the sweet rescue husky with an untreatable tumor and big personality!

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Safari Club Cancels 2021 Hunting Convention

Safari Club International announced that they were canceling their 2021 convention, in a big win for animal rights activists! According to the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International, the event is an opportunity for auctioning off hunts to kill animals.

Kitty Block, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States shared the following statement via email, “The cancellation of the SCI 50th anniversary convention will save thousands of wild animals from needless, reckless killing by trophy hunters. This event sells and auctions off trophy hunts to an elite group of members who enjoy killing lions, giraffe, rhino, bears, crocodile and dozens of other species for bragging rights and souvenirs.

The convention does nothing but celebrate the killing of rare and magnificent animals, and should be cancelled forever Last year hunts to kill over 860 animals were auctioned off while close to 900 exhibitors from 34 countries brokered and booked thousands of trips to kill wildlife all over the world. 

The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International have been targeting SCI and this convention for years. Our undercover investigations revealed not only an environment of pure cruelty and disregard for iconic wildlife, but also illegal activity and practices that even go against the club’s own rules. For far too long SCI has chosen profits and bragging over conservation, ethics and the law, while attempting to convince the public that the display of thousands of dead animal trophies, parts and products is somehow beneficial to conservation.”

See footage from last year’s convention, below:

Source: The Humane Society of the United States/Youtube

Sign this petition to ban trophy hunting in the United States! Ban trophy hunting in the United States...Click Here...

Get Justice for Champ, a Dog Who Was Intentionally Starved as a Petty Act of Revenge

Champ was on the brink of death when he was found by authorities in South Carolina. He had been intentionally starved by a woman who was trying to get back at her ex-boyfriend, who was Champ’s guardian. While Champ has recovered and now has a loving home, his abuser has yet to face the consequences of her heartless act of cruelty. Now, we’re calling for justice on his behalf. ACT NOW...

Elizabeth Jena James chained Champ in her yard and watched him slowly starve for an entire month because she was reportedly angry at her ex-boyfriend for leaving her. A tip led authorities from the Laurens County Sheriff's Office to Champ, and when he was found, the Mastiff-mix weighed only about 50 pounds — about half of his healthy body weight.

His skeletal body was infested with maggots and hookworms, and he needed multiple blood transfusions.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC heard about his plight and was able to immediately take him in. They raised funds to cover the cost of his medical care and helped him start over in an entirely new life. Champ's had a long road to recovery, but he's since been adopted into a loving home where he is adored.

James, on the other hand, has yet to be held accountable for her sickeningly petty and callous act of cruelty.

She was arrested and bonded out in 2018, but a grand jury later indicted her on felony animal cruelty charges. She's now facing a minimum of 180 days in jail, with a potential maximum of five years, and a fine of up to $5,000, in line with South Carolina's animal abuse laws.

Join us in calling on Eighth Circuit Court Solicitor David M. Stumbo, asking him to seek the maximum penalties for James. She sat back and did nothing, while watching Champ slowly and painfully waste away to nothing but skin and bones in her yard. This is unforgivable and inexcusable; James needs to be held accountable for this vengeful act. And of equal importance, no animal should ever be left in her deficient care ever again.

Submit our alert to deliver your comments to:

  • Eighth Circuit Court Solicitor David M. Stumbo

People, Vice, the Daily Mail, LADbible and other media outlets have all recently covered a Lady Freethinker investigation of Nakwon Auction House in Namyangju, likely the largest remaining dog meat auction in S. Korea. Their readers were appalled by the cruelty, and we know you are too. 

Now that you know the truth, we know you won't stand by and let terrified dogs be auctioned off to end up on a dinner plate. If you haven't yet, sign the petition now to shut the auction down.

SIGN THE PETITION - Nakwon Auction House is a nightmare, a true living hell, for dogs. 

  • More than 200 dogs were auctioned off like objects, instead of the breathing, feeling, highly social and intelligent creatures they are.

  • Terrified dogs whimpered and cried as they were poked with a metal hook. 

  • Dogs suffer from beginning to end—they're kept in cramped, dirty cages and often killed through torturous methods, like hanging and electrocution.

Sign the petition to shut down Nakwon for good. Our local partner, Save Korean Dogs, will hand-deliver it to Namyangju Mayor Cho Kwang-Han and urge him to make the compassionate choice and end the slaughter.

Canada Goose: Stop Misleading Consumers and Ditch Fur and Down for Good!

Despite recent announcements about switching to "reclaimed" fur and "responsible down," Canada Goose continues to profit from the maiming and killing of innocent animals for fashion. The company's changes are merely a ploy to silence animal advocates who demand the end of the cruel and outdated fur trade. Tell Canada Goose we are not fooled and want all animal cruelty eliminated from its products!

In 2019, nearly 10,000 supporters signed our alert to demand Canada Goose ditch fur and goose down. Canada Goose has since announced that it will stop purchasing fur acquired from freshly killed coyotes, and will instead buy "reclaimed" fur for the trim on its parkas. This change is set to take effect in 2022.

Canada Goose has been targeted by many animal protection organizations for years. So, what are the motives behind the company's transition to used fur? Has Canada Goose finally realized that ripping the skins from animals' bodies is ethically unacceptable and the future of fashion is sustainable and animal-friendly? We don't think so.

In 2016, Canada Goose said in a statement, "We understand and respect that some people think animal products should never be used in any consumer products, however we do not share that view." CEO Dani Reiss said the recent switch is unrelated to public pressure to eliminate fur.

To steal the fur from innocent coyotes, trappers hide steel-jawed traps which slam down on coyotes' bodies. They are left to bleed, starve, or freeze to death, terrified and alone. Some animals try to chew off their own limbs in a futile attempt to escape. If the coyotes survive until the trapper returns, they are clubbed, stomped, or shot to death, and their fur is ripped from their bodies, processed with harmful chemicals, and turned into fur trim.

This gruesome process occurs whether the fur is new or if the fur is "reclaimed." Canada Goose's continued use of animal fur only perpetuates the brutal fur trade. Additionally, consumers won't know won't know if the fur they are buying is actually second-hand, or if the fur is from a freshly killed animal sold to Canada Goose as "used." Both new and used fur are the products of immense animal suffering, and the result is the same: dead animals.

Goose down, the fluffy feathers found underneath the quills of body feathers, is plucked from bodies after slaughter and used as jacket filling. The company's goose down suppliers transport the birds in cramped cages, where they are often crushed and suffocated under the weight of other terrified geese, unable to spread their wings or move. The farming industry profits twice off of these poor animals by selling their bodies for meat and their downy feathers for clothing and bedding.

Canada Goose has also announced it will source down only from farms that adhere to the Responsible Down Standard, which prohibits the agonizing processes of plucking feathers from live birds and force-feeding ducks.

Do not be fooled by Canada Goose's recent attempts to quiet activists. The company is gaslighting consumers to get them to believe that the blatant exploitation of animals is somehow acceptable when it calls fur "reclaimed," or if ducks are maimed and killed by slightly less painful methods. Canada Goose has not changed its stance on animal abuse; it is attempting to profit from it by calling it another name. This is unacceptable.

1. Call 1-888-276-6297, select your preferred language and press #1 for general inquiries. You may use the following script:

"Please commit to eliminating all animal fur and goose down from your products by using faux fur and synthetic goose down instead. I can't in good conscience support the horrific treatment of animals for fashion, whether old or new, or if made by methods slightly less barbaric."

2. Send a Tweet:

Please eliminate all animal #fur & goose #down from your products.

"Reclaimed" fur is still just as cruel, & impossible to verify & acquire in the amount necessary. I can't in good conscience support the horrific treatment of #animals for fashion, new or old. @canadagoose

Submit our alert to deliver your comments to: Canada Goose CEO Dani Reiss

Justice is Served for Animal Abuser Posing as Rescuer in Mississippi

While we’re working toward a world where all animals are treated with kindness and respect, we’re also advocating heavily for animal victims of abuse. Now, we’re applauding the outcome of the trial of Miranda Kittrell who starved and neglected 39 dogs while posing as the operator of a rescuer organization. She was among the first in Mississippi to be charged for animal cruelty after penalties for hurting animals were increased with the passage of SB 2658.

Kittrell, who claimed to be an animal rescuer, was the subject of a search warrant executed by the Jones County Sheriff’s Department (JCSD) in August. Aided by Southern Pines Animal Shelter, law enforcement removed 39 starved and dehydrated dogs from conditions they described as “heartbreaking,” in what was Kittrell’s third offense related to neglected animals. 

Rescuers on the scene found dogs everywhere, including in cages, roaming free, and trapped in the house and in a metal shed on the property. They were all malnourished, covered in fleas and many were in need of veterinary care. Sadly, rescuers were too late to save five additional dogs who were found dead when they arrived.

Just days later the JCSD and Boggy Fire Department responded to a structure fire call at the same address, which was Kittrell’s last known residence. The fire is being treated as suspicious.

Kittrell, who was originally charged with 39 counts of simple animal cruelty for starving and abandoning dogs on her property, was identified and arrested at a DUI safety checkpoint in September after evading law enforcement. At her trial, the charges were dropped to 38 counts because one surviving dog was in reasonably good health, but we’re applauding the outcome.

Kittrell was sentenced to 114 months in prison, with 108 months suspended. She will serve one year in prison for this case and previous charges, and is required to pay $3,800 in fines and complete 380 hours of community service. 

She is also being required to undergo psychological counseling at her own personal expense, which is expected to cost $3,500, and is prohibited from even being near an animal for the next 15 years. If the terms of her sentencing are not met, she will be ordered to serve nine years in prison.

As terrible as it is when any animal is harmed, we’re grateful that animal abusers in Mississippi are finally going to be held accountable following the enactment of SB 2658 on July 1 this year, which updated the Mississippi Dog and Cat Pet Protection Act of 2011.

We fought for years alongside other animal advocates in the state to update the law so abusers wouldn’t get away with a slap on the wrist for the cruelty they inflict on innocent animals.

Before the enactment of SB 2658, Kittrell would only have been charged with one single count of animal cruelty for the suffering of the 39 dogs she harmed.

This outcome wouldn’t have happened without that legislation, and we’re also extremely grateful to everyone who supported its passage.

For more on how we’re helping animals in the Deep South, visit our Justice for Animals campaign. To ensure more outcomes like this one, please donate to support our critical work in the region.

Charge Roadside Zoo Owner for Mysterious “Disappearance” of 23 Exotic Animals

By now, Joe Exotic has become a household name. The internet is filled with articles about the Tiger King star and the latest news pertaining to his life and park, such as how after years of abusing his animals and plotting to get Big Cat Rescue Founder, Carole Baskin, killed, he was finally sentenced to twenty-two years in prison. He’s not the only one from the show that got into legal trouble.

Jeff Lowe was evicted from the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma and now may also face six months of jail time if he’s found to be guilty of violating a past plea deal. Doc Antle was recently charged with wildlife trafficking and animal cruelty.

Tim Stark, the owner of a roadside zoo that was the deceptively-named “Wildlife in Need,” also had his USDA license revoked in February of 2020. Unsurprisingly, his facility was incredibly cruel and inhumane. He had over 180 wild animals and evidence suggests that he failed to provide vital medications to his animal; kept some of them in tiny, unventilated trailers for extended periods of time; and murdered animals. When authorities arrived to remove and rehouse his animals in September, Stark and twenty-three of his animals were missing. Stark was found and arrested in New York towards the beginning of October, but the twenty-three animals are still missing. Based on his past actions as well as those of other roadside zoo owners, many people are worrying that he killed them.

Sign this petition to demand that Indiana officials continue to investigate until they uncover the truth!

Charge Roadside Zoo Owner for "Disappearance" of 23 Exotic Animals

Help Us Reach 40,000 Signatures to Shut Down Cruel Dog Meat Auction

Have you heard the dogs' cries captured on camera at the Nakwon dog meat auction house in S. Korea? Likely the largest remaining dog meat auction house in the country, it sold more than 200 terrified dogs for slaughter within hours. Help urge officials to shut down this horrifying facility. Sign the petition now to help us reach 40,000 signatures and save thousands of dogs from the butchers' knife.

SKD Founder Nami Kim at the Mayor's Office Our partners at Save Korean Dogs (SKD) just met with the mayor's secretary and Namyangju's agricultural department, evidence of animal abuse in hand:

  • Lady Freethinker's groundbreaking undercover investigation, which was covered by People Magazine, showed the horrors of dog meat auctions

  • Frightened dogs in cramped, dirty cages were prodded with a metal hook as an auctioneer sold them for slaughter

  • Dogs who end up on dinner plates in S. Korea are often killed by torturous methods, like hanging and electrocution

SKD will soon return to hand-deliver our petition to Namyangju Mayor Cho Kwang-Han, urging him to shut down this cruel auction house for good. Sign the petition to stop Nakwon from selling dogs' lives to the highest bidder.

“It should be shut down”: Actor Rory Cowan joins calls for end to greyhound racing

Irish Council Against Blood Sports in Mullingar, Ireland

Actor Rory Cowan has joined calls for an end to greyhound racing, stating that “it should be shut down”.

The Mrs Brown’s Boys and Fair City actor, has questioned the government’s funding of greyhound racing.

“I don’t know anyone who goes, yet it’s a hugely funded ‘sport’,” he tweeted.

His statement follows an announcement from the Department of Agriculture that greyhound racing has been allocated another €19.2 million of taxpayers’ money in Budget 2021, bringing to €292 million the total amount of state funding in the past two decades.

Replying to a greyhound racing supporter who claimed “pre-lockdown Shelbourne Park every Saturday night is full to capacity and a brilliant night out!”, Rory responded: “Yeah, a brilliant night out if you turn a blind eye to what happens to most of the dogs when they hit 4-5 years old and can’t race anymore.”

The reality is that far from being “full to capacity”, attendance at greyhound tracks has been plummeting in recent years, including in the first two months of 2020 before any Covid19 restrictions were imposed. At Shelbourne Park, the last remaining track in Dublin, there was a huge 36% drop in attendance in January (compared to the same month last year) - it fell to 3,752 for the whole month. Attendance continued to fall in February - down by 41% to 5,240.

Reacting to another racing supporter who maintained that “training racing animals is first and foremost welfare.” Rory stated: “Oh I’m sure training racing animals is ‘first and foremost welfare’...while they’re racing. But what happens when the dogs are 4-5 years old and can’t race anymore. The plight of most of them after that is appalling.”

Rory Cowan is among a growing number of actors, singers, directors and writers calling for an end to greyhound racing in Ireland. Among them are actors Ricky Gervais, Charlotte Ross, Rachel Pilkington, Gemma Atkinson, Peter Egan, Pauline McLynn, Aoibheann McCaul, Jenn McGuirk, Amilia Stewart, Esther Woods, directors Lenny Abrahamson and Andrew Higgs, producer Clare Stronge, singers Deborah Bonham, Don Mescall, Linda Martin, Kieran Goss, Tommy Fleming and Emma Langford, author/blogger Holly White, playwright Jaki McCarrick, columnist Andrea Smith, broadcasters Robbie Kane and Barbara Scully, etc


In greyhound racing, greyhounds suffer painful injuries and die. At tracks around Ireland in the past six years, at least 1,959 greyhounds were injured and 652 were killed. In addition, as exposed in RTE’s award-winning documentary "Greyhounds Running For Their Lives" documentary, around 6,000 greyhounds are killed every year because they are not fast enough to win. A report highlighted in the programme estimated that a total of 17,962 greyhounds were culled in Ireland in 2013, 2014 and 2015. They were killed for “failure to produce qualifying times”, “failure to produce desired entry level times” and for an “unacceptable decline in performance”.

Thank you to Rory Cowan for standing up for the dogs and calling for greyhound racing to be shut down.

ACTION ALERT Say NO to cruel greyhound racing - don't attend races or fundraisers/stag and hen parties/office parties at greyhound tracks.

Fur trappers and predator-killing programs have already pushed American wolverines to the edge of extinction.

And now, as their snowy habitat disappears in our warming world, so too do the wolverines — as few as 300 remain in the lower 48 states.

Despite the threats to their survival, wolverines have once again been denied federal Endangered Species Act protection — so we took legal action on their behalf.

Please help with a gift to the Saving Life on Earth Fund.

The American wolverine could disappear from every state save Alaska if we don't act fast.

These keystone carnivores survived an epoch of poison, bone-crushing traps and rifle shots. Now their demise is virtually assured if they don't receive federal protection.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has betrayed these snow-dwelling animals for decades, refusing to throw them the lifeline they desperately need.

The latest denial from the Service goes against science and violates the Endangered Species Act. The situation for these creatures is now dire, as the snowpack they need to live melts away.

At just three feet long, they can roam as far as 15 miles in a single day — and scare off wolves, bears and moose. But they can't fend off the climate crisis without help.

The fierce spirit of wolverines gives us the drive and inspiration to save them. We're not going to let them vanish without a fight.

There's no more time to wait for wolverines. The time to act is now.

Please fight along with us by supporting the Saving Life on Earth Fund today.

Stop bear baiting on Kenai Refuge

It’s one more knife into the heart of protections for brown bears and other Alaskan wildlife.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has proposed opening the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge to bear baiting – a shameful practice that will let hunters attract brown bears with bait like donuts and then gun them down when they show up. Until now, FWS has always prohibited brown bear baiting on the Kenai Refuge.

The FWS is taking your comments – we need to stand up and shut down this cruel proposal now!

Tell the Fish and Wildlife Service to do its job and protect bears and other Kenai wildlife from irresponsible hunting and trapping practices!

Authorizing hunters to bait magnificent creatures like Kenai brown bears in the refuge and then shoot them like fish in a barrel is a disgrace. The FWS is also proposing to drop any federal permit requirement for trapping in the refuge, removing accountability and increasing the danger for animals like wolves, lynx, coyotes, beavers and more.

Kenai brown bears are an isolated population in decline, mostly due to baiting being allowed on state lands. They are also impacted by the growing human population on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. The Kenai Refuge provides most of their best habitat.

This reckless move is part of the Trump administration’s agenda to erase federal wildlife management responsibilities on federal lands in Alaska and across the country.

We can’t let them get away with it. Speak up for Kenai brown bears and demand the FWS continue to prohibit dangerous practices like bear baiting!

We need to act now because the attacks on wildlife keep getting worse. This proposal follows a recent rule by the National Park Service to defer to state hunting policy on national preserves in Alaska, which would allow for the use of extreme methods to kill bears, wolves and other predators.

We need you to draw the line here for Alaska’s wildlife. Tell the FWS that you demand they put wildlife first – and prevent hunters from baiting and shooting these majestic bears on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge!

Egypt has announced plans to ban camel and horse rides around the Giza pyramids and in archaeological areas. The news follows more than a year of pressure from PETA, which included meetings with government officials. In addition, more than 100,000 concerned people like you contacted Egypt's Ministry of Tourism, urging it to ban animal rides at Egypt's top tourist sites.

This announcement is a huge victory for all the camels and horses who are forced to haul visitors on their backs or in carriages at Egypt's top tourist sites in the blistering heat, without access to food, water, or shade.

Read More About This Victory Here

Please join us in congratulating Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities on Twitter and Facebook for this compassionate decision.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring

Charged with illegally trafficking tiny lion cubs between South Carolina and Virginia, conspiracy to violate the Endangered Species Act, and animal cruelty, Bhagavan “Doc” Antle — best known for his role in Tiger King — has officially been indicted after an investigation by Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring’s Animal Law Unit, New York Times reported.

Authorities searched Antle’s Myrtle Beach Safari and Keith Wilson’s Wild Animal Park, seizing 119 “cruelly treated, neglected, or deprived” animals from the latter roadside zoo, according to the Commonwealth of Virginia Office of the Attorney General.

Trafficked lion and tiger cubs are typically bred in captivity, where they’re ripped away from their mothers at birth and beaten or whipped for displaying natural behaviors, according to Big Cat Rescue.

When they’re too old to be used for petting and photo opportunities, they’re either killed or stuffed into small, barren-wire cages for the rest of their lives. The females are forced to give birth to the next generation of victims.

Lions, tigers, and all big cats deserve to be safe from illegal trafficking. Sign this petition urging Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring to prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law, including a life-long ban on ever having any kind of exotic animal again.

Bear Hunting in new jersey

This fall in New Jersey, trophy hunters are once again targeting the state's gentle black bears for a cheap thrill or a gruesome bear rug. We need your help to make sure this hunt is the last ever.

Some unsportsmanlike hunters use cruel practices like baiting bears with piles of junk food. Because the state already forbids bear hunting on state lands, such hunters often chase bears onto private lands so they can be killed. Even baby bears can be shot.

Fortunately the New Jersey Fish and Game Council has proposed an amendment to the state's bear management plan that would effectively suspend the annual black bear trophy hunt.

Tell state managers that you value these animals in the wild and don't want them hunted.

Swan Family Spared, but Permanent Protection Plan Needed

Fantastic news! A family of swans has been spared from execution on Greenwood Lake, which is located along the border of New Jersey and New York.

After being tormented and separated from his babies by jet skiers and teens with paintball guns and air horns, a male swan tried to defend his young. The jet skiers then called the Greenwood Lake Commission to complain about the swan’s behavior and claimed the swan was "dangerous" for protecting his young. In response, the Greenwood Lake Commission called the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to “assess” the swan family. 

In a Jane UnChained interview with In Defense of Animals and The Regal Swan Foundation, swan expert Sheila Bolin warned that the USDA may kill the entire family since its policy is to replace mute swans with trumpeter swans for future trophy waterfowl hunting. We’re so grateful to the thousands of In Defense of Animals supporters who took action on our alert to the Greenwood Lake Commissioners and U.S. Representative Josh Gottheimer to demand protection for the harassed swans. 

The USDA conducted a brief assessment by riding a jet ski by one of the swans. The assessor said the swan was not aggressive and left. We are thrilled that the swan passed the USDA’s assessment and the family has been spared. We celebrate this great news, however, the swans must be protected against future conflicts.

A swan protection plan ensures everyone remains safe with simple safety precautions that establish healthy boundaries between jet skiers and swans. On a 9-mile lake, there is plenty of room for people and other wild animals.

Swans understandably become defensive when motorists drive too close or too fast around their families. It’s normal behavior for adult swans to defend their babies when jet skiers circle around them or drive straight toward them. 

To prevent conflicts, the following steps should be taken to protect animals and human visitors at Greenwood Lake and at other lake communities:

  • Install “Do Not Harass Waterfowl” signs at marinas.

  • Enact fines for harassing waterfowl and notify local accommodation providers.

  • Enforce the no-wake zone.

  • Implement police, coast guard, and state police patrols at key harassment sites (Storm Island and South Shore).

  • Inform the community via media releases, Facebook alerts and the Greenwood Lake Commission Link (text messaging system).

  • Set up a community group to report waterfowl harassment.

If you have not already, please act now to call upon the Greenwood Lake Commission and U.S. Representative Josh Gottheimer to work with the local community, politicians, and law enforcement to employ a peaceful and comprehensive protection plan to prevent conflicts in the future. 

Do you live on a lake with swans and other waterfowl? If so, please ask local decision-makers to start a waterfowl protection plan in your community.

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