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Next Step in the Battle Against Wildlife Crime. Elephants, tigers, pangolins, macaws, and hundreds of other species around the world are threatened by an increasing demand for wild animals and their body parts. That’s why it’s so important that the House and Senate support the Rescuing Animals With Rewards (RAWR) Act of 2019.

The RAWR Act would explicitly allow the State Department to offer rewards for information leading to the arrest or conviction of wildlife traffickers and the disruption of trafficking networks.

We know the illegal trade in elephant ivory, rhino horns, and other illegally trafficked items is filling the coffers of transnational organized crime syndicates and driving species towards extinction. Now it’s time to get serious about putting a stop to it. The RAWR Act is an important next step in that battle.

Please help send a message to Congress that you care about the future of wildlife.

As we work push the ProTECT Act forward, we’re calling on everybody to take the next step in ensuring the survival of the world’s most at-risk species.

Last week, we reached out to you about the Prohibiting Threatened and Endangered Creature Trophies (ProTECT) Act, which would put an end to permits that sanctioned the baseless killing of animals at canned hunting facilities in America, as well as ban the import of animal trophies of ESA-listed species.

As we work tirelessly to push this effort forward, we’re calling on everybody to take the next step in ensuring the survival of the world’s most at-risk species.

Last week, it was taking action by contacting your U.S. Representative in support of the ProTECT Act.

The killing of innocent animals should never, ever be viewed as a victory. It’s simply inhumane. Yet, trophy hunting inherently adopts this mentality and, moreover, has increasingly destructive effects on endangered wildlife populations and environmental equilibriums.

A vast majority of voters oppose trophy hunting and the bill already has bipartisan support. The consensus is already on our side, we just have to quickly generate some momentum and make this a top legislative priority.

So, please, take the next step. Give your voice to the voiceless and get political for animals.

Together, we can stop this senseless violence. Can we count on you to rush a donation right now to protect these millions of animals?

Desmond's Bill A4840/S3322, legislation that will provide a voice for animals in animal abuse cases, will be considered by the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee 

Join fellow advocates in testifying in support of this legislation that will allow law students to appear on behalf of animals in New Jersey Courts. Animals that are abused far too often do not receive justice and suffer more abuse by a legal system that overlooks animal abuse. The humans responsible for hurting these animals sometimes go without facing consequences for their actions. Because of this failure of the criminal justice system, humans who abuse animals are not required to go through rehabilitation and often time reoffend. Interested in attending the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting? Send us an email to coordinate your attendance:

Those interested in speaking will have the opportunity to sign up as a speaker upon arrival to the committee meeting.

Each speaker will have (3) minutes to speak.

Desmond's Bill advocates are hoping for a majority vote in committee to move it for a vote by the entire Senate


Learn More About Desmond's Bill.

Owner of 'roadside zoo' in Va. & nephew charged with animal cruelty, 119 animals seized

Attorney General Mark Herring announced the owner of "Roadside Zoo" in Virginia and his nephew have been indicted on animal cruelty charges.

Following an investigation by the Animal Law Unit, Keith Wilson, the owner of Wilson's Wild Animal Park, and his nephew Christian Dall'Acqua have both been indicted on 46 counts of animal cruelty by a grand jury in Frederick County.

In August, Herring’s Animal Law Unit secured custody of 119 animals that were seized from the "roadside zoo" after a judge issued an order finding that Wilson "cruelly treated, neglected, or deprived the animal[s] of adequate care".

The animals were seized on August 15 and 16.

The seized animals included lions, tigers, bears, camels, goats, water buffalo, and more. The animals are currently in the care of animal control agencies and exotic and agricultural animal rescue partner organizations.

During a 12 hour seizure hearing held on August 29 in Frederick County General District Court, animal welfare experts testified as to the inadequate conditions and cruelty at Wilson’s Wild Animal Park and photo and video evidence was entered showing inadequate conditions of animals and facilities.

According to Google, the zoo has been "permanently closed."

The case is being handled by Senior Assistant Attorney General K. Michelle Welch, the head of Attorney General Herring’s Animal Law Unit, who was appointed special prosecutor for the case, and Assistant Attorney General Kelci Block.

Terrified Pigs Slapped, Tackled, & Dragged in Texas Ham Rodeo

Imagine how terrified these pigs were. Participants in this horrifying Texas “Ham Rodeo” tackled, slapped, and kicked young pigs, sometimes in the head. Then they grabbed them by the tail, ears, or snout and dragged them by the legs.

This extreme cruelty needs to end now! http://peta.org/hamrodeo

A woman brought Sally, an eight-month-old puppy, to the ASPCA with an injured hind leg, claiming the dog had fallen down the stairs. We contacted law enforcement who investigated and found video footage of how Sally was injured: a man had lifted her up and slammed her to the ground. She tried to flee but was unable to walk.

No animal should suffer as Sally did. The damage to her leg was so severe, our veterinary team made the difficult decision to amputate it to prevent further pain.

While we helped Sally recover, we worked with law enforcement, providing forensic evidence and legal advocacy support to ensure justice was served. Sally's abuser pled guilty to felony aggravated cruelty and was sentenced to a year in jail.

Thanks to you, we won justice for Sally. But sadly, there are other cases just like hers, and we must fight to hold animal abusers accountable for their crimes.

We need you to stand with us now for victims who have nowhere to turn in the face of cruelty. Your gift today can help us support cruelty investigations and prosecutions–and care for the innocent victims.

The moment an animal is rescued from cruelty is just the beginning of our lifesaving work. With you beside us, we fight the long hard battles to bring animal abusers to justice. Together we advance laws that protect vulnerable animals from abuse and exploitation. We treat and rehabilitate rescued animals. And we work to end cruelty throughout America.

Please continue your lifesaving commitment with a gift today. Animals depend on your compassion and kindness.

Shaygam Newman, a crusader for animals in a desperately poor South African slum near Cape Town, has won the 2019 Brian Davies Award.

The annual award, named after NFA’s founder, is given to an individual or organization that does exceptional work for animals in difficult or dangerous situations.

Your support today to enable NFA to continue this program would be gratefully appreciated.

Shaygam lives in Hangberg, a place where 7,000 people exist almost without hope. Very few people have jobs. Many live in rickety shacks on a steep mountainside, without electricity or running water. Rubbish piles the filthy streets, and gangsterism and drug abuse are commonplace. Huge resentment about the situation periodically spills over, leading to violent confrontations with police.

Street dogs rank nowhere on anyone’s scale of concern, except for one man: Shaygam Newman.

Support Shaygam Today

When Shaygam started his amazing work, street dogs in Hangberg had absolutely no care. They were thin, hungry, diseased and abused. Gambling on illegal dog fights is rife and so there were many abandoned, terrified and aggressive fighting dogs. Shaygam is an orphan and when he was a child he found comfort among street dogs, sleeping among them at night for warmth. Shaygam vowed he would repay street dogs. He colonized a piece of mountainside and scrounged old fencing to secure it. Then he started caring for dogs. His first rescue was a fighting dog that was so aggressive even his owner was afraid of him. Shaygam adopted him and, within weeks, the fighting dog became a friendly loving animal. “I have a gift,” Shaygam said when asked how he achieved that.

Shaygam then started making regular visits to street dogs in the area, feeding them whenever he could find money to do so.

When he found a sick animal he would carry it on foot to a friendly vet several miles away.

Then he started ‘Shaygam’s Crew’, a group of youngsters whom he taught to love and care for dogs, and who patrol the streets checking on the dogs and their well-being and teaching people how to look after them. With financial and logistical help provided by NFA supporters, in three years, Shaygam has turned the situation around. Where once street dog lives were virtually certain to be nasty, brutish and short, hundreds of animals are now regularly fed, monitored and medically treated.

We salute Shaygam’s extraordinary achievement!

Shaygam is a poor person who works in a difficult and dangerous place. He has few resources and the money we provide, with the help of supporters like you, is absolutely vital for him to continue his work. Slowly, Shaygam is expanding his help for street dogs to a wider area and he vows never to stop. “The dogs are my life. That’s what I do, that’s who I am.” Winning the award is recognition of the wonderful work Shaygam does.

Please, it would be so kind if you helped him continue today with this work.

A preview of the 2019 Humane Scorecard is here—check it out!

As a loyal Humane Society Legislative Fund supporter, we wanted to give you a sneak peek.

With the end of the first session of the 116th Congress fast approaching, we have posted a preview version of the 2019 Humane Scorecard. I hope you will check it out and see how your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative have performed so far in this Congress on animal protection issues.

If they did well, please thank them; if they have room for improvement, please let them know you’re paying attention, and that there is still time for them to do better before the final scorecard is wrapped up at the end of the year.

This Nail Salon Captures Live Animals And Imprisons Them In People's Fingernails As "Art." Stop This Disgusting Practice!

A customer walks in, wanting the newest, edgiest nail art. So an employee sits across from her, taking her hand. First, the technician applies long, clear acrylic nails. Then, they add a sealant layer to create a small chamber. That's when they grab a series of frightened, confused ants with tweezers and, one by one, stuff them into each clear nail.

Insect or not, no living creature deserves this. Such a practice is pure torture. Demand an end to this cruelty now!

Frantically wriggling around, these small, terrified anthropods struggle to escape. But they will never see their freedom again. Instead, these tiny creatures are doomed to die inside their clear, acrylic prisons.

The nail salon, Nail Sunny in Moscow, Russia, has claimed everything's all right because they supposedly left a small air hole so the trapped critters could breathe. But without food or the ability to move, these animals will die painful, traumatic deaths anyway.

It's true that ants might not be everyone's biggest concern. But think about the grotesque level of viciousness it takes to purposefully torment a living, breathing creature in this way.

No animal, big or small, should be put through such horrific abuse.

Please sign the petition and tell Nail Sunny to stick to art, not torture. Ask them to never use live animals for their nails again!

The new series of I'm a Celebrity … Get Me out of Here! starts tonight. Will you urge ITV to end the show's cruelty to animals for the infamous "bushtucker trials"?

During these challenges, celebrity participants perform ghastly acts such as sticking their hands or heads into tanks filled with insects, spiders, mice, rats, or fish; holding live animals in their mouths; crawling into small spaces on top of masses of rats or insects; and even eating live animals, including scorpions and beetles.

Unlike the contestants, who volunteer to be on the show, animals are not there by choice. They endure stress, are confined to small and unfamiliar spaces, and, in many cases, lose their lives for the sake of a few cheap laughs.

Please urge ITV to ensure that I'm a Celebrity stops abusing animals.

You can find their contact information here.

Building the number of cosponsors on a bill is an important way to show that there is a critical mass of bipartisan support for the policy—to help enact it quickly. And this is why your lawmakers need to hear from you.

Thanks for helping us move the ball forward for animals this past year.

With the help of supporters like you across the country, we can make sure we close out the first session of the 116th Congress on a high note for animals.

Take Action, Responsibility & Wildlife...

"Corporations Are People Too My Friends."
Our companies are known for creating products that enhance people's lives.  Through Sunset Corporation of America and its companies, we’re equally dedicated to improving lives.  Our commitment extends to helping local communities, fostering better educational systems, supporting the arts and culture, helping disadvantaged youth, protecting and improving the environment, animal welfare, wildlife issues and encouraging employee volunteerism.

The Sustainable Action Network (SAN), A Don Lichterman non-profit organization dedicated to building a global community raising awareness of corruption, injustice and the need for action across a full range of issues impacting people and animal/wildlife welfare around the world, such as conservation, climate change, campaign law, lobbying, government action and rescue work. SAN’s vision is to create safer world, free from political, environmental, and social oppression, where all the inhabitants of Earth can live in harmony within their own natural environments. Our commitment extends to helping local communities, fostering better educational systems, supporting the arts and culture, helping disadvantaged youth, protecting and improving the environment, animal welfare, wildlife issues and encouraging employee volunteerism.

Activism and Sustainability:

  • Gun Safety & Gun Laws

  • Cruelty Free

  • Death Penalty

  • Demand Action

  • Sustainable Action Network

Fairness and Equality:

  • Grammy District Advocacy

  • Privatization

  • Voters Issues & Gerrymandering

  • Private Prisons & the War on Drugs

  • Finance, Housing & the Economy Corporate Responsibility:

  • Candidates, Bills, Laws & Protections

  • Wildlife & Oceania

  • Labeling & Transparency

  • Comprehensive Captivity & Hunting Results Databases

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