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Every year, we rescue thousands of animals from puppy mills, animal fighting operations and other situations of cruelty and neglect—but this lifesaving work is only possible with you by our side.

Our Animal Rescue Team discovered Pepper among 30 dogs suffering from varying degrees of neglect on a residential property in Kansas. Pepper was small and timid, hairless and covered in fleas.

Pepper is safe now. But her story is not unique. Across the country, thousands of animals are suffering in heartbreaking situations. Our Animal Rescue Team is ready to continue the fight and save them, but we can’t do it without you.

Can we count on you to be a hero for these animals?

Animals often find themselves in some rather unusual situations and it can leave us scratching our heads as to how to help them escape! Simon and Lawrie were recently called out to rescue two magpies that had managed to find themselves trapped behind a metal container. With the gaps at each side just an inch wide and the top towering 10ft above, they could not escape on their own! Luckily, the team were able to carefully lower nets from the top of the container and, after a few attempts, finally had both birds captured and returned to the wild!

Looking after the 185 bears at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre is a big job that requires a lot of care, energy and love. It’s also a lot of fun, no more so than on the day of the Bear-lympics, a team-building day where the bear and vet team played games, tried out new toys and enrichment activities for the bears and had lots of fun in the process!

Only a few times a year are we called out to rescue mischievous squirrels that have managed to get themselves wedged, in the wire of bird feeders. On this occasion, the squirrel was brought in to the centre, after a couple found the poor creature struggling in their garden! Simon makes this rescue look too easy, but the squirrel isn't in a rush to leave when they try and move it in to a box.

FOUR PAWS is taking companies in the food industry up for a challenge to drive meat reduction and increase plant-based and food innovative products. With billions of animals being farmed globally in terrible keeping conditions, contributing to the climate crisis, deforestation and the environmental degradation, it’s time for key players in the industry to step up and put sustainable food strategies on their agenda to become progressive planet-savvy pioneers.

Volunteer with the Animal Rescue Team

One of the most commonly asked questions for our Animal Rescue Team is, “How can I volunteer?” Our team has—and relies on—a strong network of volunteers to help us make a real difference for animals in rescue and disaster relief work. We truly depend on them to help us get this important, lifesaving work done.

One of the most common mistakes prospective volunteers make is waiting until a natural or man-made disaster strikes to begin the application process and to begin proper training and preparation for becoming an Animal Rescue Team volunteer. Unfortunately, by then, it’s too late. If you want to volunteer, it’s important to apply before a disaster. If you get everything done early, you, like our many other volunteers, will be ready to deploy when animals need our help.

I can’t speak enough to the impact people feel from saving animals in need. If you want to make a difference, this is a way to do it. I encourage you to start your application today. With hurricane season on the horizon, our team will be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice - The Humane Society of the United States