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A Mississippi Tornado Left Our Hope Animal Sanctuary in Ruins!

Recent storms have ripped across the southern US, tearing through rural areas bringing hurricane-force winds, flooding, sustained rains, and unprecedented storm damage. No place was safe, not even our beloved Hope Animal Sanctuary.

Feeding animals is one of the biggest expenses for shelters and rescue groups. After food costs, they often have little or nothing left in their budget for medical treatment, vaccines or other adoption programs.

Your donations help GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank program ship donated food to rescue groups around the country. This ensures that their animals are properly fed and that the shelters have extra money in their budgets to help pets in desperate need of medical attention.

July is one of the busiest months of the year for many shelters. Please help us keep these animals from going hungry!

Moon bear Mai suffered over a decade of abuse. Trapped in a barren cage on bear bile farm, she was regularly knocked unconscious and had her body punctured with needles which sucked out her bile for use in traditional medicine.

For Mai, the long-term chronic stress and malnutrition caused cataracts leaving her almost completely blind, while her friends Newtie and Mekong continue to undergo treatment for dental disease.

Both have had multiple diseased teeth extracted and a veterinary dental specialist is working with the sanctuary vet team to help save what teeth can be salvaged.

All three bears were initially fearful of returning to the outside world, but now even Mai plays happily outside, swimming in her pool and foraging for food on the grass.

Croatia’s #SaddestBears:

Suzana and Bruno Last week we rescued the two bears from their barren cages.

Now, at the Bear Refuge Kuterevo (a partnership of FOUR PAWS in Croatia), the bears can finally begin a species-appropriate life.

The day of their rescue was very intense and emotional for all of us.

But every animal life we save gives us the strength, motivation and inspiration to tirelessly continue our work.

Thank you for your overwhelming support during this rescue! Because one thing is clear - without you, this would not have been possible!

If you want to help Suzana and Bruno with the costs for the necessary dental treatments, medication etc., follow the link️ http://bit.ly/save-suzana-bruno

Albania’s #SaddestBears : Roccos wonderful journey!

In the beginning of June we rescued bear Rocco from the narrow concrete-cage he was kept in. He has been in a desperate situation and was constantly trying to bite on the iron bars that kept him locked in.

Our team was able to get him out of his prison and transferred him from Albania to our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz (BÄRENWALD Müritz) in Germany 🇩🇪. Since his arrival, everyone is doing their best to take care of him so that he feels comfortable in his new surroundings.

While Rocco will still need a lot of rest and time to recover, he is doing well so far and we are optimistic that the bear will fully recoup from the horrible things he had to endure. Please keep helping with Rocco's future! http://bit.ly/save-rocco

Helping Horses in lndonesia

Last August, our disaster relief team responded to the earthquakes that hit Lombok and the Gili Islands in Indonesia.

Recently the team returned to the islands to follow up on the animals and to provide additional help. With hard work and dedication, the Islands have recovered remarkably well from the destruction caused by the earthquakes.

Also the horses are in much better shape now.

But there is still a lot to do to improve the situation for animals in the region. Thanks to Horses of Gili our equine veterinarian was able to provide medical care and share knowledge with local veterinarians from our partner Bali Animal Welfare Association .

We are grateful for all the dedicated people working for the animals.

When Good Samaritans came across Eve who was digging through dumpsters in Butte County, they didn't know what she was. She was almost completely without fur and extremely emaciated. They thought she was an aardvark.

The California Department of Fish & Wildlife was called in to assist and quickly realized that this was not an aardvark but a very sick black bear.

Two volunteers from the CDFW drove her down to The Funds for Animal Wildlife Center in Ramona, CA (an affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States) where she was rushed into emergency treatment. She arrived on Christmas Eve 12/24/2017. Arriving when she did was likely a miracle, since she only had days to live her condition was so severe. She was nicknamed Eve in honor of the holiday.

Her road to recovery would be a long one. Mange takes time to recover from and she would need to time to grow out her coat.

The hope was to treat Eve and release her back in the wild. But after nearly a year and a half in treatment, her hair has still not grown out completely meaning she would have difficulty hibernating in the cold winters or protecting herself from potentially other bears attacks or from the forest floor in general. A scratch could lead to greater issues.

It was decided by The Fund for Animals Wildlife, that Eve could not be returned to the wild. At this time, Eve is waiting for her brand new large, natural enclosure at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas to be complete.

Then she will be transported there to live out her days in "5 star accommodations."

They say a dog is man’s best friend, but caring friends come in all shapes and sizes!

Besides having many four-legged friends, Mia enjoys cuddling sessions with her human friend once in a while.

Mia was rescued from terrible conditions; she was tethered in a small stable for many years, surrounded by her own excrement, unable to turn around or even walk more than a few steps, and lived without any social interactions.

Luckily, she can leave this all behind her now that she’s got a new home – the sanctuary Lebenshof Gut Weidensee.

Here, Mia can spend the rest of her life on open green pastures!

Since today is the #InternationalDayOfFriendship, spread your love to all living beings and spare them their life by choosing plant-based alternatives!

Want to know more about the gentle characteristics of cows? Follow the link: https://www.four-paws.org/campaigns-t...

In this rescue Simon and Lawrie attempt to save a young coot chick, that had fishing wire tangled around its beak.

Whilst going around in circles trying to net the coot, they also manage to get the boat all caught up!

Take a peak to see how the rescue worked out!

Sparrowhawk rescues always fill us with a little bit of dread here at Wildlife Aid! Whilst the quickest we've done lasted just ten minutes, the longest went on for almost SEVEN hours!

Luckily for this bird, the building it had decided to fly into was much smaller than normal, but it would still be a tricky job to get it safely contained and released back into the wild...

Today we really need your help with finding homes to this huge family! Please like the video, share the video and subscribe to our channel so this video will pick up speed and will help us reach as many people as possible so we can find them loving forever homes.

You can actually meet this family this weekend, Saturday, July 27th from 10 A.M - 2 P.M at PAL Rescue's adoption event at THE TAVERN: 123 Main Street. El Segundo, CA 90245

You can also contact Pal Rescue via their website to inquire about adopting one of these cute pups of their amazing mom: http://www.PALRescue.org

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A female dog is recovering after someone tortured her, leaving her body ripped to bits, with bite marks and scars covering her legs, chest and head — her ears so lacerated they may be beyond repair.

When we got the call about Chaplin, Loreta Frankonyte and I rushed to the location and didn't have time to get a cheeseburger.

Luckily, a little girl offered her cheeseburger and it made all the difference! Rescues like this are possible only thanks to your donations, and I really hope you can join our team today with a small contribution - it will help us save many more animals: https://www.HopeForPaws.org

We just added NEW leashes to our Lucky Leash store on the website, and you can also check out all the animals we have for adoption - not just dogs and cats

If you would like to adopt Chaplin, please contact our friends at Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue: http://www.SmoochPoochRescue.com

Many of you asked to send Hope For Paws letters, so I wanted to share our mailing address:

Hope For Paws

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We always love seeing pictures of your pets and reading your letters

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In what they described as a “chilling scene,” animal control officers in Woodbridge, Connecticut found the canine so gravely injured, they believe someone used her as a bait dog in fights.

The poor dog, whom rescuers named Merritt after the street on which she was finally rescued, was also malnourished and weak from hunger. Merritt’s back leg sustained such terrible injuries that a veterinarian had to amputate the shattered limb in order to give the dog the best chance of a pain-free life.

A witness notified WAC of Merritt’s plight after they saw multiple cars hit the mastiff mix as she ran, terrified, across Merritt Parkway. The first SUV hit her in the shoulder. The second completely dislocated her rear left leg so badly, it was facing the other direction.

“Merritt could not wait to get in our crate once we arrived,” WAC said in a Facebook post. “It was if we could hear her sigh of relief that she was in a space where she thought she was safe. It was there that we realized the true horror that this poor girl had been living.”

We must speak out against this brutal animal cruelty and ensure that the person who caused Merritt — and possibly other dogs — such severe suffering is brought to justice.

Sign this petition to urge Woodbridge Police Chief Frank P. Cappiello to investigate this heinous crime against innocent Merritt and ensure the culprit is prosecuted with the full force of the law.