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Are you ready to vote for animals! Along with a coalition of hundreds of organizations across the country, we're urging our members to update their voter registrations and to make sure that they have met the qualifications to vote in their communities. Together with our partners, we are asking you to be vote ready—and ready to make your voice heard in our democracy.

Please take a moment to check your voter registration using this simple tool.

In order to continue to give a voice for animals in the halls of Congress and state houses across the country, we have to ensure we elect humane minded candidates—and you can't do that if you're not registered to vote. So update your voter registration today, ask your friends and family to do the same, and Get Political for Animals!

Kat Graham Takes On Speciesism to Create a Kinder World

Watch as "The Vampire Diaries" actress Kat Graham speaks out against speciesism and urges everyone to help create a more peaceful world by going vegan. https://headlines.peta.org/kat-graham...

For the first time since lions were protected under the Endangered Species Act, the Trump administration has approved a trophy-import permit for a threatened lion killed in Tanzania.

This disgusting decision is likely just the tip of the iceberg, as it signals the potential for Trump to greenlight more lion, and maybe even elephant, trophy imports.

But there's hope: The House Natural Resources Committee just approved the Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large Animal Trophies (CECIL) Act to ban U.S. imports of elephant and lion trophies from Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Tell your representative to support this important legislation as it moves forward.

This import permit bodes ill for wildlife in Tanzania, home to roughly 40 percent of Africa's lions and up to half of the elephants in eastern Africa.

We need to halt the slaughter of Tanzania's wildlife before it begins — and stop wealthy trophy hunters from killing them for sport.

Despite Trump calling trophy hunting a "horror show," his administration reversed a ban on elephant-trophy imports from Zimbabwe. Now it's issued this permit to a Florida-based lion hunter whose lawyer sits on Trump's sham, pro-trophy-hunting council.

The CECIL Act would abolish the International Wildlife Conservation Council, made up mostly of trophy hunters and NRA and Safari Club members. It would also ensure public notice of elephant and lion trophy-import decisions before they're made — putting an end to the Trump administration's backdoor dealings with these kinds of hunters.

Send a letter today urging your representative in Congress to approve the CECIL Act. Take Action

"Trophy hunting" is a phrase that makes this hobby sound more glamorous than it is. In reality, trophy hunting is nothing more than the wanton killing animals for fun. When put that way it sounds a lot more depraved, and it make what this company is advertising look a lot more messed up.

Africa Hunt Lodge in South Africa is one of many companies that gets paid big bucks by wealthy international tourists who want to come and kill big game animals for sport. What makes them different is they are actively building the next generation of animal-killers.

This company explicitly advertises that they are family friendly and have all-age packages and say they "take great pride in helping to educate children and beginners about the responsibilities of hunting."

It couldn't be more clear: this Africa Hunt Lodge is teaching kids that killing is fun.

Photos of kids with their "trophy" from these hunts have circulated on social media. Hunting is a barbaric sport. While we can't stop all people from killing animals for fun, we can and should put in some sensible boundaries when it comes to kids. Desensitizing them to death and conquest is a horrible lesson to impart on impressionable children.

Sign the petition to urge Africa Hunt Lodge to discontinue their hunting packages that target children.

A threatened lion in Tanzania was gunned down for sport — and now the killer will be bringing the body home to hang on his wall.

This is the first trophy-import permit for a Tanzanian lion issued since these majestic cats were protected under the Endangered Species Act. And it could kick the door wide open for elephants, lions and more species to be shot in Tanzania so their bodies can be dragged back to the States.

We must put an end to this kind of behavior before it spreads. Please give now to support our fight to save lions and other endangered species.

Despite Trump calling trophy hunting a "horror show," his administration has repeatedly gone out of its way to clear the path for overseas slaughter of threatened species.

First the U.S. Department of the Interior reversed a ban on elephant-trophy imports from Zimbabwe. Then it created a council riddled with conflicts of interest and packed with Safari Club members and NRA bigwigs to "advise" on trophy-hunting decisions.

And now we're seeing the results: the first permit for a Tanzanian lion being issued to a Florida-based hunter. It's no coincidence this lion killer's legal representative sits on Interior's sham, pro-trophy-hunting council.

This permit bodes ill for wildlife in Tanzania, home to roughly 40 percent of Africa's lions and up to half of the elephants in eastern Africa. The administration could greenlight more lion, and maybe even elephant, trophy imports.

Trophy hunting of the world’s threatened species must be stopped.

We're in the courts fighting the administration's pro-trophy agenda. And we're rallying our members to push Congress to use its legislative powers to abolish the pro-trophy hunting council and force these import decisions into the public eye.

It's past time to put an end to the fat-cat privilege of gunning down the Earth's magnificent, rare wildlife for the sake of an ego boost.

Please give now to support our fight to stop trophy-hunt imports.

Ban Circus Cruelty in California!

The California state Senate has just passed a ban on the use of exotic animals in circuses! We need EVERYONE to please contact California's Governor Gavin Newsom and ask him to sign this bill into law! You can easily contact the governor through his website.

On the contact page just choose "Have a Comment" and then as the subject choose "Animal Issues". Then on the next page click "Pro" and ask him to sign the circus ban SB313 into law. You do not have to be a California resident to contact the governor, animal cruelty is an issue that affects all of us.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! We have to be the voice for these animals because they can't speak for themselves! The easiest way to contact California's Governor Gavin Newsom through his website.

#RuthlessTourism in Europe! Circus shows are endlessly cruel!

Looking visibly weak, the animals in this Czech Republic 🇨🇿 circus are made to perform tricks such as jumping over hurdles, running around the ring, standing up and posing, and spinning on small platforms. The elephants are forced to perform headstands.

The brown bear is brought into the ring on a chain, wearing a muzzle the wild animal has to ride a scooter around the circus ring or a skateboard down a small ramp, jump over hurdles and hula hoop. During the lion-taming show, the big cats are hit with sticks and whipped to perform various tricks, such as jumping over each other and jumping between platforms.

No animals should be forced to perform to earn money for other people Help us expose these cruel practices!

Spread the word and take our pledge now http://bit.ly/wildlife-tourism

Medieval shows are brutal and unnecessary!

This bear is called Kilian. He performs twice a day, as well as being used as a commodity to rent.

Get Thia La out of her cage!

Help us rescue Thia La from a horrible bile bear farm in Vietnam. With your help, she could soon start over in our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh: http://bit.ly/bile-bear-thuan

This dog needs your help - He thinks he’s safe under the comfort of a car, but he is easily spotted. He’s grabbed with tongs and dragged down the street. Soon, he’ll be brutally killed and discarded, like so many others.

Here in the US we see dogs like the one pictured above as “man’s best friend.” But in many countries, this is far from true. Often, they are seen as a nuisance, and even a threat.

Millions of dogs are killed around the world in a misguided attempt to stop the spread of rabies. In fact, up to 20 dogs are inhumanely killed every minute in the name of rabies or other conflict. The sad truth is a simple vaccine could stop the needless killing of dogs.

But World Animal Protection is changing this reality thanks to kindhearted people like you. We are working hard to eliminate the fear and needless killings through our Better Lives For Dogs campaign.

World Animal Protection goes into communities that need us the most and provide free rabies vaccinations, humane dog population management, and education about responsible pet ownership. To date, we have vaccinated over one million dogs and worked across seven countries to improve the lives of dogs.

Saturday is World Rabies Day, and there are still so many dogs facing a brutal death, even at this very moment. Your donation could contribute to our work with dogs as well as other suffering animals around the world. Your support could be the difference between life and death for a dog in need.

Please help before World Rabies Day so we can continue our life-saving work. On behalf of all that you do for animals, thank you.

The Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival took place in Vietnam on 7th September.

Our team was there to document the cruelty inflicted on these innocent creatures. So far the local authority which organises the event and the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism have resisted our calls to put a stop to the event. It has only requested that the number of buffaloes used in future fighting festivals be reduced by a half. This doesn’t go far enough as even one buffalo caused unnecessary suffering is too many. We can only shed light on cruelty like this through investigations on the ground. Help us carry out this costly work and apply pressure to end animal exploitation throughout Asia: https://www.animalsasia.org/intl/donate/

After another investigation into Petland showed that sick and dying animals aren’t exclusive to one location, we’ve stepped up to continue to demand that they stop selling puppies and rabbits—because animals deserve better than Petland.

We gave all findings to Frisco Animal Services and it resulted in the store being visited multiple times and cited. Animal services required the store owner to take ailing animals to the veterinarian after viewing our footage. This is not the first store to have animals sourced from puppy mills in poor condition who are not given the care they need—and if Petland continues with business as usual, it won’t be the last.

These animals’ lives, and the lives of other animals in mills, depend on the action of advocates and animal lovers like you. Petland and the puppy mill industry will continue to thrive unless people like you step up and demand that they stop.

Imagine bears surrounded by mountains of their own feces… Birds with broken wings, simply lying on the floor of their cage… and a frightened jaguar foaming at the mouth.

This is what life is like for the animals at Special Memories Zoo in Greenville, Wisconsin. These animals are neglected to the point of abuse.

Your renewed support will help the Animal Legal Defense Fund fight for animals suffering in roadside zoos like Special Memories — and your gift today will be doubled up to $50,000 to help rescue the neglected and exploited animals living in roadside zoos across the country.

There are over 200 animals at Special Memories Zoo like the tigers, Tanya and Teagan, who are kept in unsafe, inhumane, and illegal conditions. Tanya and Teagan are kept in small, rusty cages at the zoo, where they are often forced to drink from water tanks full of algae, and eat food infested with maggots.

Sadly, facilities like Special Memories are all too common. The owners of these inhumane businesses regard animals as commodities to be bought, sold, and exploited for profit — the health and well-being of the animals are unimportant.

But you and I know that animals like Tanya and Teagan are not property, and that their lives are important. That’s why it’s imperative that we force our legal system to recognize that animals have basic rights that are enforceable in court. Until our legal system changes, animals will continue to be especially vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Your support for the Animal Legal Defense Fund today to help ensure that we can always fight for the protection of animals like Tanya and Teagan — and don’t forget that every dollar you give will be doubled to make twice the impact in our legal work for animals!

Levi's Uses Leather on Its Jeans – Urge It to Stop!

Levi's is known around the world for being the original blue-jeans brand – but what many of its customers don't realise is that cows are suffering for the leather patches sewn onto the backs of its jeans. Cruelty is inherent in the leather industry – cows endure intensive confinement to filthy pens, castration and branding without pain relief, chronic infections and disease caused by extreme crowding, and a terrifying trip to the abattoir. Please let Levi's know it must replace the animal skins it uses with vegan leather immediately.

Speak Out Against Plans for an Intensive Pig Factory Farm in Lincolnshire

Plans have been submitted to North Kesteven District Council for an intensive pig factory farm. If the proposal is approved, nearly 2,000 pigs at a time will be crammed into a shed, where they'll never be able to breathe fresh air or see daylight. Then, at just 20 to 24 weeks old, they'll be packed onto a lorry and sent to the abattoir.

When we received the dispatch from our brave horse fighting campaigner Medino “Dino” Yebron on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, it brought tears to our eyes. As someone who loves animals, you would have wept too. NFA and Dino are the only ones fighting this despicable “sport.” We have had some successes – ending literally half of the sickening “festivals” where these cruel fights take place. But there is more to do, and… the GREAT NEWS is: Dino’s non-stop and very dangerous work has recently led to a breakthrough in our battle. We are primed to take advantage of it. The key is the raids.

Dino really needs your help – whatever you’re able to give now – to continue the raids that are putting wicked horse fighting gangsters in prison. But time is critical. Absolutely critical.

Dino reports that he has a one-shot chance to secure deals with influential decision-makers that will SHUT DOWN horse fighting in certain specific localities! He must act immediately. Please Help Today. Dino explained how, when supporters like you first rallied to help end horse fights, he never thought sending the participants to jail would lead to a historic chance to create no-horse-fighting zones. “I was wrong,” he wrote…Two critical raids you helped fund sent “six participants to jail,” Dino reported. “It helped tremendously, and the gangsters are now wary of getting caught. It’s not easy to change a culture that’s been on our islands for 50 years but we’re making great progress.” As a result of the raids you’ve helped fund, and NFA’s strong presence in Mindanao, a door has opened for Dino to negotiate deals that will ensure no horse fights will ever be allowed in certain locales again!

One of the saddest things of all is the horses that are made to fight are not born mean. Just like in other cruel gambling ventures, such as dog fighting, the innocent horses are trained to fight to the death. For profit. For fun.

Fighters actually sharpen the horses’ teeth for maximum bite damage. Can you imagine the pain!? Wounded animals often bleed from their eyes, like tears. It is deeply unsettling.

This is why horse fighting has been called “one of the most disturbing events of our time.”

The grunts of the poor creatures… hooves and razor teeth colliding with flesh… the agonizing cries. We know this is an entrenched and dangerous battle. Dino’s life has been threatened. He’s regularly intimidated with insults. But he presses on every single day. Dino and NFA are so grateful for EVERY horse you help save, for EVERY criminal you put away, and for the chance to secure these historic deals.

Please help as much as you possibly can today to help sustain Dino’s vital work to shut down one of the world’s most barbaric animal bloodsports. The donation you make now may save a terrified mare from getting mounted and raped by the winning stallion. Or a defeated little stallion from a gory death in the arena. We just must support Dino in his tireless quest. One beautiful creature. One valiant raid. One no-fight zone at a time.

For Dino and the horses. Will you give now, today, and help put an end to horse fighting?

Thank you so much, for remembering the horses. Please do what you can.

Victory! Scientists With PETA US and EPA Save Hundreds of Birds

Hundreds of birds will be spared the misery of being used in pesticide tests, thanks to a review conducted by the PETA International Science Consortium and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This victory comes on the heels of last week's groundbreaking news that the EPA plans to stop funding and requesting tests on mammals by 2035. PETA scientists are also working hard to end cruel experiments in the EU – please help us take another step towards achieving this by urging the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency never to allow animal testing for cosmetics ingredients. READ MORE

Playboy Club London Assures Pamela Anderson It's Foie Gras–Free

Last week, 14-time Playboy cover star Pamela Anderson sent a letter to the Playboy Club London asking it to remove foie gras from its menu – and in response, the venue confirmed that the pâté had already been removed and pledged never to serve it again. SEE THE FULL STORY

PETA Supporters Stage 'Dirty' Leather Protest at London Fashion Week

To remind people that the leather industry is poisoning the living world, PETA supporters poured buckets of black "toxic slime" over their heads at London Fashion Week. We're asking the event organiser, the British Fashion Council, to ban leather and fur at all its events and letting everyone know the best way to help animals and the planet is to go vegan. VIEW THE PHOTOS

Mink Eyelashes are NEVER Cruelty-Free

If you think your lashes are “cruelty-free,” you might be buying into a lie. WATCH to see where those mink eyelashes really come from.

Stop the Cruel Drowning of Wild Rats in Alcohol

We're outraged and deeply dismayed by New York City's new so-called "humane" plan to drown terrified wild rats in alcohol as they suffer and flail about while surrounded by the bodies of their dead friends and families. This extremely barbaric, short-sighted and ineffective plan ignores expert advice to focus on exclusion and contraceptives. This cruel massacre must be stopped! ACT NOW

Stamp Out the Backward Plan to Slaughter Horses

It all comes down to this. We have just days to prevent the Bureau of Land Management from advancing its despicable agenda of horrifying helicopter roundups, barbaric sterilizations, inhumane incarceration, and ultimate untimely deaths of America's wild horses and burros. Please take action for the horses and burros right away before the deadline closes and their fate is sealed. ACT NOW

SeaWorld Feeling the Heat of Animal Rights Campaigns

AAA Northeast has announced it will stop promoting tickets to SeaWorld! You helped secure this victory, the latest in a series supporting the ultimate goal of stopping the cetacean captivity industry from exploiting dolphins and whales. Our work to end dolphin and whale suffering is just getting started. READ MORE

License for Puppy Mill Cruelty

"All of our puppies come from breeders licensed by the USDA," boasts the pet store owner to a concerned customer, who breathes a sigh of relief and promptly hands over a credit card. Of course, the pet store neglects to inform the customer that dogs at USDA licensed facilities may live in conditions worse than the accompanying image. READ MORE

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Lawsuit Challenging USDA Secrecy on Animal Welfare Act Records

In August, we scored an important victory in our lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture for removing tens of thousands of animal welfare records from the agency’s website.

Lawsuit Challenges California’s Use of GPS Tracking Devices on Hunting Dogs

As part of a coalition of animal protection groups, we filed the opening brief in our lawsuit against the California Fish and Game Commission for allowing hunters to use an unusually cruel and unfair method of hunting – equipping hunting dogs with GPS tracking devices on their collars.

Wisconsin Roadside Zoo Put on Notice

Earlier this month, the Animal Legal Defense Fund sent a notice of intent to sue to Special Memories Zoo, where 200-plus animals, including tigers, lions, and gray wolves, suffer in squalid conditions.

Horse Beaten for Nearly 5 Excruciating Minutes Straight

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We've got lots in store for you and your vegan activism this October. Join in two online summits to heal the planet, as well as explore new strategies to revolutionize our agriculture system, and meet motivational guru Justice King. READ MORE

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