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#Saddestbears, #EndTheCageAge, Animals Asia, Cyclone Fani, we have dogs & more at Rescue TV!

As part of a collaborative effort between Animal Place, Center for Animal Protection & Education, and Compassion Without Borders, seven lucky dogs have been pulled off the streets of Mexico and are ready for their new digs in sunny California.

Each dog has been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, and de-wormed...all they need now is a furever home - could it be with you? Or someone you know?

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out our adoption form.

Dog Discarded to Die on Trash Heap: Starvation Deserves Maximum Sentencing! A man who didn't even know the sex or age of his dog stands trial for starving her to the brink of death. The dog, now named Gladys Knight, had broken many of her teeth from eating rocks in her desperate attempts to live. Join us in demanding maximum sentencing for the unfathomable suffering this innocent animal who narrowly survived. TAKE ACTION

Our Medical Team Goes Mobile to Save Animals in Mumbai. Mumbai has a large number of animals who have to fend for themselves on the streets to survive. Many of these homeless animals are fortunate enough to have caretakers, however, they still need help when they are sick or have medical emergencies. READ MORE

Some people think that providing food and water is enough, but these animals need medical care and a loving forever home. Luckily, someone spotted Colette and called Hope For Paws for help. JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick headed out and got Colette to the hospital where they discovered she had a tick-borne disease (very easily treated and it's already gone). She also needed to have one of her toes removed due to a mass, and a few more massed that were caused as a result of breeding. Medical care is extremely expensive and we would love to have your support. A small donation here will send us to the next rescue mission: https://www.HopeForPaws.org

For the past few years, we have been called out to a pub in Dorking to relocate a mum and her new ducklings. Unfortunately, no matter the area we move her to, she insists on returning to the very same spot each year to lay her eggs. We ask the landlords each year to remove the nesting materials as soon as they see she is gathering them together. This will in turn, hopefully encourage her to move her regular nesting site to a more appropriate location - hopefully near water! Watch, as Simon and the team attempt to catch her yet again and figure out the best new home.

While in the wild moon bears are generally thought to be solitary, in sanctuary restrictions on space mean bears have to live together. And in over two decades of caring for rescued bears in sanctuaries in Vietnam and China, Animals Asia have found that companionship between bears is overwhelmingly beneficial to the rehabilitation process. At Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary, the biggest house is currently home to 21 bears. The Miomojo Bear House is part-funded by Miomojo – a responsible fashion company from Italy making gorgeous fashion accessories that don’t harm animals or the environment. www.miomojo.com

#EndTheCageAge We reached the minimum needed to qualify for a successful ECI but to show the 🇪🇺 EU Commission how important the end of cage farming is for all of us; we need to surpass it. Let’s prove that not only 1️ million of us care for farm animals but that even more of us stand united for the end of cruel cage farming practices. Will you join the movement? http://bit.ly/cage-free-world

FOUR PAWS helps after Cyclone Fani hit India! Our disaster relief mission in India has come to an end. The destruction that Cyclone Fani has left in its path is almost unimaginable. 1.2. million people had to leave their homes, many of them farmers who had to leave their cattle behind. To reach those communities that had stayed behind, the team had to clear roads and cut down trees and lampposts and clear powerlines. In many of the villages that they reached, our team were the first to offer help and reestablish contact with the outside world. While they unfortunately encountered many dead animals, they could care for 170 injured cattle, 6 cats and 4 dogs. Thank you very much to everyone who supported this mission!

Foxes seem to be making up the vast majority of our rescue calls recently, and young fox cubs (or kits) seem to be finding themselves in increasingly odd situations! Simon was recently called out to help a young fox that had fallen down a 'light well' - a hole used to bring light to a basement. The youngster seemed to have fallen over the side and was unable to escape. After climbing down into the hole, Simon quickly managed to contain the very angry fox and soon had him scampering back to his mother. Getting Simon out, however, would prove to be a little more difficult...

#Saddestbears #Success: Chuoi, Tao and Le have left the many years of suffering behind, and have finally arrived in the species-appropriate home. Their new life has begun! Currently, the bears are in the quarantine station at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh, in order to receive urgently needed medical care. Once all three bears are fit enough, they will move into the bear house, and then ultimately into their outdoor enclosures 🌱. Please support their future: http://bit.ly/BinhDuongBears

#Saddestbears Rocco is trapped in a rotten metal cage! When we last travelled to Albania to rescue Dushi and bring her to our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz, we found out about Rocco. His story broke our heart…This 9-year-old male brown bear is kept as a pet in a tiny cage. Since he was a small cub, he was forced to live a sad existence on a private estate in a village close to Tirana. We would love to rescue Rocco and give him the opportunity of a life he deserves! Please, help us to save him http://bit.ly/rescue-rocco

The sad truth about this story is that JoAnn Wiltz also found two additional kittens who were already dead. We didn't want to get blocked or have the video have an age restriction, but it's just the reality - it's rough out there for cats who are giving birth in challenging places where it's hard for tiny babies to survive. Luckily JoAnn was able to save two of her babies - Fromage and Baguette. A week later, JoAnn found an abandoned kitten named Escargots, and mama Paris adopted him and she nursed him back to health. Paris was feral, so she was released to an FIV positive colony where she will have food and medical care when she needs it.

We are working hard to spay and neuter thousands of cats so we can reduce the number of animals suffering out there but we need your help with that. It cost an average of $60 to spay/neuter a cat. If every viewer will donate just $1, we will be able to help so many more animals: https://www.HopeForPaws.org

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To adopt these cuties, please contact our friends at the Kitty Bungalow: https://www.KittyBungalow.org - they are the kitten experts in Los Angeles!