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SCA continues restructuring, expanding, Sunset Home Visual on The Vending Lot & New Drop Ship Plan!

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New Distribution plan being implemented at the Vending Lot store and the Sunset Home Visual Entertainment company is being consolidated into The Vending Lot store!

The Sunset Home Visual Entertainment web site will be consolidated into The Vending Lot's store and database. Any new home videos will also be distributed at Sunset TV. Any physical product and all DVD's will be distributed at The Vending Lot (both wholesale and at retail). Also, a new drop shipping program is being implemented this week at The Vending Lot. All physical product, including all merchandise and collectibles, along with all DVD's and Home Videos will be drop shipped accordingly and product will no longer be housed any more in New Jersey.

Live Jam 107 mobile app has been introduced to the Google Play marketplace today!
Start your online Radio Station with Ease!

This week, the Radio Host Co., which allows its clientele to ‘easily’ create and manage their own online radio stations, has launched its services to the global marketplace.

Don Lichterman, the head of SCA announced the plans to do so on his blog and on his most recent podcast. The company is showcasing its new automated system that allows you to create and manage your own radio station on the Internet. The company boasts to having the most innovative and hands on approach to the creation, development, implementation and execution of your very own radio station using our automated system, or you can broadcast live with the newly integrated live broadcasting software, ‘Web DJ.

The host company also makes no bones about the inexpensive pricing model to compete against the likes of Radio.co and Radio King. Don Lichterman says that ‘because of companies like that, is the reason why I am launching the Radio Host Co. These types of very specific hosting companies should not only provide a fully working product on all viable levels, it should cost next to no money to deal with it. Plus, it should also be able to be implemented and executed with the greatest of ease, (Don) Lichterman goes on to say.

The Radio Host Co. also offers add-ons such as mobile app development, the creation of Alexa Skills and even web site development for anyone’s radio station. “Those add on fee’s on merely fixed costs we cannot get away without spending and all we do is cover the cost of dealing with it,” Don Lichterman says about the pricing model at the Radio Host Co.

“The other thing about every one of those companies is the customer service is not only horrid, in some cases it is also very much nonexistent,” Lichterman says, and that “is also in part reason why I wanted to compete against Radio King and Radio.co.” He goes on to say, “and, as far as what we provide, only them has an edit feature and function for each song which is essential for our resale program” Therefore, the Radio Host Co feels it has very minimal competition as it enters into that part of the marketplace and industry.

The main headquarters and offices are based in New Jersey but its plan to service anyone worldwide. Radio Host clients can have many account profiles, from Satellite Radio to the large scaled FM stations to music festivals, let alone being heard on cell phones, via BOSE, SONOS, Smart Speakers in general, in vehicles, on Tune In, Spotify, iTunes and anywhere that plays music for your station. More than 15 radio stations, brands and companies already trust the Radio Host Co as clients were gained during its’ test phases that was also spread out over a few countries. “Seeing that last week was astounding to me and is exactly why I am rushing the company to market this month,” says (Don) Lichterman.

All clients can also use the system for a weeklong trial period which acts as a radio station demo however in that span of time, all phases of the station are fully operational. You can make sure all facets of the station that you create and run is working perfectly for everyone during that trial period. Consumers can also test out the radio players, the marketing tools, the radio websites, the mobile apps and it can embed the radio player all before spending any money.

The official launch of the Radio Host Co is happening today.

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Sunset is an American based record label that operates its business worldwide. It was founded in 2009 by Don Lichterman as his rock, alternative and pop label, and is part of the Sunset Music International Group.

Since 2009, Sunset has fast become one of the top Independent Record labels in the world and is a Sunset Corporation of America (SCA) Media & Entertainment Company.

ARTIST ROSTER: Original Black Pantah Joe Atman with the Riohc Choir Federal Moguls Richtaste Mister Sir Kapital A Mista Latex w/ Bre-Z (from hit TV show, 'Empire') Han Drabur Weed DJ Zevzek

Sunset Special Markets (SSM)

SSM opened its doors 2008/2009 when Don Lichterman started to put together a new label with licensed product.

SSM produces, develops and releases special market products, boxed sets, greatest hits titles, stand up comedy LP's, live recordings, collectible releases and exclusive special markets products in the world entertainment.

SSM Titles and popular artists releases are:

  • Songs That Won The War: A Salute To The Stagedoor Canteen

  • Songs That Won The War: A Wing And A Prayer

  • Songs That Won The War: G.I. Jive

  • Songs that Won the War: I'll Be Seeing You

  • Songs That Won The War: Rosie The Riveter

  • Songs That Won The War: Something To Remember You By

  • Songs that Won the War: Swing

  • Songs That Won The War: Swing Again, Yes Indeed

  • Songs that Won the War: Hollywood Canteen

  • Songs That Won The War: The Home Front

  • Pepper Live At The Fox Theatre

  • Closet Classics

  • Do Not Adjust Your Set

  • Kevin Hart I'm A Grown Little Man

  • Laff House Live Comedy Album

  • Dreamgirls Remixed

  • Deon Cole You Should Have Put Me First

  • Gina Thompson Missing You

  • How Weed Won The West Soundtrack

  • American Drug War: The Last White Hope (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  • Rockin' Party

  • World Party

  • Lounge Party

  • HipHop Party

  • Dance Party

  • Classic Collection Presents The Rat Pack

  • Sunset Party

  • Pop Party

  • Studio Group World Music: Germany

  • Tropical Party

  • Remix Party

  • Classical Masterpieces: The Best Of Beethoven

  • Alice Cooper Live

  • INXS Need You Tonight (And Other Hits!)

  • Michael C. & Friends Classics For The Soul

  • The Wedding Collection: Celebration & Remembrance

  • My Fellow Americans Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

  • DMA Dance, Best of Freestyle File, Volume 1

  • DJ X Club Experience, Volume 4

  • Tribute To The Hits of America

  • Barry Manilow, I Write The Songs

  • The Starlite Pop Orchestra 25 All Time Christmas Favorites

  • Non Stop Christmas Dance Party Christmas

  • Songs For Freedom (an album for Animal & Wildlife Welfare)

  • Cover Bond (Great Music Artists Performing The Songs From Every James Bond Movie!)

  • Light it Up!

  • The Reese Project Blue Etude

  • The Reese Project Eastern Standard Time

  • The Reese Project This Just In

  • The Reese Project Apocalyptic Hayride

  • The Reese Project Vicodin Dreams

  • Tom Reese & Kirk Reese Connected

  • The Music From…This is My Country

  • Susquehanna Ensemble Conversations

  • Hiroaki Serizawa Energy Of L:ove

  • Hiroaki Serizawa Light it Up!

  • Energy Of Love

  • Ranger Road

  • Train Christmas In Tahoe (Amazon Original Deluxe Edition)

  • Garth Brooks The Chase (25th Anniversary Edition)

  • Mark-Anthony Turnage w/ the London Philharmonic Orchestra Turnage Orchestral Works

  • Evgeny Svetlanov w/ the USSR State Symphony Orchestra Historical Russian Archives - Evgeny Svetlanov Edition

Sunset Music Supervision

World-Renowned Music Licensing Placements and Global Distribution for Creative and Commercial Uses. Available Tracks by Award-Winning Artists, Composers, Bands, and Orchestras. High-Quality Music for Major Films, TV Shows, Commercials, in store play, at restaurants and hotels and Branding -- Fun, Creative, User-Friendly.

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