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Shelter Naming Dogs After Healthcare Workers, a tribute to Rescue Teams during COVID-19 @ Rescue TV!

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Ingrid E Newkirk: Rescuers must reach starving animals!

We all know that life for an animal who lives on the streets is perilous, and staff from PETA's international affiliates are facing new challenges in reaching them as authorities crack down on movement because of the pandemic.

Without the food, water, and sometimes emergency veterinary attention that these animals rely on PETA affiliates and partner organisations to provide, many will suffer and die.

Will you make an urgently needed gift to PETA's Global Compassion Fund to help them today? Do anything you can to give an immediate boost to four groups committed to helping animals however they can during the pandemic.

Kind people who feed and care for homeless or "community" animals now risk being detained or arrested when they leave their homes, making the work of determined animal organisations in India, the Philippines, and other countries more difficult. In areas where travel by car is banned, staff members are going out on foot, carrying large sacks of food and water buckets.

Your help today will help PETA India take food to animals who are used to living on scraps from restaurants and shops that are now closed and from people who eat their lunch outside (who are now in lockdown). India's streets are deserted, but someone must tend to dogs' and cats' injuries and work to prevent starvation. Please feel free to help.

Your support will help provide the funds that PETA Asia staff members working on the street need in order to help animals in deeply impoverished areas of Manila. They'll be able to deliver food to the animals and provide dogs and cats with free veterinary care. Rush aid now.

Your generosity will help PETA Germany and its Romanian partner Eduxanima care for sick or injured dogs and cats, correct terrible deficiencies in care inside Romania's animal "shelters", and strengthen outreach campaigns that are inspiring ever more people in that country to treat all beings with kindness. Send help today.

Your donation will power the groundbreaking work of veterinarians in Petra who are providing donkeys and camels with fodder during strict lockdowns in Jordan – enabling them to care for more lame animals, tend to those with deliberately inflicted wounds, and help those who are so hungry that they've even eaten plastic out of desperation.

Change an animal's life.

Animals need the work of these four groups during the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic.

Please don't miss this unique opportunity for your kindness to go further than ever: donate to PETA's Global Compassion Fund right now.

The Global Compassion Fund is your chance to help PETA's hardworking international affiliates and local partners distribute food where there is none and provide animals in desperate need with veterinary care and surgeries.

Thank you for being there for the animals who need us when the world is in crisis.

COVID-19 Has Made It Harder to Save Lives, But It Won't Stop Us.

For rescues and shelters in the Deep South, partnering with groups in the Northeast allows many more dogs and cats to be saved than would otherwise be possible. Now, however, we're facing challenges getting the animals we rescue at our Hope Animal Sanctuary into new homes in the wake of COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Animal Shelters are Naming Rescue Dogs After Healthcare Workers Fighting the Pandemic

Hearts and Bones Rescue in Texas andHope Rescuein Wales are naming rescue animals after healthcare workers fighting on the front lines of the pandemic.

Wild animals in trouble during COVID-19 + NEW Hope For Paws APP!

I am so happy we are now called to help more animals than ever before! This video is missing some details that I thought were too harsh, so I just posted a blog to fill in the missing details here: https://www.hopeforpaws.org/wild_rescue

Also, in this video, I am mentioning Amazon Smile, so I wanted to share another way to support our rescue effort at no cost to you!

Starting today, you can help us save even more lives: https://www.hopeforpaws.org/amazon_sm...

Next on the list - the Hope For Paws mobile APP! We just updated it, and you can download it for FREE on Google Plus or on the APP Store - just look for "Hope For Paws".

Please make sure to turn the notifications ON, and this way, Loreta, JoAnn, Katie and myself will be able to text you when a new video comes out :-)

Two days ago I accomplished another INCREDIBLE rescue of a very special animal, and I hope you will check it out here: https://www.instagram.com/hopeforpaws...

Thank you Pacific Wildlife Project for helping Hope For Paws with these projects! I really appreciate your support and education: http://www.pacificwildlife.org

On Monday I will post a NEW dog rescue video! I will see you soon - just stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Meet Ghenges, Khan, Kara, Lea and some of the oldest residents at our project, LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary.

Celebrate Heroes for Animals This National Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week

Every year the second full week of April is dedicated to honoring humane officers who have devoted their lives to helping animals in need. This year, it’s being celebrated April 12 — 18, and we want to help give them the recognition and applause they deserve for their tireless efforts serving animals and their communities. LEARN MORE

Police to Recruit and Train Stray Dogs Instead of Importing German Shepherds in Indian City of Bengaluru

There are roughly 35 million dogs living on the streets in India. With so many stray dogs, there can be lots of tension between people and the dogs. The dogs do spread rabies and rabies kills about 20,000 people per year in India. And also some people might experience dog attacks from dogs who are nursing or in heat. Humans are also known to provoke the dogs and even be cruel to them. But the city of Bengaluru is changing things up and shifting the perspective that people in India may have of stray dogs, or “indies” as they are known there.

One significant change is that rather than importing German Shepherd dogs for the police force, Bengaluru’s deputy commissioner of police for the south division, Rohini Katoch Sepat is training indies for the force. Sepat explained to National Geographic that some dogs were already like family living around the station, so they officially made them members of the family. They’ve also begun taking in indie puppies to train.

The park in Bengaluru called Cubbon Park is now lovingly referred to as “Cubbon Bark.” Around 80-90 indies come and go as they please. People take care of them and many are adoptable.

National Geographic reports that in general there are more people adopting pets and more proud of having pets in India, especially in the city of Bengaluru that’s a hub for tech companies.

It’s amazing that all it takes is a couple of compassionate people to take the chance and help an animal in need for others to start seeing them differently. Hopefully, the trend of adopting indies will continue and there will be less stray dogs and less tensions between humans and dogs in India.

Deer falls into SWIMMING POOL!

Over the past forty years of operation, we have had to rescue animals from some very strange places here at Wildlife Aid and this deer, filmed as part of Wildlife SOS series 9, was no exception! Sara, one of our previous vet nurses, was called to help this roe deer after it fell into a swimming pool in a private garden. Braving the cold water, Sara had to find a way of safely getting the deer under control so that it could be set free once more...

Before we rescue new bears our team prepare the quarantine area where the bears will spend the first 45 days.

This protects the other bears in our sanctuary from possible infection and gives our vet and bear team time to get to know the bears.

Jerry and Vinzenz

Spring awakening celebrations Jerry and Vinzenz from our BÄRENWALD Arbesbach have officially awaken from hibernation. They had a peaceful winter but now they are picking up from where they left off before their long sleep. It is a similar scenario across our sanctuaries. Most of our bears had a long sleep during this past winter. They were generally asleep from end of November until the end of March, but now they are all enjoying the sunny days of spring and getting healthy meals for the much-needed energy.

#ThreeBearsRescue - James, Bân and Alice come home.

The three bears are coming home. A ray of hope and love in dark and difficult times. The three bears are on the road to their new home, our award winning sanctuary in Tam Dao National Park. #ThreeBearsRescue. Help James, Bân and Alice have the happily ever after they always deserved. www.animalsasia.org/ThreeBearsRescue

#ThreeBearsRescue Quarantine Day One Report

The three new arrivals, James, Bân and Alice, are beginning their rehabilitation and Senior Bear Team Manager Sarah van Herpt is on hand to give you an update on their first day at the sanctuary and share some initial observations about their characters and behaviours.

These bears have clearly been traumatised on the illegal bile farm they were discovered on. Sadly we lost another bear that we couldn't reach in time because of Covid-19 travel restrictions.

It's been no fairy tale for these three bears but with your help we can give them their happily ever after. Please donate monthly to contribute to the costs of their care and rehabilitation: www.animalsasia.org/threebearsrescue

Wildlife Aid went LIVE yesterday! Centre update and get your questions answered!
Leo and Melanka need our help

After a horrible life spent in confinement, Leo and Melanka are in desperate need of new species-appropriate surroundings.

We want to give the two President bears a new life at our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr.

We are still working on the paperwork for the transfer and this will still take a few more weeks, and with the current COVID-19 crisis, the authorities have slowed this process down, this is something we cannot influence at the moment, but we will not give up on these bears! Can they count on your support? https://bit.ly/SaveLeoMelanka

Special Care Unit at LIONSROCK

Meet the big cats in our Special Care Unit. This unit was constructed to care for elderly big cats or those needing special attention. It is also more accessible for the vet team on site.

#ThreeBearsRescue Quarantine Day One Report

A kestrel needed our help

A kestrel was found with a broken forearm in a barn in Lower Austria and brought to the OWL AND BIRDS OF PREY STATION Haringsee ( EULEN- UND GREIFVOGELSTATION Haringsee ). It was not in good condition at the beginning, already very emaciated, and had to be fed by the team. But the fracture healed very well with a bandage. After removal of the bandage, the wing was still hanging slightly, but this improved after a few weeks and we were very happy that we could release the bird healthy and fit again.

Young baby Fox gets his head Stuck in a garden fence!

At this time of year, one call dominates above all others - young fox cubs (also known as kits or pups) getting trapped in places they shouldn't be! This youngster had managed to get himself stuck in a chain link fence in a ladies garden, and Simon was soon on the way to help... Luckily, it only took a single cut to get him free and he was soon scampering back to his earth!

Volunteer with the Animal Rescue Team

One of the most commonly asked questions for our Animal Rescue Team is, “How can I volunteer?” Our team has—and relies on—a strong network of volunteers to help us make a real difference for animals in rescue and disaster relief work. We truly depend on them to help us get this important, lifesaving work done.

One of the most common mistakes prospective volunteers make is waiting until a natural or man-made disaster strikes to begin the application process and to begin proper training and preparation for becoming an Animal Rescue Team volunteer. Unfortunately, by then, it’s too late. If you want to volunteer, it’s important to apply before a disaster. If you get everything done early, you, like our many other volunteers, will be ready to deploy when animals need our help.

I can’t speak enough to the impact people feel from saving animals in need. If you want to make a difference, this is a way to do it. I encourage you to start your application today. With hurricane season on the horizon, our team will be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice - The Humane Society of the United States