• Don Lichterman

Sunset Artist of the Week is Han Drabur! Delta Rezuwreckshan is a great & steady blues driven album!

With an old school and down right fun feel on the Nineteen (19) song Delta Rezuwreckshan album, it has been released this month into stores all over the world.

Han Drabur is a gritty and down home rock artist with a classic blues, modern day big beat and funky feel that is so much fun to hear this day and age.

The entire CD flows wonderfully and perfectly from song to song and from the beginning of the album to the very end.

The steady blues driven album fuses together the old with the new in perfect ways.

The range of blues styled rock music brings listeners a steady and consistent album filled with many songs included that add value to the full length release. Click here for more music and videos by Han Drabur!

RECENT RELEASES AT SUNSET: 'State of Art', the new album by Mister Sir is about an alien who was traveling to a Planet of Ancestors (called Genea), but accidently stopped on Earth (to be more exact, in Russia of the nearest future).

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Original Black Pantah

Joe Atman with the Riohc Choir

Federal Moguls


Mister Sir

Kapital A

Mista Latex w/ Bre-Z (from hit TV show, 'Empire')

Han Drabur


DJ Zevzek