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2020 Hopeful Julian Castro on Trump's Racism, Breaking Up ICE & Amazon Strikes at Democracy Now and at Sunset Daily News!

As Trump faced national rebuke for his racist comments against four progressive congresswomen, his administration announced a new rule essentially banning most immigrants from seeking refuge in the United States. The rule, which the ACLU has already vowed to challenge in court, would deny asylum to any migrant who failed to apply for protection in another country they passed through on the way to the U.S. border—including children traveling alone. If enacted, the law would effectively block people from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, as well as Haitians, Cubans and many people from African countries, who come to the U.S. via the southern border. We speak with 2020 presidential candidate Julián Castro about the asylum ban and his immigration reform proposals, workers’ rights, fair pay and where he stands on foreign policy, from China to Israel.

Ousted Honduran President Zelaya: The 2009 U.S.-Backed Coup Helped Cause Today’s Migrant Crisis at Democracy Now and at Sunset Daily News!

Know Your Rights: How Immigrant Rights Activists Are Preparing for Looming ICE Deportation Raids at Democracy Now and at Sunset Daily News!

Julián Castro: 90-year-old law has been "weaponized" under Trump at Democracy Now and at Sunset Daily News!

Presidential hopeful Julián Castro has come out as a vocal critic of Section 1325, the 1929 amendment to the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) that established unauthorized crossing of the border as a criminal offense. In the first round of presidential debates, Castro clashed with opponent and former Congressmember Beto O'Rourke over his refusal to call for a repeal of the 90-year-old law which he argues has been a crucial tool in president Trump's family separation initiative. At Democracy Now and at Sunset Daily News!

How Trump is building on Democrats' militarization of the border

John Carlos Frey, investigative journalist and author of the new book "Sand and Blood: America's Stealth War on the Mexico Border," talks about the history of American border militarization, and former president Bill Clinton's key role in crafting the immigration policies that Donald Trump stands on today. "I watched all of this happen bit by bit," Frey says. "I think it is a political construct."

Glenn Greenwald: Bolsonaro supporters threaten violence against LGBT public figures

Editor and founding member of The Intercept Glenn Greenwald describes the graphic death threats aimed at him, his children and his family from his investigative reporting into corruption in the highest levels of the Brazilian legal system. His reporting revealed communications between law enforcement officials, uncovering collaboration between then-judge Sergio Moro and prosecutors in a sweeping scandal known as Operation Car Wash that led to the jailing of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.


Official PETA TV 5 Secrets Behind PETA's Overwhelming Success in Dismantling Speciesism

This Makeup Artist Transformed Right Before Our Eyes in an All-Vegan Cosplay on and at Official PETA TV

With Comic-Con around the corner, PETA teamed up with special effects makeup artist Joo Skellington to create a stunning 100% vegan and cruelty-free cosplay look.

Michael Keaton Blasts Tourist Traps for Cruel Bear Cub Photo Ops on and at Official PETA TV

Michael Keaton Wants You to Stop Taking Selfies With Wild Animals at Official PETA TV

Reba Russell: "Going on Strong" on Sun Studio Sessions