• Don Lichterman

The Reese Project on PBS this starting this week, Tom & Laurie do another Show for Jupiter Village!

PBS features a half an hour of the Sunset Recording artist, The Reese Project!

Sunday, April 26 at 7 PM

Monday, April 27 at 11:30 AM

Tuesday, April 28 at 1:30 PM

Wednesday, April 29 at 6:30 PM

Thursday, April 30 at 2:30 PM

More dates and times will be added very soon!

Another Private Performance for everyone at Jupiter Village in Mount Joy today!

Laurie and Tom Reese have long been sharing their cello and flute music with Juniper Village at Mount Joy.

Residents look forward to their monthly visits and the uplifting tunes they play.

As we are safeguarding our residents by limiting visitors, many have missed their time with Laurie and Tom.

Today, we looked to technology to bring them “virtually”  inside so that they could once again share their beautiful music and smiling faces.

Through FaceTime, an iPad and the assistance of our Connections Director, Laurie and Tom visited with several residents in their rooms, performing private concerts.

YouTube videos are wonderful, but there’s nothing like a live performance… even if it’s virtual!

Sandaksatru (REM) by Mister Sir
Mister Sir had 72 Spins at Radio Last Week!

"The Reese Project is a special group, offering well-played, joyous jazz that refreshingly and intelligently taps into several other musical genres. Three hearty cheers for their ‘Evening in Vermont’ album.”  Frank-John Hadley, longtime Downbeat critic  2-25-12

Kitchen Girl by The Reese Project

Mista Latex, whose real name is Dexter Nelams is stationed in Afghanistan and Latex’s latest CD release seems to have manifested into almost a new category as far as formats and genres go in the music industry. 

The new album, God, Lust, Sin, is a collaborative production that include participants such as Bre-Z, the popular actor from the hit television show, Empire. Along with Bre-Z who has a track and a main single on the new album, other participants on the 15 song full length CD are BadNewz, T-Woodz, Chivas Kimber, Meo, Wayne-C, Tnaj, Kim V, Teja Moore, YK, and Money.

RECENT RELEASES AT SUNSET: 'State of Art', the new album by Mister Sir is about an alien who was traveling to a Planet of Ancestors (called Genea), but accidently stopped on Earth (to be more exact, in Russia of the nearest future).


Sunset is an American based record label that operates its business worldwide. It was founded in 2009 by Don Lichterman as his rock, alternative and pop label, and is part of the Sunset Music International Group.  

Since 2009, Sunset has fast become one of the top Independent Record labels in the world and is a Sunset Corporation of America (SCA) Media & Entertainment Company.


Original Black Pantah

Joe Atman with the Riohc Choir

Federal Moguls


Mister Sir

Kapital A

Mista Latex w/ Bre-Z (from hit TV show, 'Empire')

Han Drabur


DJ Zevzek