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Voting in New Jersey starts now, lets get NJ to End cosmetic animal testing, Explore New Jersey now!

We have the opportunity to elect and re-elect a record number of Gun Sense Candidates to federal office this year. And it all starts right here in New Jersey.

Gun Sense Champions like Cory Booker are running for re-election and we need to be sure they're heading back to Congress to fight back against gun lobby-backed legislators.

And with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we have the opportunity to elect the strongest gun safety ticket in history to the White House.

State leaders in New Jersey are getting ready to send out mail-in ballots. Be sure you're ready to vote for Gun Sense Candidates by requesting your absentee ballot today!

We're going to end gun violence in America. And it all starts at the ballot box. Get ready to vote for gun safety by requesting your ballot now.

New Jersey: End animal testing for cosmetics

Cruel tests are still conducted on rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats for the sake of cosmetics. These animals can have substances forced down their throats, dripped into their eyes or smeared onto their skin before they are killed.

Animal testing for cosmetics isn’t just cruel, it’s unnecessary.

There are thousands of available ingredients that have a history of safe use, and many non-animal testing methods have been, and continue to be, developed for new ingredients.

A795/S1726 would end the sale of animal-tested cosmetics in New Jersey.

California, Illinois and Nevada, along with more than 30 countries, have already passed similar laws to address this archaic practice.

New Jersey should follow in these states’ humane footsteps and become the next state to ban animal testing for cosmetics.

Please submit a brief message to your state legislators and urge them to cosponsor A795/S1726. You can simply say, "Please support A795/S1726, NJ’s Humane Cosmetics Act, to end the sale of animal-tested cosmetics in New Jersey."

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