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Welcome to Sunset & SCA: Don Lichterman reveals new brand identity after $90,000 sale of old logo!

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Welcome to Sunset & SCA: Don Lichterman reveals new brand identity after the $90,000 sale of his original logo design!

Updating the Sunset brand is another leap for the company’s voyage to grow further into the Entertainment & Media Industry.

New branding has already been executed and displayed on all content, all packaging, in advertising, everywhere online and on new and remodeled websites beginning May 2019.

Sunset Records & Sunset Recordings have always been on a single name basis with its owner, artists, followers, clientele, strategic partners and fans long before the introduction of the iconic label. Customers and partners around the world innately and warmly refer to the brand as “Sunset.”

Don Lichterman also nailed down one of the all-time top sales of a logo design with the price tag of his old logo tagged at $90,000.

Because of that sale, and as one of many steps to grow into being one of the leading Independent Entertainment Companies in the world, Don Lichterman unveiled its new branding on its’ new product and everywhere online along with being placed in all new advertisements’.”

The change officially took place in May 2019. The sale of the logo design was also executed in May 2019.

According to Sunset’s and SCA’s CEO and the Sunset U.S.A. President Don Lichterman, “The new branding conveys the company’s focus on creating a legacy much like Geffen did when he had his own label.” He goes onto say, “I have also envisioned a logo much like the old sphere that Geffen had when I was at MCA. “Regardless, the obvious fire in this regard had been lit when we sold the old design,” says Lichterman.

The old Sunset logo was sold for an unprecedented $90,000.

Beginning May this year, the new branding started to appear on all packaging for product in stores today, as well as the company’s advertising, website and social media outlets. Moving forward, the new “Sunset” logo and brand is also featured on all manufactured product and marketing tools in the U.S. and, internationally. The Company tested a few variations of the new logo expansively and in real time, eventually determining to use final Vector styled design that is currently being displayed everywhere that relates to Sunset.

“Our new branding is one of the main facets of the overall growth at SCA and at Sunset to which we embarked on now rather than in the future and most of all, this influx of money that came out of nowhere basically, takes care of 1/3’rd of the Business Plan that I made up this year”, says Don Lichterman.“ “And therefore, the company can continue to work debt free and without the need of a financial partner for the time being.” Lichterman continues to say that “That sale and this rebranding happening today helps me modernize the Sunset experience for our artists, clientele, strategic partners and all account holders.” “While at the same time, I want to continue to embrace our incredible heritage, history over the last 9 years and most of all, I will keep our brand to be important forever.”

Lichterman also says that, “by simplifying, transforming and streamlining the Sunset name while making the SCA acronym the focal point is what I have wanted to do and it is what I was planning to do in due time, I am just glad I was able to get that done this year.” “We are now making sure to promote the iconic and accessible name Sunset and the SCA acronym to make sure that eventually they will be household terms to everyone around the world.”

Part of that rebranding was a change in the URL for corporate site. The websites and email servers were http://www.SunsetCorporationAmerica.com and is now at http://www.Sunset-USA.com.

The Most Expensive Logo Design Sales, Costs & Rebrands Ever along with Inexpensive recognizable logo designs:

Symantec Brand & Acquisition – $1,280,000,000

According to reports, Symantec paid as much as $1,280,000,000 on the Logo and Branding they are currently sporting!

However, the actual amount is not all that shocking once you have all the facts straight.

One of the purchases made by Symantec is the acquisition of VeriSign.

They did not just gain access to the company’s ideas and resources, but also to the VeriSign logo, the famous check mark, which they are have skillfully incorporated into the Symantec logo.

In case you are not familiar with it, it represents a tick for the authentication of security certificates (SSL) for websites, which is crucial if you want people to trust your online shop or e-commerce website.

Since the tick mark is associated with trustworthiness, Symantec wisely chooses to include it in their logo.

British Petroleum Logo & Marketing – $210,000,000

The second most expensive logo of all time was paid for by British Petroleum in 2000.

How much did they pay for it?

A whopping $210,000,000!

They went with the design featuring shades of yellow and green, which was supposed to represent the company’s dedication to being more “green”.

However, what makes this BP logo even more expensive is the huge fiasco BP suffered.

Yes, we are referring to one of the most devastating oil spills in history in the Gulf of Mexico.

Needless to say, the BP logo is a far cry from what the company stands for.

Even worse, it has become the butt of many jokes online, with numerous fake BP logos out there which symbolically morph into black oil spills.

Since then, they have spent millions of dollars on damage control, and the original logo still stands.

Accenture Logo Design – $100,000,000

Accenture paid as much as $100,000,000 for their logo.

It consists out of the word “Accenture”, written in lowercase, with an accent mark above it.

The word itself is a portmanteau of the phrase “accent of the future”.

Accenture was forced to change its name and adopt a new logo after leaving the Anderson Consulting Group and venturing on its own.

However, the company known for outsourcing has caught some criticism when it comes to the Accenture logo, despite its price tag.

Some claim that the simplified logo does not convey enough meaning.

However, despite its streamlined look, the Accenture logo was chosen after 50 different options and designs were rejected.

Nevertheless, Accenture is now a reputable company, and its logo is instantly recognizable in the industry.

Posten Norge Rebrand – $55,000,000

The importance of having a good logo was not lost on the Norwegian postal service, which has shelled out $55,000,000 for the logo they are currently using.

Apart from the graphics, which are not your usual Norwegian design, it features the words “Posten Norge”, with the word “posten” meaning post.

Seems like a lot of money for something that is pretty straightforward, but you may also want to know that this state-owned company has the sole right to distribute and deliver letters which weigh less than 50g across the entire state of Norway.

The new Posten Norge logo was introduced in 2008, and all of the post offices were rebranded.

Even though the sum paid for the postal logo was astronomical, the following results showed that it was a sound investment.

Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) Logo – $15,000,000

Australian and New Zealand Banking Group, which is a joint venture company, paid $15,000,000 for their logo design.

The logo features letters ANZ, which create an impression of movement, along with the graphic element.

Truth be told, the entire sum was not invested in just the logo design.

It was the total amount of a much larger marketing campaign which started in 2010 and ended in 2012.

Mind you, with ANZ being the biggest bank in New Zealand, and the third largest in Australia, they did not mind investing that sort of money on a marketing campaign.

BBC Logo Redesign – $1,800,000

There several variations of the current BBC logo, but one of the most common ones is the combination of white block letters against a dark background.

For this, the BBC paid $1,800,000.

However, they can be forgiven, given the fact that they hold a record for the time during which they have not changed their logo one bit.

Finally, they gave in 1997, which is when the new BBC logo was introduced.

Speaking of the record above, the original BBC logo was in use between 1971 and 1988.

In case the BBC decides to stick with their current logo, they will beat their previous record.

Given that we are talking about a global corporation with an instantly recognizable brand logo, the sum they have paid for its redesign does not seem excessive, especially when compared to some of the other entries on this list.

Pepsi Logo – $1,000,000

Although Pepsi‘s current logo is not all that different from their old one, they have ended up paying $1,000,000 for it.

The old iconic Pepsi logo was changed, and now features a different distribution of colors, with red being more prominent.

Also, the entire logo is tilted at an angle, and more in tune with the current trend of “flat” design.

According to others, the Pepsi logo change was an attempt to challenge Coca-Cola, which Is still the most popular Cola brand in the world.

Pepsi is not doing too shabby, either, since they can spend 1 million on a slight alteration of the logo.

There is still room for both, although Pepsi will continue with their attempts to increase their presence globally.

London 2012 Olympics Logo – $625,000

Olympics are always a big deal, not just because of the scale of the event itself, but because of how much money goes into it, as well as how much money is earned.

There is perhaps no better example of that than the London 2012 Olympics logo, which cost the Olympic committee in London $625,000, making it the most expensive Olympics logo of all time.

However, despite the sum, the London Olympics logo has been criticized heavily.

While some felt that the logo was something that could have been drawn by anyone, others thought that its design featured no cultural insight or historical landmarks London is known for.

City of Melbourne Logo Design – $625,000

London is not the only city which decided to spend $625,000 on its logo.

Melbourne did the same, and they did not need an excuse such as the Olympics to do it.

Designed by Lander Associated, the new Melbourne logo was introduced in 2009.

With its sharp lines and multiple shades of blue and green, it is supposed to represent Melbourne’s corporate power.

It also looks like a stylish version of the letter “M”. It was met with positive reviews.

Belfast Logo Design – $280,000

Joining the list of cities which have spent big bucks on their new city logo is Belfast.

The Belfast logo design was around $280,000, which is available in one of the several different colors, including, lime, blue, fuchsia, maroon, and aqua.

It can also be interpreted in two different ways: as a stylized letter “B”, or a heart.

The name of the city is written on the inside of the logo.

While not reflecting Belfast’s long and turbulent history, it is still a welcome change from common Irish stereotypes.

The idea was to make the city more attractive to tourists, as well as investors, and to emphasize the dynamic nature, and to move as far away as possible from the years during which it has gained its notorious reputation.

You will be surprised to find out how much money exactly some of the most prominent companies in the world have paid for their logo design or rebranding throughout the years. And maybe you will be even more surprised when you see the big brand names that spent close to nothing for their logos.

Let’s first see the list of the top 10 most expensive logo designs and re-branding campaigns of all times.

Now that we’ve seen how much money brands have been willing to spend on logos and building brand awareness, let’s see the other side of the medal – a few of the most famous companies in the world that spent nothing or close to nothing for their logos.

The Nike Swoosh – Total Cost: $35

It may seem surprising that such an iconic and recognizable logo cost just $35, but it is true. In 1971, the co-founder of Nike, Phil Knight bough the Swoosh from Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at the Portland State University, where Knight was teaching a class in accounting. When he bought the logo, Knight commented, “I don’t love it, but maybe it will grow on me.” Well, it has certainly grown on the Nike fans ever since then.

The Twitter Logo – Total Cost: $15

The rights to the famous blue bird logo were bought by Twitter on iStockphoto for just $15. And the author of the logo, Simon Oxley might have received just $6 for the job, after the fees. Although the Twitter logo has recently undergone a makeover, it is still based on the iconic blue bird which cost the company just spare change.

The Google Logo – Total Cost: $0

Despite the fact that Google’s famous multicolored logo has undergone a number of minor changes throughout the years the main concept has been kept. The original logo was designed in 1998 by Sergei Brin, one of the co-founders of Google. He used GIMP, a free graphics editing program. Afterwards, a friend of Larry Page and Sergei Brin from Stanford, Ruth Kedar worked on a few other prototypes of the logo. “I had no idea at the time that Google would become as ubiquitous as it is today, or that their success would be of such magnitude,” said Kedar in an interview in 2008.

The Microsoft Logo – Total Cost: $0

The logo of Microsoft was updated in 2012 and the current logo of the technological giant cost the company no additional expenditure, as they used their in-house team for the redesign. Although the new logo received mixed reviews, with some thinking that Microsoft could have done way better in the redesign, it is still a good logo that honors the heritage of the previous Microsoft logos with the four-color window.

The Coca-Cola Logo – Total Cost: $0

And finally, we’ll take a look at one of the greatest and most recognizable logo designs of all time – the one of Coca-Cola. The iconic Coca-Cola logo was created as far back as 1886, by Frank M. Robinson, the partner and accountant of John S. Pemberton, the company’s founder. He also suggested the name Coca-Cola, with the argument that the two capital Cs would appear well in advertising. Robinson experimented with Spencerian script and came up with the unique logo of the brand. Though there have been minor changes to the logo in certain periods, the classic design has remained almost intact for almost 130 years. They say the best things in life are free; looks like that’s true, or at least in the case of Coca-Cola.

As you can see, a great logo can cost thousands of dollars, but even a price tag of millions doesn’t guarantee that a logo will be good or adequate. And sometimes, logos that cost negligible amounts of money or are even free can go down in history with their iconic brand messages.


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