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Neary and Sopol rescued from being eaten at #YulinFestival, The Miomojo Bear House at Animals Asia's Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre & more...

An Animals Asia rescue team made a mercy dash to save an abandoned moon bear in Lang Son city, Vietnam.

Moon bear Solo was kept in extreme captivity for at least 14 years and spent the last year abandoned on a construction site with deafening building work taking place around her. A preliminary visual evaluation by vets at the scene reported that Solo underweight, with a thinner than normal coat and suffering at least one suspected dental issue.

Now safely back at Animals Asia's sanctuary - the biggest in Vietnam - Solo will begin a 45-day quarantine period before moving to a large indoor den and eventually meeting other rescued bears and experiencing a large outdoor enclosure full of grass and trees.

Four moon bears, lifelong victims of endless exploitation in circuses, the tourism industry, and who knows what else... are sleeping tonight for the first time as individuals. They are resting right now as bears with names.

As sentient beings with their own needs and desires which will be respected above all other considerations. For these individuals - Lily, Phuong, Sweet Pea and Scooby - that's completely new. That's life-changing. In the few hours since they were freed by Animals Asia from a resort in Vietnam, the bears have travelled nearly 200km, but they are a million miles away from their old lives and everyone who would hurt or neglect them. But there is still a long way to go.

All four bears are headed for Animals Asia's award-winning Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, the only sanctuary in the country accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. There, vets will heal their wounds, assess their conditions and make them well again. In time, they will meet some of the 200 other bears on site, and when they are ready, step out into large, grassy outdoor enclosures full of trees, pools and climbing frames.

They will be loved and respected and, for the first time since being poached from the wild, simply be bears again. But first we must get them home. There are over 1,000km to go on the long, hot journey. With luck they will be home by Friday.

If you can, please give these bears the new lives they deserve. After a lifetime of exploitation, they deserve all the kindness we can give them.

The Miomojo Bear House at Animals Asia's Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre is home to a huge community of 21 bears rescued from poachers and the bile industry.

This playful community of bears is kept stimulated and healthy every single day thanks to part-funding from Miomojo, a responsible fashion company from Italy making beautiful accessories without harming animals or the environment.

A rescue is just the beginning: www.animalsasia.org/abandonedbear & www.animalsasia.org/moonbearrescue and Follow Live here, www.animalsasia.org/RescueTimeline

Yummmy....Dog Meat....

One happy story in times of the cruel #YulinFestival: As more footage emerges of the horrendous suffering taking place at the Yulin festival in China, we bring you the rescue story of dogs Neary and Sopol, who narrowly escaped death from a slaughterhouse in Cambodia.

Thousands of dogs are killed every day in cities across Cambodia to supply the demand for dog meat, but luckily for Neary and Sopol, our team was able to rescue them from a brutal death. Now safe at our partner Animal Rescue Cambodia, this sweet and playful duo have a bright future ahead of them!

To learn more about Neary and Sopol's story, please visit: https://www.four-paws.org/our-stories...